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Volibear Utility Tank top

Last updated on January 13, 2014
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Hi all!

First of all this build is my PERSONAL Build for Volibear, I do not by any means claim it to be the best, and am more than willing to take suggestions for improvements :)

This build focuses on keeping Volibear in lane as long as possible early game, meaning he can level up efficiently and quickly.
Mid Game the point of this build is to soak up as much damage as possible in teamfights, throwing enemmies back to your team to be finished off by the high damage dealers.
Late game you fulfill much the same role but with the added sudden damage output from the atma's and wits end, meaning that unless they are keeping a close eye on your build, your enemies will not focus you, thinking that you have built pure tank and are trying to get them to focus you. they will not be expecting the sudden damage you can deal to turrets and inhibitors.

It is a psychological build late game, but as long as you generally avoid 1v5's I find I can stall up to four enemies long enough for my team to come in and wipe them out.

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Your four

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Runes are not something I have taken great interest in up until recently, due to their IP cost and minimal stat boosts. I am also not yet lvl 30 so please feel free to correct/advise me on this runepage :)

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This setup further supports Volibears tanky characteristics, whilst giving him a little more attack speed and CDR, both of which work very well with him. The extra movement speed gives him a little more sticking power, meaning he can stick to champs with no boots very well early game.

Once again please let me know your opinions on these!

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Summoner Spells

I personally take exhaust for more sticking power and to assist when the jungler comes to gank, i feel this is more effective than ignite for Voli.

Flash is very useful, and can be used when the enemy is least expecting you to pop out of the wall and sit on them!

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Team Work

This build relies on co-ordination with the high damage dealers in your team

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Pros / Cons

VERY tanky
Almost unbeatable in 1v1s
High AS means easier last hitting capabilities
Virtually invincible Lategame
Very good for chasing enemies down.

Dr. Mundo counters this build well.
Prone to being bursted by asassins and mages early game.

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So I repeat myself, this is just MY build for Volibear, it works well with MY playstyle, but please give it a go and let me know what you think :)