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Build Guide by loonycake

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League of Legends Build Guide Author loonycake

Warwick, a stalker in the bush

loonycake Last updated on February 22, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, and thanks for reading/watching/whatever my guide on WW.

What im basing this build on, is the fact that WW dont really need a whole lot of dps items to do high dps. Therefor i decide to build him tanky with a bit of crit and enough resistance to survive a long time, aswell as being a jungler.

This build is great for warwick because u will not nesecarily need another tank, and even if u got one, its good for engaging with your ulti, because it will allow u to take a beating while still do insane damage.

Gl, hf and happy ganking!

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The runes i got is basicly my standard DPS runes, wich is based on

1.7% attack speed pr. rune. 15.3% in total
0,42% crit chance pr rune. 3.78% in total
0.75% dodge pr rune. 6.75% in total
3.4% attack speed pr rune. 10.2% in total

I find theese useable for most champions with AD, due to the nice attack speed and the additional chance to crit is also nice.

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I choose standard jungle / AD masteries trying to avoid crit / crit dmg because of the low crit chance. U wanna get the extra duration on your buffs for the better chance of putting them to good use.

Defensive masteries can work, but i found it hrader to jungle in the start with them.

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Good / Bad

What's good about this build
You wont die as quickly as a pure dps build.
You will heal alot more.
You can engage for your team without dying as quickly if needed.

What's bad about this build
If your enemys are not below 50% health (your E becomes active) you can esely be outrun if u do not have your ultimate.
Exhaust can esely put you out of a fight if u do not spam your Q quickly enough.
A stunned warwick is a dead warwick.

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I choose tank focused items because WW does decent damage with just madreds and hes Q spell.

Must haves:


Because this is a STANDARD WW item. This combined with your W spell will be insane attack speed when u max it. The passive on the item does crazy ammount of damage when u attack as quickly as WW does.

Because it makes your Q spell penetrate the enemy's magic resist ergo healing you more, and damaging more.
Now you are probably like "OMGWTF ZERKER GREAVERS NOOB" no... Zerker's greavers are not needed with this build. Well.. Never really needed for a WW imo. Madreds and your W is pretty much enough attack speed.
Why not MOVE QUICK shoes? Because you will be fast enough with your E.
Why not ninja tabi or mercury's? Theese are good aswell, and i do reccomend that if the enemy is very AD / CC heavy that u take theese over sorcerer's.
Why not cooldown reduction shoes?! gtfo troll 4chan is that way -->

Cooldown reduction for Q spamage and increased healing done to u also by your Q and your passive lifesteal (TROLOLOLOLOLOLOL). The magic resist and health is also nice.

Main items for this build:


Okay.. This is where the power of your brain kicks in. If the enemy has alot of AD on they're team, u wanna go for this because of the health and the armor, also the passive is very good for your ultimate and generally for being near people it's nice. WW likes to be close to people.

If there is NO magic damage enemy on the enemy team do NOT chooes this item. The movement speed is just not worth it. If this item is not needed, i reccomend one of the following:

For the passives and the increased dps by your atmas.

Insane lifesteal plus more damage.

Otherwise force of nature is awsome for the resist and the movement is just amazing for chasing.

This is pretty much a main item for this build, cos the core is semi-high HP, the crit is also a damage boost and the armor only helps u survive.

For pots:

Early on in the game, u wanna get


Because of the nice attack speed and the little benefit from fortitude. U dont want to take Brilliance at all.

At late game u want to tdo this

for first.
and only if u can afford it. It does give CD reduction wich is nice on your Q and also your Q will heal more.

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Skill Sequence

I choose this sequence because u wanna max your Q first for more damage and also for the healing in fights.

W is the first spell because it dosent cost alot of mana, and it's efficient for jungeling in the start.

E at lvl 4 is probably the best idea, cos u wanna start ganking around lvl 4. At this time hopefully your laners have worn down your enemys, if so u should be able to catch up to them quickly as they will most likely not have boots, but u will have your speed boost.

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Summoner Spells

I choose and

I do this because smite is a basic jungeler spell even tho WW can jungle without, i preffer to take it because it speeds your jungeling up ALOT allowing u to gank faster and level quicker.
I take exhaust because i think i run fast enough and the exhaust is very good for 1on1's, cathing people, and for teamfights to help out your team take less damage.

Instead of smite u can take things like
Catch enemys quicker or get away
Catch enemys and geto ver walls etc
To get rid of a exhaust or other slows wich may prevent u from doing full dmg or fleeing / catching
To reduce healing emeys recieve or making sure to get a kill

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Creeping / Jungling

This is basicly the route i use.

Buy , 2x and 1 Sight Ward

Ofc if you are on that side otherwise u just do the same on the other side of the map (shocking i know).
U want to place the ward near baron / dragon depending on what site u are on.

Take blue, pop W after your first hit, use 1 health potion, smite big golem.
Kill wolves.
Kill wraiths.
Take red, pop W, pop Q, health pot, smite.
Kill golems.

Gank or go back.

I reccomend ganking, if your gank is succesfull u can buy madreds and boots of speed. This will increase your jungeling and ganking alot.