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Gangplank Build Guide by GamerPot

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GamerPot

WarmoGPlank Jungel

GamerPot Last updated on October 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hello everyone! Welcome to my Gangplank jungler guide

This is my first guide! If you think this is a bad guide tell me why please! Börje luktar

I play gangplank this way in ranked games and I have no problem to kill or survive.
Many people goes for IE first but I think its a mistake couse you will die so fast everyone will focuse you. The only reason I want IE is the crit damge.

I think this is ONE of the best ways to build GP. If I go Solo lane with GP I get same build but with Flash and Teleport as summoners.

Gangplank is one of my mains and I love to play him this way and I dominate most games like this!

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19 0 11

1.3% cooldown reduction
2.3 more damage
3.2% attack speed
4.4% health and mana regenenation
5.1 gold per 10 sec
6.10% Crit damage
7.6 Armor Penetration
8.2 Crit chance
9.5% More Exp
10.30% Neutral buff lasting


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Summoner Spells

In the jungel!
I use Flash + Smite in jungel.
You can go Teleport + Smite but you cant escape so good.

In the lane!
Flash + Teleport is the best!
Flash + Exhaust works well to.

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Greater Mark of DesolationArmor Penetration = more Q Damge and thats what we want with this build.

Armor we want to survive jungel.

Magic resistence we maybe only got 1 item magic resist.

More Greater Quintessence of DesolationArmor Penetration = more Q damge.

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Skill Sequence

I start with Q couse it gives good damage
I take W after for faster heal but if you get really good damage on blue go E
At level 3 you should have Q W E
I max Q fisrt for maximum damge
Then E for more damge
Remove Scurvy sizeW is almost only for CC remove so should be maxed out last.

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Creeping / Jungling

Remember to use Q and W all the time. Remove Rise MoraleE before attack a jungel creep.

Start at blue with a good pull for a good start.

Blue >> Wolf >> Wrath >> Red >> Golems

Go B Buy Boots 1 ward, 2 pots and 1 mana pot

Look for an opportunity to gank if all lanes pushed try to counter jungel if possible if not kill your jungel. Do not go B untill you got Madreds

Give next blue to mid and then take red and gank. You need to gank often but you need to kill your jungel so you dont get underleveled.

You should now have Wriggles and be level 7. Go and kill dragon get help from mid or botlane or both if possible.

Rember to not push lanes if someone in your team needs a cover only last hit and take exp. If you gonna take a tower that is low you can push ofcoure. GP should never towerdive gank early so make sure to gank only then the enemy is overexending. Make sure to ping so your team know whats going on.

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Early/Mid/Late Game

Early Game!
You jungel and gank jungel and gank. Good gank will lead to good mid game. Kill dragon at level 7 with help of mid or bot lane!

Mid Game
Mid game you should start side push and kill enemys but dont get greedy! always play safe! even if you are feeded. They can still win if you play greedy! Remember if you got kill streak they will get more money if you die!

Late Game
You should now dominate them! Kills isnt everything! Get inhibs baron and side push if posible! You can push lanes with your ulti.

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After wriggles you should get gaint belt.

Gaint belt >> Ionian Boots of Lucidity >> Warmog
If the game goes good and you are winning get
Cloak of agility >> Atmas >> Cloak of agility
If games goes bad
Chain west >> Atmas

Atmas >> Infinity Edge >> Force of nature/Spirit visage/Banshee's veil/youmuus ghostblade
You will be tanky with good crit.
You should be able to kill their AD carry easy couse the enemy shouldnt focus you in teamfights with this build if they do they should lose.

Item Summary
Wriggles >> Ionian Boots of Lucidity >> Warmog >> Atmas >> Ininity Edge >> Force of nature/Spirit visage/Banshee's veil/youmuus ghostblade

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Then you are about to teamfight try to harrass then as much as you can with you Q but make sure you dont lose any health and dont waste Remove ScurvysizeW couse you will be needing it if you get stuned.

Dont run around like a crazy pirate if the enemy is missing! You can kill most champs 1v1 but if a second enemy is coming Q ur enemy and run away with E!

You can save teammates with E go in the range of it and press E so they get movementspeed!

Your E is good for the team so in teamfight use it all the time!

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Team Work


Your team should have someone who is tankier then you. Then he is ready for initiate use Remove Rise MoraleE for damge and movementspeed.

You should go right in and use Q on AD carry if you crit he proboly will run away and the enemey should have a great lack of damge. You can autohit enemy AP carry and if AD carry comes back with low Health you can Q him again use flash if needed.

If he dont run or you dont crit chase him down. Remember AD CARRY MAKES THE GREATEST DAMGE.

While they have no AD damge your team should easy kill their AP and Support without deaths.

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Unique Skills

1. You are tanky and survive better then a Gangplank with full AD items.
2. You are better then full AD for the team with this guide.
3. You can protect carry from any skill shoots without any serious damage. Oranges FTW.
4. You can run in and kill AD Carry like a boss.

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Pros / Cons

Good about the Guide

+ You make good crit Damage
+ You survive
+ Good jungler

Bad about the Guide

- May lack in damage if you got no AD carry.
- Lack in AutoAttack speed you best damage is Q

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Tank with great Q crits.
Your Mission is to kill AD carry.
Use W then stuned silenced or whatever.
You are NOT full tank so you need a full tank or an other great offtank.
You cannot gank on command they can ask and if its seems like a fine opportunity go and gank. You know your champ they maybe dont.

You make good damage with autoattack but you lack in attack speed so You have to pray for Q crits.

The jungler should have great map overview and help all lans call miss.

If you guys liked my guide I will proboly do more guides with other of my main champs that I just love to play! Like Amumu/Irelia/Nasus/Trundle/Shaco/Ashe/Talon If you want to ask me something comment!

AND REMEMBER NEVER AUTOATTACK IF YOU ARE NOT GONNA PUSH THE LANE NEVER! YOU WILL LACK IN FARM LEARN TO LAST HIT GOOD! If all lanes lose the jungler will fail hard and you cant really blame the jungler couse he isnt superman that can just run to all lane at the same time! and if lanes doent farm good the jungler should rage like a pirate! Well dont flame them just tell them to farm better and try to only last hit. A jungler can easy be the team leader who leads the team to victory! If you got a useless team a jungler guide can never help you! If you are gonna jungel go duo with someone you know can dominate a lane!