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Jax Build Guide by TheGrimNinja

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheGrimNinja

Want a piece of the Champ?-Super hybrid Jax Guide

TheGrimNinja Last updated on October 18, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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What Champions are good with Jax

Personally, I recommend a good ranged champion with decent damage and good crowd control. This will help you get kills, or many assists if you adc has higher attack speed and damage than you. You can win your lane by stun your opponents if they are getting too close. Remember that your counter strike can be used to dodge basic/auto attacks, allowing you to escape if the enemy adc is chasing you with their basic attack. If your a professional at using Jax, just turn around with your ult on and kill them (TROLL).

By the way, I have used Jax support before in PvP, it is very effective.

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Do you want defeats or wins?

To be a good Jax:
.Gank to help team mates
.1v1 baron if you can
.Don't feed since you have cc that can help your team
.Save your team mates, don't let them die!
.Use ult when it is the right time
.Scare enemies away (if you can)
.Use wards to leap onto if jumping over walls or ledges (yes, Jax can jump over walls)
.Use leap strike to escape if on low health
.Help with any other lanes if you can

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What are the roles of Jax?

Roles of Jax:

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Summoner spells for Jax

>Ghost-Very good for chasing down your enemies, can help you turret dive.

>Flash-Everyone uses it, just take it, it can save your life.

>Ignite-Good early, bad late. Very effective against tanks though.

>Teleport-Makes a very dangerous Jax if you are very fed.

>Smite-Take it if you are jungling.

>Exhaust-Very good for catching enemy champions who are escape artists.

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Ok, maybe Jax isn't the best farmer. That's why this will help. Jax has to have high attack speed in order to take the last hit. So that's why you use Blade of the Ruined King (because it gives attack speed). This boosts his passive and makes him hit creeps very fast. Use your Empower to boost it more as it gives you more attack (if you build ap).

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Team Work

Team Work is very different with Jax. If one of your team mates are on low health and running away, and a enemy is casing them you could:
.Run (bad play right here)
.Stun them and run (maybe....)
.Stun them and attack them with your team mate (very effective!It actually works!)

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Unique Skills

About Jax's skills, it is very hard to build him with both high physical attack and high ability power. Remember that you can make very evil combos by having good attack speed and damage. The thing is, you don't need to be fed to kill the opponent because of your stun. Take advantage of it and stun enemies if your carry is not yet fed. They will be fed if you do that. That's why there are so many different builds for Jax.

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Enemy's to lane against

Riven-Very annoying, stop you from farming. Start jungling if you can, and build tank so you can gank her with a team mate.

Cho'gath-Pretty even chance against him, just watch out for his ult, it does true damage which ignores your ult buff.

Tryndamere-No problem if your taking burn abilities and tanky items.

Darius-Not so OP as he use to be (no offence guys), you can solo him if you have blue buff and red buff and tanky items.

Mord-CC is Mord's weakness. Land your stun well and you should win. Watch out for his ult and his Siphon of Destruction. His ult allows him to heal, plus he can make a devastating combo by using ignite, Liandry's Torment and his ult, it's a SUPER BURN!

Garen-Be careful of his ult, courage (his shield), and his passive. Garen is very annoying to lane against.

Amumu-A good one will wreck your team and you lane. His bandage toss is very dangerous if he is ganking.

Singed-His insanity potion heals him a decent amount and boosts his AP. He is more tanky than you and his poison is strong. You will probably lose to him.

Zed-Quite similar to Jax, but has burst damage. Land your stun well. You may not be able to solo him.

Caitlyn-Her traps can snare you, and cut your health down fast. Use your dodge to dodge her basic attacks if necessary. Wards do not make her traps visible.

Shen-Shen is so tanky and has a shield to support his team. He can also heal with his vorpal blade.

Rammus-His sheild is also annoying, wait till he finishes with his power ball, then stun him and attack.

Lux-Her lock and slows (CC) can beat you. Her ult is long ranged. You stand no chance against a good Lux.

Veigar-His stun is very powerful, and his AP is strong. You can not fight him alone.

Master Yi-Since his remodel, he now has ridiculously high AD. His alpha strike will kick your butt. Stun him and let your team kill him if your not tanky enough.

Malphite-This monster is so scary, his Seismic Shard can slow and has very high damage if he's is building AP.

Leona-Probably more tanky, and has more stuns than you. As what Warwick would say: "It's only fun, if they stun."

Kog'Maw-He will harass you like crazy with his ranged abilities which are AP. DO NOT SOLO HIM.