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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dirty Goolash

Warwick, The King of Ganking

Dirty Goolash Last updated on May 18, 2010
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Warwick Build

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First of all, I want to thank DEWO for his Warwick jungling guide, which inspired me to jungle with him, and made me realize how amazing it is. I love his build, but slowly adapted things to more fit my accomodations and to make the build better for me. This build is simply how I jungle with him.

I'm not going to go over the basics of jungling, as DEWO's guide already covers that. His guide can be found here:
I am simply going to explain the differences between my guide and his.


  1. You want to start out with a long sword and a health potion. Why not cloth armor? While cloth armor gives you survivability, I find long sword to be better because you kill the minions faster, which maximizes your jungling, since you will be leveling faster as you kill minions faster. As for the health potion, I hardly find myself using it anymore, but it is nice to have just in case.
  2. The next item you want is Madred's razors. This is the heart and soul of jungling. It supplies you with everything you need to jungle, armor, damage, and of course the amazing unique passive to deal insane damage to minions.
  3. After Madred's razors you're gonna want your boots. I find boots to be most useful next as this is around the time you hit 6, and you will start ganking. Boots are very helpful for ganking, and as you may want to move across the map for a gank, I find boots of mobility to be the best boots.
  4. The next item is dependant. If they have a pretty tanky team, you will want to get Madred's bloodrazors next, going in the order of pickaxe<recurve bow<madred's bloodrazor. If their team isn't very tanky(one or less tanks) then you want wit's end. Not many champions have a lot of mana this early in the game. Your ulti combined with this item can render an enemy worthless, as they will have no mana.
  5. The next item you will want is the one you didn't get before. If you got Wit's end, you want Madred's bloodrazor, and vice-versa.
  6. The next item I prefer to get is a survivability item. You will die very fast in teamfights, especially when you jump in with your ulti, and some survivability is necessary if you want to survive for more than 3 seconds. Items I prefer are Guardian's Angel or Banshee's veil. Guardian's Angel allows you to sacrifice yourself to initiate with your ulti, while banshee's veil keeps your ulti from being interrupted. Your choice.
  7. This is the point that you will start destroying the enemy less and start just becoming annoying. The solution to this? More damage. For your damage item you will always want The Bloodthirster first. This is just such a perfect item for Warwick. Since at this point in the game you are a farming hoss, it should be easy to stack. Also, it gives you lifesteal, which Warwick just can't seem to get enough of.
  8. After the Bloodthirster, you still won't do as much damage as some of the enemies' DPS. To solve this you want The Black Cleaver. Why not Infinity Edge? Warwick doesn't benefit much from critical strikes. Also, since Warwick will recieve max stacks from his ulti, this is the way to go. At this point Warwick's ulti will tear the enemy apart, and if they are still alive to limp away, they will have no armor thanks the the cleaver. They will be left for you to feed on.


Early Game
You want to grab your long sword and head to the Wolf/Golem spawn near the allied Lizard Spawn. From here I will split the jungling into two different guides, depending on whether you got golems first or wolves first.
Golems First
  • Use your smite on the first golem and use hunter's call. Finish off the first golem and just hit the second until he dies.
  • Since your smite is on cd, you want to skip the Wraiths for now, as they do too much damage to you at level 2 and it can be quite risky, especially for the new jungler. (I remember being killed by them when I started jungling)Just go across mid to the wolf/golem camp near the blue buff. If it's golems, don't be afraid to use hungering strike to keep your health up.
  • By the time you kill off this camp, your smite should be off cd, or almost be off cd. You want to go back to the Wraiths now, and smite the Blue one. Hunter's call to finish off the rest.
  • Now you want to go over to the enemies' lizrd side, and kill off the golem/wolf camp there. Again, don't be afraid to spam hungering strike to keep your health up.
  • Finally, go to the enemies' Wraith spawn. Your smite should be off cd, so smite the blue one again, and finish off the red ones.
Wolves first
  • Use hunter's call and kill off the big wolf first. then just finish off the lower ones. DON'T USE SMITE!
  • Head over to your Wraiths, and smite the blue one. Finish off the others with Hunter's call.
  • Head to the camp by your blue buff. If it's golems, just initiate and use hungering strike to keep yourself alive. If wolves, just use hunter's call and kill them off.
  • Head to the enemies' wraith camp. Your smite should be off cd, so smite the blue one and finish off the rest.
    Finally, head over to the enemies' wolf/golem near their lizard. Just do the usual to kill them off
Use your health potion at any time if needed.

Depending on how many golems and wolves you got, you should be either level 3 or 4 by now. Either way, you have enough money to buy Madred's razors. So whether you got golems or wolves first, recall and buy your madred's bloodrazors.

Now, if you are level 3, go ahead and kill the first camp again (wolf/golem near allied lizard)If you are 4, go straight to the Lizard.To kill the lizrd, you want to open with smite, then start hitting the little lizards. You open with smite to begin the cd again, even though you aren't attackin the lizard elder first. From here just take down the little lizards and use hungering strike to keep your health up if needed. Just bash him until he dies.

Next, you want to go to the enemies' golem. You don't have to go to the enemies, but i like to just to steal theirs. Just open up on the Golem and hit him until he dies. After he dies, finish off the small ones.

After the golem, hit up the wolf/golem camp right next to the enemies' blue buff. This helps you get experience and money.

Recall again and buy your boots of speed.Then head out to the dragon. You want to save smite until the end in case an enemy comes they can't steal it. Stand against the wall behind the dragon in case an enemy does come, as you can just flash through the wall. Anyway, just hit the dragon and use hungering strike and he will eventually die.

Smite trick-A cool trick to help you know when to smite the golem and lizard is to look at their health bar in the top left. Look for the red bar to fall below the numbers of their health and then smite. They should die, or be around 1 hit from dying.

Mid Game
Now that you're level 6, you want to start ganking. Gank any of the lanes that you want. REmember that after you gank, you want to stay in lane a bit and help push. This will help you level so you don't fall behind, and hopefully you can push the turrets, giving you a huge advantage.Go ahead and jungle a bit if you want, and pick up the buffs whenever available. Mid game is when Warwick is the strongest, take advantage of this.

Late Game
Warwick seems to fall behind a bit in late game. He doesn't deal out as much damage, and dies pretty fast. Just utilize your ulti to do some great initation, and hopefully if your teammates attack when you initiate, chase down the stragglers. If you win a team fight, push no matter what. Warwick's life steal will help heal him back up while the enemy respawns, and hunter's call makes him one of the greates tower pushers. He's like a sivir, but way more useful.

This is the end of my guide. Sorry my guide doesn't have pictures and whatnot like DEWO's but I'm not as good as him at making guides. Most of the credit for this guide should go to DEWO, I just changed his a bit to fit my style more. Anyway, congratulations for getting through my huge wall of text, and remember, happy ganking!