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Warwick Build Guide by Dakotalegends

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dakotalegends

Warwick OP

Dakotalegends Last updated on March 25, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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No intro just read down below

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Well if ur gonna be jungling u need some armor so i picked 3 Marks for armor and 1 Quantainces for armor, 2 Quantainceses for lifesteal cause late game u will need some lifesteal and Lantern and passive wasnt enough for me so i needed some more so i buyed Those lifesteal runes.And the rest are for a litlle more AS and AD.

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First when jungling pick Vampiric Scepter cause when u will be jungling u wont need to go back so often u will be able to clean up the jungle often and then come back with loads of money.AS boots for AS ^^.Now... some people dont buy Frozent Mallet with WW and go Full AD, i think that aint so smart cause in teamfights u will get owned if the enemy team has tankier champs, so i think Frozzent Mallet is a good choice.Phantom Dancer is for Crit Chance and fore some Movement Speed so u can run around the map more quickly and for some more AS.The Cleaver is for Armor Decrease to the tanks so u wont be avoidint the tanks and just get them killed straight away.And the Infinity Edge is for:
1. Allot of Crit Dmg and it gives u Crit Chance also
2. Alot of AD cause Mallet and Cleaver wont be enough.

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When jungling I always take Red Buff first then the Blue to avoid the posibility of the enemy team atacking your team and getting FB.After u take the 2 buffs race to the top lane to kill the targets.If the gank fails keep jungling and kill the dogs, then go again and dont let them rest or farm,If ur good with WW the second gank will 100% work.After that keep an eye on mid lane and bot lane.If bot is feeding or isnt doing so well focus on that lane then.jungle till u will have both buffs again and go bot.If that fails as I said dont let them rest and farm, go again and again and again until it works.After u collect a few kills focus on the lane that u didnt gank yet, in this case that would be Mid.Wait and tell your teamate to "pull" the enemy mid laner ( pulling means staying back and let him come).When he gets too comftroble atack and get him down with exhaust and red buff will also help alot cause it slows 2 xD.Thats about it for jungling.

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Pros / Cons

Pros : When u will be in fights u got allot of DMG,great mobility and u will easaly take out smaller HP targets aswell as some that got more hp.
Cons : The tanks are the biggest problem for you when playing this WW build.U will be able to take out some tankier targets but the Tanks that go Full Tank will not be so easy to kill.Lets say your up against raummus, u will be slaughered by him u wont even be able to run away.
And lets say Alistar is an easy tank target for this build so be carefull what tank u atack.

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Team Work

Always go in for the fight first then when all enemies atack rush back and let ur teamates do some dmg,only then atack and get ur HP back and even get a few kills.Remember ur not going full AD with this build ur going more tanky so u cant just stay back and let someone else go first, dont be a **** and atack.

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Unique Skills

I think this build can kill other WW builds, im not triing to chalenge any other good WW players and there certanly is a better build than this one but i have gone up against some other Warwicks and the HP u will get of of Frozzent Mallet was very important for my win against them.Frozzent i think is in this build most important.