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Warwick :D

Last updated on April 7, 2011
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Warwick Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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The first item you will always get is Cloth Armour. You will later upgrade this to a Madred's Razor, which is an essential jungling item. In my usualy build, I take 2 or 3 Health Pots, as I do not take Smite, so I need that little extra to take down my first Golem and Lizard Camps. Not taking them is taking a big chance of getting embarresed by the creeps.

On my next trip back to camp , I usually go for Berserker Boots and Vampiric staff, which will later be built into our next item, The Bloodthirster. Your next item built is circumstantial, I usually go for Frozen Mallet for some health and ganking potential. Upgrading your Maded's Razor into Bloodrazor is also highly recommended. With the patch, the passive now take out 2.5% max health, which means ~15% more damage from an Infinite Duress, as it activates every hit of your ulti. Next, if you are facing alot of mages, look for magic resist items like Force of Nature, Banshee Veil or Wits End. If you are going agianst a lot of Melee DPS, get some more armour items like Warden's Mail or Thornmail. Guardian Angel is a mix of the two and also has a nice passive, as well as Atma's Impaler.

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Now for the juicy stuff. It is very, very important to have a good early game, as it sets the tone for the rest of the game, not only for you, but for your teamates as well. Start off by purchasing your Cloth Armour and Health Pots. Head straight for the Golem camp on your side and type /dance when you get there to pass the time until he pops. Once he pops, take him out. Don't worry about wasteing all your mana on him, just get him killed. Try not to waste your Rally on him, as you will need it for the lizard. He gives you a mana regen buff that will help you jungle faster and more efficiently. A lot of junglers go for Lizard camp first, but it is more time effective to drop the Golem first. Once you defeat him, head to either the lesser camp under/over him if you did not level, or striaght for the lizard camp if you leveld off of the Golem. Again, don't be afraid to use your abilities, as you will gain mana back very fast. Once you are level 2, go to for the Lizard camp. Auto Attack him first, then drop your Rally, and then Hunter's Call. This will ensure a decent Lifesteal % and is important for your survival. Once you have defeated the Lizard camp, congratulations, you have overcome your first obstacle. Now clear all the other lesser camps on your side and once you have 700 gold, pill back to camp and grab Madred's Razor. Note that you might end up with a little less, just Blue Pill back and you should have enough by the time you get back.

Now, listen up, I have taken the Dragon out at level 4 with no buffs from the camps. It is a very close fight and I would advise agianst it unless you have gotten really good and understand what needs to be done. If you want to play a little bit safer, head on over to your opponents camps and take them out, once they are all dead, you shoudl be level 6. Call out a gank. Your ulti is very effective in combination with your teamates and almost guarentees a kill early game. Afterwards, head to the Dragon and take him out. At this point he is pretty easy and Rally should be back up, making it even easier. If you think your opponents might be smart and they might try and gank you when you are killing him, ask a teammate to guard you while you kill it. Each teammate will recieve a chunk of experience and +165 gold, so your guard will not mind if he knows whats going on.

Once the dragon is dead, pill back to base and start getting your items. You will probably have enough gold for your Berserker's Greaves and a Vampiric Scepter. Return to jungling, making mad bills, and calling out ganks whenever your ulti is up. Remember, the Dragon spawns every 5 minutes after his last death, so keep an eye on the clock and kill him whenever he is up. Also, the Golem and Lizard buffs help with ganks.

Late game, I have found that Warwick is an insane tower pusher. Hunter's Call along with the items you should have up to this point make towers drop very fast, especially with a teammate. Warwick can also push out lanes very quickly due to his high attack damage and attack speed. You don't have many abilities that are good in team battles, so what I like to do is lurk back until somone has been targeted, then ulti in to stun them as your team brings them down. Also remeber to Hunter's Call in team battles as it is a global buff.

Im sure im forgetting somthing so ill add it later when I remember.

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tips and tricks


If need be, use wards to gain more map awarness and control. It is importnat to know where your teamates/enemies are. Can be used at the start of the game to watch the river if ganks are coming for you. Jungling in your opponents jungle is also a viable strategy as it can lead to easier ganks, just be very weary of where your opponents are. If you are being chased early game by a ganker, either try and juke and hide in bushes or run into a lane to get help forom your team.

Infinite Duress:

Remeber, your ulti activates any passives your items have, use it to your advantage. Also remeber to drop a Rally when you are in your ulti, as it increase the damage of each strike.

Some people like to open up with Infinite Duress, but I have found it more effective to try and save it until they start to run away, as you can get some attacks in before they take off, even if its one, its somtimes worth it.

Pay attention to your opponents summoner spells at the start of the battle. Cleanse stops the ulti and we stay stunned. Not fun!


Use Hunter's Call to quickly kill creep waves and easily drop towers. Just be careful going solo, as your enemy will more then likely try and gank you as you do not have a reliabe escape mechanic.


Hiding in the High Grass between your oppenents first two towers can be effective to grab runners who are retreating back from your teammates.