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Warwick pub jungler all ult build

Last updated on October 30, 2012
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Welcome to my Warwick guide! This is my first guide, let alone on mobafire, so let's see how this goes. This guide is a focus build for WW to jungle and then gank with his ult. This build isn't the greatest for anything but his ult, all items focus on it.

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My thought process behind this rune setup is that: For Marks ArP is an obvious choice, Seals for armor make jungling and ganking easier, and Glyphs can be whatever, but I find these the most helpful.

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Masteries explanation:
For offense, I take all that I can with my leftover points for a melee AD champ.
For defense, summoners resolve really helps out smite, making your jungle an even more profitable experience.
For utility, i take 21 points into this for faster CDR on summoner spells for a faster jungle, more gold for a quicker build, more experience so you can stay higher level than most, and finally mana because hey it's WW.

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Item build explanation:
Early game: Armor to help survive jungle along with HP pots to heal up after ganks or a bad leash.
Mid game: you shine brightly, and carry hard because by this time even without a kill you should have a wits end to carry your ult.
Late game: You will see milestones of damage increase when getting your madreds finished, and then when you get a black cleaver. If you can get the cleaver, the game is usually almost won either way.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner spell explanation:
I take ghost mainly for the fact of you getting boots so late there is no chase potential without it. As for smite that's obvious.