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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jun10rd

Warwick for those who dont jungle

Jun10rd Last updated on March 10, 2011
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In this build im going to show you how to build a warwick for lanes i choose to do this build because i hate jungling i find it boring and annoying. This is my way of playing Warwick and is conceived to be a all around champ with the ability to gank for kills. This is my 1st build and is made to pick off specific players of the enemy team while being able to escape easily afterwards and soak up some damage. Warwick can be played in a variety of ways with jungling, pure DPS, or even pure AP (Magewick).. You will jungle in beginning mid game wait untill level 2 or 3. You get only around 9 to 11 killz in jungle

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since im new i dont know how to put runes so im going to write them

first mark rune--Greater Mark of insight 9x

Second Greater seal of vitality 2x / greater seal of warding 3x / greater seal of resilience

Third Greater Glyph of focus 3x / greater glyph of potency 3x / greater glyph of fortitude

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i go 20/0/10 --I play with 20/0/10 Masteries skills tree.
20 points in Offence - for dps
Prios on Plentfull bounty, Offensive mastery, Sunder.
Archaic Knowledge is there since your main source of damage will be magic based ( Madred's Bloodrazor proc, Wit's End proc, Hungering Strike.
10 points in utility - for faster lvling, and for enlongment of neutral buffs (VERY IMPORTANT).

Please dont go full offence its realy not nessesary. Srsly... DON'T!

THE MOST IMPORTANT MASTERY IS 4/4 AWARENESS (the exp mastery in utility tree) AND 2/2 UTILITY MASTERY (longer buff duration)

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Go with berserker greave's

2-madred bloodrazor

3-the bloodthirster

4-the black cleaver

5-spirit visage

6-stinger if you have time nashor's tooth

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Summoner Spells

I go with exhaust and heal so in the beginning i have heal pots + heal to heal my partners

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All you have to do is stay in lane bot if ya blue team go bot so you level in lanes and jungle with golem + the dragon really easy to kill with warwick so you can level up 3times faster then the ennemy just do lane duo golem -red lizard blue buff golem. if ya in purple team do the same level up real quick trust in a game i was level 10 the ennemie was only 7 doing that trick reallly help.Once level around 15 to 18 you can solo baron or call some back up to help ya

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Pros / Cons

+ One of the best junglers ingame
+ Great regeneration skills makes him quite tanky even without lifesteal.
+ Superb ganker. Appears from nowhere with a highly damaging long stun.
+ Best chaser ingame due to passive MS buff when the prey is under 50% life.
+ Extreme survival capabilities for a dps champ thx to huge lifesteal
+ % based damage (Bloodrazor + Hungering Strike) will get even tanks down very fast
+ can solo baron easily at level 15-18 with madred bloodrazor
- Golem buff dependant early/mid game.
- Costy itemisation
- Stun/blind vurneable
- Easy to countergank in jungle
- Quite team dependant (ganks and map/miss awareness).

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Hope you like my build even if its pretty cheap the way i made since i dont know how to put image and all that **** like the others so sorry about that hope you like it and ya will try it or atleast vote any critisism or things like that can make build better or my chapters even better please just send me a message or post a comment thx