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Warwick, The Rapist of Zaun (Lane Warwick Guide)

Last updated on November 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Warwick is a very straight forward character, that stacks on attack speed and a little life steal. Warwick's passive gives him a very good start early game, and limits the need for health pots. I believe laning as warwick is much better than jungling. For two main reasons. At this time, many players catch junglers early game, by taking their blue or small golems. Lane Warwick limits ganking opportunities, but is a much more secure way of starting. Another major issue i found with Jungle Warwick was Smite. Smite gives a Jungler a very big advantage, but it shouts out to the other team, "Hey man, I'm jungling, so just f**k me up at blue buff, k?". It also takes up a summoner spell spot, that could be better in late game such as Ignite or Flash, which goes well with Warwick's ultimate.

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Personally, I am not big on runes, so I'll put this out first. Runes are for you to decide as a "summoner". Buy them to your playing style, not the way this guide tells you to. I personally use the runes that I put up, but it can definitely work out with other combinations. Use the runes that you think will balance out your weaknesses. If you are too aggressive, get Defensive Runes. If you want more attack speed, go right ahead and get Attack Speed Runes. I personally don't give a sh*t. It's up to you.

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So we are going to talk about my selection of items. Why not start with a cloth armor and 2 health pots? Well, i believe the Dagger provides an advantage for because it allows Warwick's passive to stack up faster, making him a harder target early game. The Health Pot is just there for when you cannot Hungering Strike a minion or if you cannot farm. Sometimes you may not even need it. The Beserker Grieves are pretty self explanatory. If you don't need the extra attack speed, you can also get Ionian Boots of Lucidity, which provides CDR (Cool Down Reduction). Do this by starting off with a Boots of Speed, and 1-3 Health Pots.

Next up we have the Madred's Razers. Even if you are NOT jungling, this item is VERY useful. First off it builds towards Madred's Bloodrazers, which is Warwick's signiture item (in my opinion). And just because you will play Lane Warwick, doesn't mean you will not get the occasional blue or red buff early game. Madred's gives Warwick a faster farming ability which allows him to push faster and build up faster. The Vampiric Scepter allows Warwick to get Dragon at a very low level (Around 5-8). It isn't necessary but it really helps out in 1v1 fights.

OK, so Sword of the Divine was a very controversial item. Many people say it is a terrible item, but it helps out SOOO much. 60% attack speed is epic as hell, and it dishes out 100 magic attack every 4 attacks. Now with Warwick's already fast attack speed and his W skill, he will be dishing out about 1000 magic damage in about 20 seconds or less. So if you don't want to get it, get something else, but its really good.

Everything else if pretty self explanatory. Stark's incase you want to solo Baron (You will be able to do it easily when you finish the build). Cleaver to finish off tanks, Wit's End just cause, etc.

BTW, I call him the Rapist of Zaun, because his Ulti makes him look like he's raping a small child, and if you press "Shift+3" a lot, he will look like he's thrusting someone. :D Have Fun