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War With Tryndamere

Last updated on March 1, 2012
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How to own

Tryndamere can be a good or bad champion (depending on how you play him). He can do some really good damage early game, just keep the fury up as much as you can, and only use bloodlust heal if you absolutely need to (do not just waste fury for no reason). Mocking shout is great crowd control, wait until the enemy has their back turned and it will slow as well with a physical damage decrease on the enemy, making him great against people who use attack damage. Spinning slash can be great for many reasons: 1. charging and closing distance with the enemy and some cheap damage, 2. Getting away from the enemy if you very low on health, 3. wall climbing as an escape maneuver and trick-shot. Undying rage should never be used first, it can be used to get away and make over confident summoners try attack you and you get a free kill. The trick with it is delay it as much as possible because he still takes damage while in it, but will not go below 1hp while its active.

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Summoner Spells

The summoner spells i use is Flash and Ignite. I use flash to either close more distance with the enemy or as a cheap way to get out of a fight. I use ignite for cheap over-time damage for when i really need it. Now you can use other spells like Ghost and exhaust as well. Ghost is the alternative to flash, but instead you get increased movement speed and no unit collision making it a great way to get away or closer to the enemy. Exhaust is good for taking down a target's physical damage output and drastically decreasing his/her movement speed, making it a offensive and a defensive all in one.

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None of Tryndamere's spells cost any mana, so feel free to spam the abilities as much as you really want to, but his attack damage and critical chance should cover for damage. Tryndamere can kill champions very quickly from squishies to tanks, so getting the gold to get the items should not be very difficult. Farming minions is also a great way to get gold if champions are being annoying or plain out hiding from you. Tryndamere's spinning slash is great for farming minions because of its area damage and every critical hit will lower the cooldown on it. Try make champions over confident when you have your special because all you have to do is delay it and they will have a very difficult time trying to kill you and most likely you will get a free kill.

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How to compensate

Tryndamere is massive physical damage dealer, some people will build a thornmail to counter your damage. Ways to compensate: 1. Be sure you have your special ready before you charge in so you won't die, 2. Swap out Warmog's armor for a thornmail to counter because now they will have a horrible time trying to kill you basically a counter troll.

This is a Summoner's rift build, if you want a dominion build: swap out Bloodthirster for Sanguine blade, and Warmog's armor for Frozen Mallet

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Team Work

Tryndamere's damage makes him great for carry in a team fight. He can stay alive a lot longer due to his special (making him hard to kill). He can turn a fight around easily with his abilities; mocking shout for lower attack damage of enemy champions and slowing if they have their back turned, so just on purposely get attacked my an enemy champion while at your turret and use mocking shout which will equal free kill. Tryndamere's mobility makes him kind of a minute man (meaning reliable in a team fight) and laning with him can help your other teammates get built which can result in a win

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In conclusion, Tryndamere is a bad *** champion if he is played correctly. Follow this build specifically and wage war with Tryndamere. Guaranteed this build will not fail.