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warwick vs all build(dps)

Last updated on June 7, 2010
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this is my warwick build...

How to play warwick
first get hunters call because it increases the atk spd in begging and thats an adventage not many other chars will have. make sure you have some one playing a ranged char with you so you are not contiunsely raped by their magic ults, and abilitys. you as well need hungering strike so you can get an unxpected hp boost at the right times. when ever you are being 2v1'd target the weaker oppenet so that you will only have 1 target shooting at you. if engaded in a 3v1 run unless you see at least two are below half health, do not engage if there is 1 mele 2 mage, or 3 mele. if there is any other combination go for it(only if full health with ult) esspecialy if their 1-2 lvs below your character. late game warwick can take out a turret 1v1 if started with full health. but since minons are factored in you usually only take it down to 80% before the two swarms of minons and the tower gets you. so basicly if you are in a ranked match and you want kill buildings for more ip/xp look for half health towers and rape them late game. during late game when your whole team is either defending mid with gank or offensing with gank look for stranded chars that are alone since when its 5v5 the other 5 tend to look at warwick and say lets kill the wolf one! tho warwick can be a winning part of a mid gank so dont be scared off just because there targeting you since half the time its already 4v5 because of your ult.

Although the runes ar'nt nessecary they are a big help early and late game if you cannot afford the runes i have selected buy lower quality but the same boosting style as i have tried out warwick with other none atk speed and crit boost but they didnt work as well. The Mastries are set up as your basic mele/offensive player should have them if you dont have 30 points then go for offensive start first then go to the utility. those last 6 points can also be put in deffense but i perfer a slight xp boost.

Item Build
usually i start it off with a maldy,i try to afford it first time i recall. then u shuld also at least start to buy a zeal on first recall(zeal helps majorly lvs 5-10) on second recall you should have the 2200 i think it is to afford the phantom dancer,then its off for the blood thirster. third recall get a bf sword and if you can just buy the whole sword, i know sometimes you cant because you got 'killed/wounded and had to recall' for fourt recall save up big time and try and afford a bf sword and the nashars tooth if you cant at least get nashars tooth and the smaller sword. 5th rcall most players should be lv 18 so to keep your advantege on them you need to finish off that infinty edge and get those long awiated mercury treads. you dont really need mercury threads but i just like them for the late game magic res feel free to swap up the order or sub in dif boots idk really but plz tell me if anyone else is doing good with this build or if its just me ; P

look out for ryze, another warwick and a 3v1 in late game as they can usually kill you if they have help, full health, or the same dps build.