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Warwick Build Guide by SkyDiamonds

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SkyDiamonds

Warick Furry Devisation -Hybrid LaneWick-A New Way To WW

SkyDiamonds Last updated on December 11, 2011
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Introduction To Warwick

Why hybrid Warwick? With hybrid Warwick you are able to nuke them down with your hungering strike then maul them to death with your ad.

Warwick was one of the first champions I've used and is still my favorite. While playing i had a difficult time thinking of a good build. I tried ad which was alright then a good friend of mine Felixc5 suggested I try ap. Ap Warwick was extremely powerful but had cooldown and mana problems. So i thought to myself why not hybrid? Hybrid allows to make use of Warwick ult passive and hunters call while not completely wasting his hungering strike which has a ap scale of 1:1. After a multiple failures I have came up with a build that best works with hybrid Warick. Feel free to leave suggestions Enjoy!

*note this is my first guide be nice!

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Warwick The Blood Hunter


Warwick counted himself amongst the most powerful and revered men in his home city-state of Zaun. Over the course of his infamous career as an alchemist, Warwick won many honors for his craft, not the least of which was a lucrative offer for service in the Noxian military during their campaigns against Ionia. Sequestered in his labs far from the front lines, Warwick and his apprentice Singed toiled relentlessly to manufacture all manner of appalling concoctions for the Noxian army. So potent was his art that even the greatest of Ionia's healers - under the leadership of the Starchild Soraka - struggled to combat the poisons and chemical weapons generated by his despicable mind. Warwick's reign of terror grew so horrific that his very name became a curse in the eyes of his Ionian foes, and they began referring to him only as "the Deathmaker".

But even one under the protection of the Noxian High Command is not wholly beyond the reach of retribution. For as Soraka strode across the myriad of death and destruction left in the wake of one of Warwick's chemical attacks, her heart finally gave way. She called down the wrath of the cosmos on Warwick, wishing that his form should mirror the cruelty in his heart - a curse that would come at the price of her aspiring divinity. Within his laboratory, a terrible thirst took hold over Warwick. As his apprentice looked on in horror, Warwick threw open the doors to his bastion and sprinted off towards parts unknown, a bloodcurdling howling marking his passage. He had become a werewolf; a wild, murderous beast. Today, the Blood Hunter fights for Noxus within the League of Legends... thankful of the curse that his now-mortal enemy bestowed upon him.

Basic Information

Original Price 6300>3200>1300 ip ~~ 585 rp
Currently Tagged as : Jungler, Recommended, Fighter, Melee

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Hybrid Warick Pros / Cons

Decent farmer
Able to support and bring down towers fast with hunter's call
Great initiation/gank ult
Passive lifesteal
Not hard to play
Tank killer
People tend to not focus you unless you are dominating
Able to detect low life enemies
Blood scent give you a HUGE movement speed bonus
Able to harass with hungering strike
Enemies have a hard time countering you as you deal MAGIC and ATTACK DAMAGE~!
When you dominate people wtih Warwick you feel like a BOSS

Ult can be intruppted
Noobs call you a idiot for not jungling
A lot of people in lol think Warwick can only jungle
No natural way of escaping ganks unless you have blood scent
Can have mana problems in early game

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Good Runes For Warwick


Ap is very powerful on Warwick this gives Warwick 18.85 flat ap witch which GREATLY help in early game with laning and helps give you the edge you need for kills and first blood.

Magic pen helps increase your damage output and helps bring down annoying tanks like Singed.So instead of being a idiot and following him him and free gold for you :D

This does give more Ap in late game but i perfer flat ap quint as it helps in early game.If you get fed in early game its pretty much gg.


This allows for our to do increased damage and heal you even more!I generally prefer a full set of insight marks.

Greater Mark of DesolationRemember this is hybrid Warwick having a mix of insight and desolation marks can gives you a nice edge.


From early-late game Warwick can have mana problems.For example you may get harrassed a lot and you are forced to
minions.Say Good Bye to Mana Problems!

NEVER ENOUGH CD!Cd helps you spam your and which allows you to deal a ton of nuke and constant damage

Remember you are still vulnerable during your ult if you ult at a bad time this rune can save your live.Always remember full offensive is never a good idea.

This works great with your passive and with full build and max level you can reach AS cap with .


This is my preferred Ap rune.Gives you a VERY nice a boost and makes Warwick Ap ratio 1:1 very op.

When your Max level your should have a CD of 3-4 second.Now what happens when you add CD Reduction to 3-4 second op nuke skill?

Same explanation as Glyph of Focus but this give you more CD thus while you might not get first blood or be "that" op in early game you will thrive in late game.

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Tier 1 //

Never hurts to have a little of luck on your side eh?
Who knows 15%(13% comes from trin)crit could save you in a 1v1.

Usually always upgrade your summoner spells 0.5 could mean
life or death and the extra debuffs it gives makes
1v1 and turret diving a lot easier.

0.6x18 that gives 10.8 extra AP 10.8 free AP.Whats not to love?

This helps you lane longer and survive ignites
.Warwick is quite mana hungry in early game
so this helps you have enough mana to constantly harass and farm.

Once again upgrading summoner spells are really worth the point.
6% of extra speed and 1.5 and let me repeat this 1.5 EXTRA SECONDS!
This is really worth it.With
on and a extra 1.5 seconds you can cover a lot of ground.

Tier 2 //

CD, can't get enough of it with this you get about 3-4 second 1:1 AP ratio Nuke Skill with built in spell vamp :D?

So with that's 84% bonus AS so your pretty much hitting the AS cap

Tier 3 //

Pretty helpful as seeing how your ULT AND Q both deal magical damage!

This allows you to deal lots of damage in early game this makes you more of a tank killer with .

Tier 4 //

This gives you a slight amount of ad. Not much but it does
help as you want all the damage you can get.Who knows?
3 AD can help you get first blood.

Tier 5 //

Gives that 15% crit chance of ours more damage for "Lady Luck Is Smiling"

Tier 6 //

Ah can you smell their blood? As small as
it may sound 4 percent is very significant.
Lets do some math 75 / 125 / 175 / 225 / 275
are the base damages for your
now add the 4% 73/ 130/ 234 / 286 and thats not even including
the bonus ap you have which scales 1:1. So in late game
you will deal 378 damage with your Q and lets not forget
about how it deals 20% of the targets maximum hp.
Now for the fun part his ult!At late game we have
237 AD so using this equation (117/70)237(0.04).
We get 411.9737142857143 :D isn't math fun?


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Summoner Spells For Warwick

Good and Decent Spells


Fighting ad carry? EXHAUST. An enemie chasing you and blood scent isnt enough or not on? EXHAUST.Free kill getting away? BLOOD SCENT+EXHAUST=GOLD


Awesome escape and catch up tactic.BLOOD SCENT AND GHOST ENOUGH FKIN SAID


I generally never use this on Warwick because I feel that his damage output is good enough. But ignite can further that and snag you kill from fleeing champions


If you don't take ghost you will probably take flash it can help escape and catch up. Basically everything ghost can do.
Flash=Instant but short range
Ghost=Requires time to start running but lasts for a decent amount of time

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Items Build Explantion

We start out with and for movement speed to harass and health potions incase anything goes wrong because Warwick is not all powerful untill he reaches lvl6.

gives us our desperately needed ap and attack speed which is very useful and has a passive that gives us even more damage output!
Is a must on Warwick gives us armor,attack speed,damage and most importantly its passive which gives Warwick's ult even more power and makes his Dps SOAR.
Just look at its stats enough said.Still not in agreement with it?Look at its stats and tell me what doesn't work with WW.TELL ME
Your passive,Q, and dps should allow you to survive pretty far into a teamfight and 1v1s. This allows you to get more lifesteal and more damage thus allowing you to help a higher chance of living!
This build by all means is VERY VERY expensive so by the time you have reached this it is very late game and almost everyone is done with their build and SURVIVABILITY is a must if u want to win just one bad team fight can cost you the game.


-You can get wit's end before blood thirster if the enemy team is more ap and you tend to get focused.

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Situational Items

This is good item if you team needs more CC or you need to be a little more tanky.This basically disables you enemy from running from a 1v1,passive and .Ice Hammer gives you all these benefits while still giving you some AD.
Very good item if you tend to get focused or you are facing a heavy AP team.This allows you to mess up their spell combo and give you some extra hp and mana.
ONLY get this if you are facing a heavy AD team consisting of 3-5 heavy AD carries.This will allow you to excel at 1v1 their AD carry.
This is a great item.Its the only item in the game that can remove suppression.Very useful when fighting heavy CC team and you tend to get focused down.For example, a gay Malz is ulting you? QUICKSILVER SASH THAT ULT AND FK HIS **** UP
Works great against heavy AD team and when using your ult.Basically initiate with you ult then activate Zhonya's Hourglass rite after.This stops the enemy team from focusing you and allows you team to come in while taking no damage.This also gives you 100 AP so you can be tanky while still dealing out tons of damage.

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In Depth Skill Explantion

Strikes an enemy for the greater value between 75 / 125 / 175 / 225 / 275 (+100% of ability power) and 8 / 11 / 14 / 17 / 20% of the target's maximum health (can only do flat damage to monsters), and heals Warwick for 80% of the magic damage dealt.

This is our main and most important skill a.k.a our bread and butter you should max this out first. It use to give 100% heal of the damage you deal but now it is only 80% this gives Warwick great lane sustainability.It scales 1:1 with your ap so Magewick is not useless.This skill has a freaking madread's bloodrazor infused into it.Lets do the math suppose you have about 130 ap now lets add some base damage 275+130 is 305 magical damage but wait!Lets say your fighting someone with 2000 hp 20% of that would be 400 soooooo 275+130+400 would be 705!!! MAGICAL DAMAGE THAT HAS A 3-4 SECOND CD.
Warwick lets out a howl that inspires all nearby allied champions. This increases Warwick's attack speed by 40% / 50% / 60% / 70% / 80% and all nearby friendly champions' attack speed by half of that for 10 seconds.

Very important in hybrid Warwick 80% AS INCREASE 80!!! NOT ONLY YOU BUY YOU ALLIES TO! Say goodbye to that hated tower!
(Toggle): Warwick senses enemy champions under 50% life within a 1500 / 2300 / 3100 / 3900 / 4700 distance of him. Upon sensing an enemy, he will gain 20% / 25% / 30% / 35% / 40% movement speed.

Great correlation with Warwicks first and second skill.Allows you to tell where low life enemies are.Say goodbye to being juked!!It can increase your movement speed to up to 475 which synergizes great with ghost!This is what makes Warwick a great turret diver.Low life enemy? BLOOD SCENT, HUNGERING STRIKE, STILL NOT DEAD?, HUNTER'S CALL GUARANTEED DEATH OF YOUR ENEMY. Don't want to go through that hassle? ULT!! an enemy has been slain!Beware this skill can backfire as enemies can tell if you are nearby if you have it on and they have low hp IT CAN RUIN EVERYTHING EVERYTHING!!!!You have been warned.
Warwick lunges at an enemy champion, suppressing them for 1.7 seconds. While they are suppressed, Warwick quickly strikes the target 5 times every 0.33 seconds for 33% of his attack damage as physical damage and 40 / 60 / 80 extra damage as magic damage. During this time, he also gains 30% lifesteal. Each of his strikes proc on-hit effects and the physical portion of the attacks benefit from lifesteal

Multitude of uses and Suppression one of the greatest CC int the GAME.It can also help with cd on your first skill.If they are close enough Hungering Strike them then ult and your Q should be partially refreshed. Bloodscent and your ult makes you a excellent tower diver. As a note of advice for those with lesser intelligence, remember to check the situation before using this aka surroundings aka teammates,enemies,hp bars including yours, and power differences.

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Skill Level Order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Always level up your Q whenever you can it is your only high constant damage source.You can switch leveling blood scent or hunters call first.I prefer blood scent because it gives me more movement speed.What is the point of maxing hunters call when he's 2x faster than you?Max your ult whenever you get the chance.

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Skill Sequence

Warwicks Basic Combo Explantion
1.Find good target dont ult when there is someone who can hard cc you nearby

2. them and that should take out about 1/2 1/3 or 1/4 depending one who it is

3. This should take out a LARGE chunk of their remaining hp

4.Now chase them with

5.Activate and auto attack them

6.An Enemy Has Been Slain!

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Friends And Foes

Thy Friends and Thy Foes


Generally anyone who has any kind of CC. You also want to lane with sturdy champions and ranged champions.


Guide Top


Warwick is pretty decent at laning.Harass your enemies with if you have enough hp it should heal you for any damage they toss at you while you charge towards them. ONLY use to harass and heal never use it on minions unless you have blue buff or you need to heal.When you have a opportunity to attack their tower wait till you get close to it then activate .Be sure to take advantage of our ult.You should start ganking once you have your it is a VERY power ganking ability.If the enemy is dumb enough ult them when they try to turret dive but that depends on the enemy your surrounding and your current hp as will heal a large portion of our hp but early game it wont heal very much.

turn off your blood scent when you are ganking a low life enemy as that could ruin EVERYTHING only activate it after you ult or attack the enemy.

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Position In A Teamfight

In early lvls you will be quite squishy and should not lead or go ahead of your team and jump at the enemy team. You will want to stay behind your tank or allies. In late games you still generally want to stay behind the tank in a teamfight and you CAN initiates with your ult or after you tank initiates you ult in.

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Team Work

If your team does not have a tank or the tank is elsewhere initiate with your ult.Be sure to pick an important target such as their carry or main damage dealer or the squishiest one and try not to misclick as that does happen.If you have madreads Warwick can solo dragon at lvl 10 I believe.BE SURE TO ACTIVATE in a team fight it can help save your team.

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Tips and Tricks

Your Blood Scent can act as a bluff if you are winning simply walk close to a low life enemy.Causing them to be aware that you are nearby they will then flee.Feel free to free farm off their minions for a bit!

Warwick is capable of soloing baron but requires atleast 2 fully stacked blood thristers and this is generally not a good idea as baron will probably be warded.

Warwick excels at 1v1 turret diving a low life enemy.All you do is ult and if they alive?Hungering Strike and Hunters Call if they even try to run or go juke you around the turret Blood Scent will kick in and you will be able to catch almost anyone.

If you are on low hp and are being chased be sure to hungering strike the closest thing to you excluding enemies(most of the time,there are certain situations)

Most people will expect you to jungle IGNORE THEM.

If you are carrying team be sure to stay wayyyyyy back untill someone initiates then ult in and FEAST UPON THEIR BONES.

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My Thoughts On AD vs. AP


AD Warwick makes very good use of his passive and the ad ratio on his ult is i believe 1.2-1.5 something like that.


AP Warwick makes his passive and w not as efficient and his ult really weak.However on the bright side his scales 1:1 with his AP and has free spell vamp basically.

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Rape the dragon whenever you can
Destory towers
Aid ad dps allies
Gank and scare the **** outta your enemies
Carry your team
Initiate teamfights
Cleanup kills

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Hybrid Warwick Match History!

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Thank You

Thank you for reading this guide I hope you will enjoy please tell me of any mistakes or anything you feel should be added to the guide as this is my first guide.

Summoner Name= SkyDiamonds

Warwick The King of Fluffiness!