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Warwick, Jungle King

Last updated on July 23, 2010
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Welcome to my 3rd guide.
You can read up on Master Yi here:
You can find a dps line Warwick guide here:
Zilean build:
Ezreal AP build by me:
Malphite double guide DPS/TANK
Blitz AP

This build and guide will help you get familiar with Jungling Warwick.
This week warwick was a playable character and i fould ppl playing him in absolutly ridiculous ways.
I've made a guide for laning warwick, this time i'll make one for jungle one (witch is way better one in my eyes but requires more map awareness)

What Jungling Warwick brings to your team?
1st of all you have 2 lanes with 100% exp this way + 100% exp warwick.
This should work great on getting lvl advantage.
Element of suprise, and less stresfull lvling.

Bad things. One of your teammates will face a double lane, so he either needs to be realy good or just play VERY defensive. You might also suffer a tower loss in early game. The prio of that person is to stay in lane (forget last hitting even) and just gather exp while defending tower and minimising health loss.
A good tip to that person is to equip yourself with 2-3 health pots and pick a teleport skill in case of a gank.
You might get spotted in woods and get ganked so watch out for any miss on a map.
Anticipation FTW!

You will be called a n00b warwick, you will be called useless f***r, stupid, ****** and so on, while jungling. Dont get annoyed by that. People that call you that way probably have no clue how to play warwick or how to play this game at all. Just do your job.

Ppl from opposite team will usualy ask for AFK player coz they cant see you.
Make sure your team does not respond to those questions.

Summoner skills:

Smite - this is the king of warwick summoner skills. You will recognise a good warwick if he has this skill. One of the skills you will ALWAYS use. Untill late game even. Great skill for taking down big mobs fast late game or mid game to speed up pushing lanes.
But the main prio is to make your jungling effective way of getting cash and lvl faster in early mid game.
I will explain when and how to use it a bit later.
This is also the reason you have to pick Plentiful Bounty in your Mastery Tree.
Lower cd and another gold is always good.

Picking 2nd skill is your choice. But you should get one of thiese:

Flash - All around great skill. Lets you land that last hit faster. Lets you run away from a gank. Lets you run away or engane an enemy to/from jungle. Lets you tower dive->kill->blink away into woods. My favorite skill.
You will just love it for cover in woods->flash out->ultimate->kill.

Exhaust - Good to case better a fleeing enemy, or disabling enemy heavy carry dps on you or your teammate while you gank him.

Heal - Makes your life easier while jungling, but after reaching lvl 9 and maxing out huntering strike... it will be useless.

Rally - Again, makes your jungling easier and a bit faster. Good skill for team battles. But later on it's cooldown will destroy the effectivness of the skill.


Ghost - You have Blood Scent! you srsly dont need this one... Get Exhaust, it will work better, and it will also blind the target.

Teleport - Using this skill will destroy the element of suprise and we dont want that. Its better to run through jungle and get that tower pushing bastard from the back near your tower. If you would start teleporting to the tower or mob, he will run away before you get there anyway.

Ignite - you dont need this one. Its often used as a last hitter on running away champ. With your Blood Scent + Hungering strike beeing a ranged atack you dont need this to kill off your opponent.


I play with 19/0/11 Masteries skills tree.
19 points in Offence - for dps and to help you jungle kill faster.
Prios on Plentfull bounty, Offensive mastery, Sunder.
11 points in utility - for faster lvling, and for enlongment of neutral buffs (VERY IMPORTANT).

Please dont go full offence its realy not nessesary. Srsly... DON'T!


Marks and QUitesences on ArP
Greater Mark of Desolation
Greater Quintessence of Desolation
Lowering Armor of your potential gank target to 0 is something VERY nice, and you are not able to always go for Black Cleaver in games (they finish too fast or you cant farm enaugh for it) That is why i swapped some runes for ArP. It also lets you kill in jungle more efficiently on lower lvls.
With this runes composition a non-tank champ shoud have its armor reduced nearly or to 0 witch will have great benefit on damage your ultimate and melee hits deal.

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction
Glyphs on CDR since there is not much we can get from those runes (last prio on getting).

Greater Seal of Evasion
Seals for dodge. Makes you jungle more efficient without loosing much health.
Also this helps a bit later on on hard carry 1v1 fights. 6.75% dodge might not seem too much but its more or less a 6% less damage you take. Dodging a crit from Yi that could take 600-900 of your HP or dodging a poppy devastating blow of 1000 damage, and so on so on. Can save your life alot of times.

Eternal Thirst - Each of Warwick's attacks will heal him for 5/10/15 health. Each successive attack against the same target will restore increasing amounts of health to Warwick.

This is a skill that allows Warwick to jungle from lvl 1 very efficiently.
Simple, you hit a target = you get health, even without lifeseal.

Hungering Strike - Takes a bite out of enemy unit for damage and heals Warwick.
Strikes an enemy for the greater value between 75/125/175/225/275 (+1) and 8/11/14/17/20% of the target's maximum health (can only do flat damage to monsters), and heals Warwick for 100% of the damage dealt.

Cooldown - 12 seconds
Cost - 100/100/100/100/100 Mana
Range - 400

Take note this is a 400 range skill. It's great for keeping yourself alive, while facing other team carry champ. You maybe have lower damage, lower or 0 lifesteal that time, but with this... he will be down before you are, and he will probably start to run away... worst thing you can do while facing warwick XD. You should use it right after ultimate and to finish off that last fiew points of health.
After maxing out that skill you can use it to get health back after a team fight in the jungle and get back to fight without beeing forced to go to base.

Hunters Call - Warwick lets out a howl, increasing all nearby friendly champions' attack speed for a short time.
Warwick lets out a howl that inspires all nearby allied champions. This increases Warwick's attack speed by 40/50/60/70/80% and all nearby friendly champions' attack speed by half of that for 10 seconds.

Cooldown - 30/27/24/21/18 seconds
Cost - 35/35/35/35/35 Mana
Range - SELF

No longer a global skill. Now you have to make sure your teammate is in range of getting it :( The duration is AGAIN a fixed time and the change is only in AS bonus. Still you wont have to max out this skill early or even mid game anyway :P
Proper usage is Ulti->Hungering->Hunters Call.
Get 1 point of this skill as your 1st choice and start jungling. Use it on CD, since it has nearly none mana cost
This is the skill that allows you to focus on important items instead of stacking atack speed ones before going core.
If you see a warwick with malady... you can laugh in his face and eat him :)

Blood Scent - Warwick passively senses weakened enemy champions around him. The scent of blood sends him into a fury causing him to move at incredible speeds.
Warwick senses enemy champions under 50% life within 1500/2300/3100/3900/4700 distance of him; Upon sensing an enemy at low life he will gain 20/25/30/35/40% Movement Speed.

Cooldown - 45 seconds
Cost - Passive
Range - SELF

Blood Scent is a best ingame skill for catching fleeing enemy champs, as well as running away from a loosing battle (if one of their champs have <50% hp).
This should ALWAYS be picked at lvl 4 and maxed out together with Hungering strike and ulti.
You should be able to get som1 to <50% with your Ulti+HS combo, witch enables Blood Scent and just run and kill. So you can call it a passive movement speed increase :P.
It also reveals any enemy player that you have scented on map even in bushes.
It will enable itself if you have a <50% stealter near you as well. But you will not be able to see them anyway.

Infinite Duress - Warwick lunges at an enemy Champion, stunning them and dealing damage for a few seconds.
Warwick lunges at an enemy Champion, stunning them for 1.7 seconds. While they are stunned, Warwick quickly strikes the target 5 times for 33% of his attack damage plus 40/60/80. Warwick gains an additional 30% lifesteal while performing Infinite Duress.

Cooldown - 90/80/70 seconds
Cost - 100/125/150 Mana
Range - 700

This is your cookiecutter skill.
It got rebalanced last patch making it less mana eating, better damage, and lower cd. The stun duration nerf is not that important (2.1s -> 1.7s)
They also added a lifesteal addition. This makes tactic 1v1 and 1v2 a diferent story. If you engage an enemy and you are quite sure he/she will fight back, not run away, try using Infinite Duress a bit later.
The usual fight against enemy carry is:
HC+Melee them with spamming HS on cd. When i see him/her going down quite at the same rate (or when i feel i am loosing i use ID moment i reach 50% HP. The new lifestealing will heal me quite a bunch, usualy making enemy try to retreat. And as Warwick says... "It's only fun if they run". Its the worst they can do.
This tactic also can be implemented in double lane solo v 2 fight. Usualy you are ahead of lvl and they are weakened after a fight 2v2. Your teammate dies and you are left with 2 nasty champions that try to hurt you.
You SAVE your ultimate. Kill one, and when 2nd one tries to escape you catch him with ID or when you are realy low on HP, you do it on 2nd one to heal yourself up.
Remember, lifesteal bonus is quite a nice bonus to your ulti. Dont rush it if you see the option to get to them just by running of flashing. Hit fiew times, and than finish off with ID+HS.
You have to take into consideration that you will simply hit 6 times your atack. So all "on hit" items are getting stacked extremaly fast and in very efficient way.
That means you will get 6x4% from Bloodrazor, you will get 6x42mana=42damage from writs end, 5 stacks of Black cleaver debuff just in 1 ultimate atack. Sick!
with all that damage it will calculate in more or less this:
200Atack = 66 per atack
6x66 damage = 396
6x4% max health (example 2000 Health) = 6*80 = 480
6x42 mana = damage = 252
Total 1128 damage.
Target is debuffed with 5 stacks of black cleaver so bye bye armor, and he will be below 50% for sure if not, than 1 HS will do the job. Just execute than.
(i know there are magic resistances and armor **** bla bla bla, this was just an example).
Lvl up this skill on lvl 6/11/16 always when it's avaible.
Get golem neutral buff to lower down it's cd all the way. Gank whenever it's up. Catch players near tower with it to maximize the damage they recieve.
Think of clever usage of blink+ulti from the jungle.


You should focus on getting your Ultimate as powerfull as you can.
This is why your item build should look like this:


Start of with buying Cloth Armor and 5x Health Potion.
After 1st phase of jungling you should get Madred's Razors. This will significantly boost your jungling and lvling.
If you were lucky and you ganked som1 before 1st return to base, you should have cash for Boots of Speed if not just make your way to jungle again to reach lvl 6.
You should get 1-2 ppl killed by the time you return to base again and complete (or buy full) Berserker's Greaves and Vampiric Scepter.
Your core should look like this:

Now you are already a killing machine. Try to gank as much as possible and hold your neutral buffs up all the time. Kill dragon on spawning timer.

You should mix jungling/laning/destroying towers/ganking/rebuffing untill you get enaugh cash to complete Madred's Bloodrazor. If you got killed by that time, try at least to gather enaugh cash for Recurve Bow. It will significantly boost your AS, and make those razors proc faster.

After completing Bloodrazor, check what other team looks like. If it's mana users (and by mana users i mean even champs like Yi who is not a caster, i mean ALL champions with mana bar) and you have at least 4 of them, gather gold for Wit's End. If other team has at least 2 non mana users, gather gold for Last Whisper.

Your core should look like one of those:


Now you are fully equipped. You dont need much more tbh to be extremaly deadly. Your AS is very high, your on hit effects are pain in the ***, you can rebuff yourself and jungle extremaly fast (killing dragon in 15 sec).

Now you can support your team a bittish, or feed yourself a bit (call it as you want). By this i mean, that if enemy team has a stealth char ( Evelynn, Twitch, Shaco) buy Oracle's Elixir. You will be hated even more. Doing this can also quite fed you since stealthers like Eve, and Twitch usualy roam the map alone thinking they are immortal. This has also great team support role. Getting fed never been easier!

Now that we got all the NESSESARY items, we can get some more costy ones.
We should start with doing something about this Vampiric Scepter, so lets get B. F. Sword and combine it into The Bloodthirster.

Now that we got some AD (we totaly dont need AS by that moment since we are already capped at about 2.3-2.5 - depends on your runes) we can focus on another damaging item. Lets make even more use of our ultimate and lets get a The Black Cleaver. After succesfull Ultimating your enemy, you will get a fully stacked debuff... bye bye armor. Not even talking about HUGE AD boost it gives.

Many ppl give WW a defensive items coz they feel he is too squishy. Well, i rather take Frozen Mallet. It gives you enaugh HP boost, with also a bit of AD and most nessesary that nasty slow debuff. Chasing enemy champions was never easier.


Early game 1-6

Mid game 6-15

Late game 16-18
Help on team fights.

How to jungle?

This is the newest and in my opinion best way i discovered after many many many games of testing diferent routes/item builds and so on.
i tend to finish games with at least 8:1 KD ratio (Kill/Death) without any defensive items in my build.
I am also presenting 2 other ways that you might use and find it more suitable for you.


As you see its a combination of Easy and Hard way.
Why would you use this way?
Its the FASTEST way to reach lvl 6. Its very effective to always be ready to gank a low HP target on one of the lanes. You will have runes faster.
Side-effect is that you will spend more time within single points of the map = more vurneable if the team goes into woods to gank you. Be aware of misses.
Its also less gold effective.

Start off with buying:
Cloth Armor + 5x Health Potion

Yes yes 5 potions. You will need them. But you will get lvl faster and you will be able to get this money back faster by ganking champions later on. Its totaly worth it. Depending on Wolf/Golem camps you will end up with 0 or at best 1 potion on lvl 6.

Start with Wolf/Golem camp near red lizard buff spot. If you face golem, standard is hit once and smite than use HC and kill off 2nd golem. (You will get lvl 2 just by killing this one camp) if you get wolfes, save your smite, HC kill the big wolf and finish off the remaining 2. DO NOT use potion on any of the spawns by now.

If you got golems, you will already have HS as a skill. If you got wolfes, you will still have smite ready.
Go to wraith camp.
Smite the Blue one and HC finish off red ones. If your smite is on CD, than Enable HC and hit fiew times, finish it off with Hungering strike ONCE during the killing of blue one process, finish off the red ones. DO NOT use any potions on this one as well.

Move your hairy *** to next Golem/Wolf Camp near blue golem buff spot. By that time your smite will be on cd no matter what. (either from 1st camp or from wraith killing. So this time if you get Golems, just enable HC and hit hit hit one till he is dead. When he dies pop your 1st Health potion, and kill of 2nd one. You should be able to do it fast enaugh and health pot should keep you at >90% health. Dont spend mana on HS this time. Health pot should be enaugh. If you get wolf camp just use standard HC killing no pot, no hs.

Next stop is Blue buff golem. Your smite cd should be off cd (if you had golems in 1st camp) or nearly ending (if you had used it on wraiths). If its ready, instantly use it on big golem so you will start its cooldown already, and kill of small ones with HC active, pop health pot, and finish off smited big golem. Used HS on CD (you will get the mana back VERY quicky so dont bother with it). If you have smite on cd, just HC kill of small ones, pop health pot, and start whooping big one with spamming HS on cd. When smite is ready instantly use it on big one.

Now that you have your blue buff ready go back to your 1st spot (the mobs respawned there) skipp the red lizards at this point. Kill of the golems/wolfes (using HC and HS on CD - you are mana undependant at this moment). After this go to Lizards. HC kill off the small ones, pop health pot, and start whomping the lizard. By the time you do it, your CD on smite should get up again. Smite it and finish off (HS / HC usage on cd).

After you get both blue and red buff, go to wraiths camp. Use HC and HS on blue one, finish it off asap. Than kill of the small ones. The fastest way is to switch targets 1-2-3 to let them burn a bit from the red buff.

Port to your base and buy:
Madred's Razors
If you were lucky, and aware of your map you might even get 1-2 champion kills/assists. So each time (after getting lvl 3) you pass close to any of the lanes, check if there is som1 that needs just that 1 hit to finish them off. Hid in bushes, flash out, hit->HS and get yourself a kill (or lets call it names... killsteal it :) ) and get back to woods.
If you were lucky you will have already enaugh cash for:
Boots of Speed
so buy em. If not, save rest of the cash (about 260-280 gold) and head to Blue golem/wolf camp (it will be up by the time you were porting to base).
Kill this camp using only HC. Razors + red buff will do the damage work.
Again check for weak targets, mainly in middle. (Yellow "?" mark) if you dont see anything valuable for killing move directly for dragon.
You will still have your blue and red buff active. So spam HC+HS on CD, use your remaining pots. (blue buff might run out during this battle). Depending on your luck in golem/wolf and range of exp stolen by mid player from wraiths, you will be lvl 5 or 6 by this moment, this shouldn't bother you. You will go and get your blue buff by that time.
After this you will be 100% lvl 6 and ready for your ganking extravaganza.
After your 1st kill/doublekill port back to base and get finish your core witch should look like this:

And than gather cash for full Bloodrazor.
Than follow the rest of the guide.

Thiese are remaining/suggested 2 ways of jungling. Hard way, or easy way.
I'll explain the easy way 1st.

Buy a sword and 1 potion. Pick up Hunters Call skill and move to 1 position. start with wolf/golem camp.
If you get wolf spawn, just use Hunters call and slay the big one first. Than finish off the small ones. DO NOT, EVER! use Smite on wolf camps. Try not to use Hungering strike also since you will mana starve quickly.
If you get the golem spawn, use smite imidietly kill first one quickly, enable hunters call and kill off 2nd one.

move to ghosts spot number 2.
If you got the wolf spawn, you should have Smite still ready. Smite the Blue one (he has life drain an dis quite hard to kill on lvl 1-2) and finish off the small ones with hunters call active.
If you got the golem camp 1st, than your smite will be on cd. If you lvled (and you should with this spec and mastery tree) you should already have HS on lvl 1. Start with HS on blue one, enable hunters call and finish off the blue one, than kill off the small ones and move to spot number 3.

Again you should get either wolf or golem camp. If you got the wolfs, hunters call and kill off the big wolf, STILL DONT USE HS OR SMITE!. If you got golems 2nd time, your smite should be off cd in like 5-10 sec. wait up and do same thing. If you have golems 1st time and you used your smite on ghosts, than hunters call, poke 1st one, kill use health potion 1st, than if REALY nessesary use HS to keep yourself alive.

Move to spot number 4. This is the tricky one since you go to enemy terretory. Be VERY aware of any misses, and try to LoS while you sneak through. You might get a kill if the lane is doing good job. Announce a gank and try to gank. If not, just follow up 4->5 with same tactics. At this point you have already cash for the bloodrazors. Port to the base and buy them.

At this point, you are already a farming machine. Just do same route, but now gank the neutral buffs monsters on your way, and try to keep the smite for them. Bloodrazors will do the work on small creeps (wolfs/golems/wraiths).

After you kill everything on your side, you should be at lvl 6. have both blue and red buff.

Go go gank!

This time, check the lanes, pick one, and gank.
Announce the gank, show your target by pinging. Tell your teammates to back up, and let your pray push some. Hide in those bushes, wait for someone to push as close to your tower as possible.
Initiate the gank by ultimating the target, use Hungering Strike, and Hunters call. If your teammates have at least 1/10 of brain, they will help you, and you will get your kill or assist.

Now that your ulti is on cd (lowered by blue rune) go and kill your first dragon.
After killing the dragon, your ultimate should be again ready. Pick a lane again, and hide in the bushes again. Do what i wrote again, and get your next kill/assist.

At this point you should have some cash ready. Port up to base.
Buy nessesary equipment = Madred's Bloodrazor, or at least items you need for it.
Dont spend cash on anything else. Bloodrazor >>> All.

After you bought items, do the jungle run again, get red buff. Look at mid lane, if its possible gank the mid guy coz your ulti is already ready this point, and move to blue buff monster. Gank and so on and so on.

Try to always have both buffs on you. Jungle for them while your ultimate is on cd. Try to kill dragon always when you pass it and your ulti is on cd.

The Hard way.

Its not nessesary much harder, but it requires focus and some calculation skills.

You start with Wraiths camp 1st. Smite the blue one imidietly, Hunters Call and kill off small ones. Move to the left camp (wolf/golem).

Kill off them using stadard tactics.

now the tricky part. Big blue buff golem.
Kill of the small ones with Hunters call active, drink up your health pot and wack the big one! Use HS on cd to keep yourself alive. Smite him, and finish off.
After killing him. port to base. buy nessesary items for Bloodrazors, and continue to small camp, number 5. Kill off this camp, move to red buff lizards. Hunters call the small ones, smite big one and use HS on cd (you have blue buff so mana is not an issue, keep yourself at high HP.) move to wraiths. At this point you close a circle. Do same **** again, till you have lvl 6 and start the gank (see above).

Tip. If you feel unsure about your skills, it might be a good idea to start with
Cloth Armor + 3x Health Potion
If you are going the "hard way".

Hope you like it.

I will try to make a movie too. This will take some time.
Please Leave a comment and rate.