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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rizzup

Ward for the team

Rizzup Last updated on January 1, 2012
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This is my first guide is is going to be on where to ward as the game progresses.
a lot of guide on warding focus on warding important places like dragon and baron which are very important but i think 4 wards will go a lot farther if place correctly.

each of the 4 starting roles (support,jungle,top,and mid) should be getting a ward by there 1st or 2nd trip back hopefully first.

IMPORTANT warding isn't just supports job it is everyone's.The support's job is to always ward dragon and baron all game. The better supports could have wards on major buffs and have a wards at all time

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Lannig Phase Warding-blue side

Being the top the best place to ward is in the Tri bush because it will make u not being able to get gank from the enemy jungle who just did red or mini golems it also gives some vision of the river and in with the mids help where they should ward the jungler would be seen trying to gank from the river

The mid can ward this bush because most mids need blue and hopefully the junglers will give it to that mid. so if your think of this as an anti counter jungle ward for your blue so the enemy team doesn't get the blue and it will help see if the enemy jungler is trying to gank you.

The jungler is responable to place this ward because it will help stop mid from getting ganked by the enemy jungler it also protects the red buff from getting stolen by the enemy jungler

At Bot the support is the one who should be getting a ward at the start and placing it about 2-4 minutes in the game depending of if the enemy jungler can do an early gank or not. if jungler can do early gank then place the ward about 2 minute in the game so that the jungle cant gank

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Laning Phase Warding- red side

The champion in the top lane needs to ward just before in front of baron just so u can see the the blues side blue buff entrance in front of baron but not enough so that you should be able to see baron

Junglers ward this area so that the enemy jungler cant counter jungle your red buff and will make it harder to gank the mid

mids ward is going to be places here so that the enemy junglers doesnt counter jungle your blue because most mid get blue from there junglers so it is important that you dont let them steal your blue so your jungler can give you blue.this ward placement will also help prevent ganks

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Team Work

if playing a premade team, try and get the support and jungler to be the main source of map watching and pinging so that if a gank is coming you can react faster then having to see them on your screen or having to react while being ganked.

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Pros / Cons

- very Large range of sight
-nearly stops most forms of counter jungling of the buffs and minion camps
- jungler can only gank from a few ways if they cant go invisible (ex.twitch or eve)which you must be very passive in your lane anyways if your agianst an invisible jungler
-having a support and jungler looking at map means you can focus on farm more then keeping an eye on the map
-against most junglers there are only 4 main ways they could gank without stealth
-with these ward you are safer so all you have to do is worry about getting your farm and winning your lane

-if on red side and the jungler has a short cooldown dash that can get over a wall or has stealth then the jungler could solo dragon with nobody knowing
-if on blue side then u only have to worry about invisible champions getting to solo dragon
- if they have an invisible jungler just ward main buffs and vision ward in your lane or highly ganking areas

*these cons are only "if" case these cases will not happen every game so just know the jungler your up against you be fine


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