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Volibear - Thunder Claws its ALL about the ULT.

Last updated on August 8, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Chapter 1

This is my first build on forums. I am no professional rate me bad if you wish. I will only show the items that I utilize and my runes and mysteries.

This was the build I've been using for 3s as well as when a tanky volibear isn't needed or when accidentally fed. I guess most would consider this an ASP build. The reason why I focus on HP and ASP is because the main dmg isn't in Volibears frenzy (W) which scaled off of HP. His ULT is the true damage dealer. In a match of 3s volibear can strike his ult. To activate frenzy one must attack 3 times, yes the damage is Massive to ONE opponent with a 13 seconds cooldown. At the most youll see volibear bite for is about 900-1200. Now imagine this. Volibears ult attacks roughly 165 per strike bouncing to each enemy champ. Striking 5 times is easily attainable. 5 x 165 is 825 damage to 3 enemies which is 2475 total damage. Now that doesn't include the normal damage volibear does and it certainly doesn't include the ammount of strikes you can do with this build.

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Here the reason for my items.
Beserker boots will give volibear attack speed and moderate movement speed. Volibear's Q is unmatched as long as he properly jukes and stuns or slows so the extra 20 movement speed of boots of swiftness isn't needed as when chasing an enemy champion Volibear's movement speed increases by 40%.
Warmog is needed to survive early game battles and utilize volibear's Frenzy until lvl 16 in which his ULT is at its best.
Wit's end is a keen weapon for Volibear. Not only does it increase attack speed it increases his magic resistance as well as procing 40 magic damage per hit on enemy champions.

Zeal is a precursor to a trinity force. Zeal increases movement speed to catch any enemies guaranteed and it also increases attacks speed. Atma's is needed for not only doubling Volibear's basic attack but for its CRIT abilities and defense.

All in all Volibear is a TANK so he needs a Thornmail to survive long battles and to deflect damage back at enemies as he has easily 3.2K hp by lvl 12 and a passive that regenerates 30% of that back.

Last item is the king of the hill. Trinity force is the best for Volibear. Increased attack speed, damage, doubling damage every 2 seconds, and movement speed. Trinity force's increased damage by 150% after using an ability does not work with Frenzy or Volibear's Shout but it does work with his Rolling thunder. As rolling thunder requires collision to activate when using the skill the Sheen-like ability is guaranteed to work.

Full build Volibear can attack 250 magic damage with Roar to all enemies in the area. 600 -900 damage when using rolling thunder. 900-1200 when using frenzy. And in a prolonged fight because no one ever focuses the tank. I've been able to strike nearly 15 attacks on enemies until my teammates die and its 1on3. Even just 10 attacks is guaranteed with nearly 2.4 attack speed, 3800 HP, and no one focusing you unless they DARE to. 10 x 165 = 1650 x 3 = 4950 damage done by Volibears ULT. Now imagine a battle in a game of 5s?