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League of Legends Build Guide Author LegenDADDY

Way out of Bronze Season 6

LegenDADDY Last updated on April 17, 2016
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When Season 6 started, I sucked at my Placement Games with a 1-9 win-loss ratio. I got placed in Bronze 4. For me, this kinda sucked, I forced myself to finish those 10 games to start playing in the League. Currently, I am a platinum player in NA server. I noticed that in Bronze, there are a lot of bad players, you're lucky if you got a teammate that is good. I am going to divide this guide into 4; Things you need to Know, Before the Game, During the Game, and After the Game

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Don't Play like a bronze, Don't be toxic to your teammates, and also don't be a leader but try to be the best player in your team

Don't play SOLO, Playing solo is bad and difficult, Luck is your only friend in Solo Queue, because you don't know how good your teammates are. You need to have some teammates that you know, for example, your friends, classmates, peers, etc. That more the merrier.

Relax your mind, In order to win, concentrate on the game. Do not rage after mistake has been made.

Let your teammates carry you, But don't drag them Down, In a game, Never Drag your teammates down, Never feed your opponent, for example, in top lane, If you cannot face your opponent 1v1, just tower hug and wait for your teammates to gank. You need to have a proper kill-death standing in every game, So that you wont drag your teammates down.

Don't Force your games If you loss 4 times, and I feel that you are going to be demoted, do not force yourself to play another game. Calm yourself first, wait for players that can be your partners in-game.

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Pick a role, When I am in bronze, I always play support because I let my teammates carry me every game. When you picked a role, always practice this role

Picking a Champion, Pick a champion that is good in team fights and team plays, For pick, Go with Illaoi, Yasuo, or Malphite. For mid, Go with Fizz, Lux, or Annie. For jungle, Go with Jarvan, or Rammus. For Support, Go with Blitzcrank, Braum, Sona, or Thresh. For ADC, Go with Miss Fortune, Lucian, or Vayne.

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Ward, Always Ward, Warding is very important, Warding is for everyone now, not only for supports, Wards can help you Avoid enemy ganks, Early Game warding is simple, Ward in places where enemy can gank. In Mid-game warding, You should ward in rift herald, Dragon, and Enemy jungles. In Late-game warding, You should put a ward every time you roam in the enemy jungle, you can also use Vision Wards.

Secure Large Monsters, Always take the dragon, It give a large advantage in the team. While attacking the rift herald, a support must ward all around the premises of the Rift Herald. Always give the Rift herald buff to the Top laner, Mid, or ADC.

Always Push Turrets, Always push when you have a chance, After you secure your lane with wards to avoid ganks, Push the Turrets, You can't win without pushing turrets, that's why need to push turrets.

Do not Feed, If you can't face your opponent, example, in Top and Mid lane, Just stay in the turret and Wait for your teammates to gank. For Bot lane, Just play safe and just kill creeps to increase gold.

Always Farm, Always kill creeps to earn gold, 15-20 cs is equal to 1 champion kill.

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Add a Teammate who Performed good, So you can play with them Duo, because you know how good he is, He/She can help you climb the ladder.

Talk Trash to the Opposing team, Why? Because it feels good.


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