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Mordekaiser Build Guide by nightwatch

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League of Legends Build Guide Author nightwatch

weapon of morde destruction

nightwatch Last updated on January 3, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys first time doing a build i have played Mordekaiser alot and with this particular build and played correctly he is preaty much unstoppable. Mainly with this build you would want to be solo top and i always have someone i know who can jungle for me and give help when needed.

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For runes i go Greater Mark of Magic Penetration to deal tons of damage early game and to be able to zone the other solo top. I take Greater Seal of Armor to be able to withstand those little trading blows and come out ahead. I take Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction so that I can keep spamming Siphon of Destruction so my sheild doesnt go to low but these can be easily swapped out for Greater Glyph of Ability Power if you want that early game damage. I take Greater Quintessence of Ability Power so that i have early game damage so I can acctually get those important kills. This rune design is so that not only will you have early game damage and sustain but will keep your ult on shorter cooldown.

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For masteries i take 9,21,0 these mastewries are designed to give me early game tankiness and cooldown reduction with health, armour and cooldown reduction in defence and ability power, cooldown reduction and magic pen in offence.I enjoy taking reduced turret armour in defence but you can swap that out for another point in cooldowns if you want to also i dont feel its necicery to take reduced minion damage as your sheild will soak most of that up without worries.

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Ior items i like to start with a Doran's Shield for the extra health but Regrowth Pendant is also a viable option to turn into Force of Nature later. Then depending on what type of lane i am against i will either get Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads and after that depending on lane either get Thornmail first or Force of Nature but will build the other after the first. Then a very important item is Will of the Ancients not only does it give lots more damage and help your team it also gives Mordekaiser much needed spell vamp a his spells do true damage to himself but proc before spell vamp is collected it prevents unnecessary damage and keeps you at full health for those important team fights for late game i get Sunfire Cape for extra damage and tankyness and sell my Doran's Shield for wormog's armor to be heaps tanky and also to help the passive of Force of Nature giving me amazing health regen.

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Skill Sequence

For skill sequence i get Siphon of Destruction first to get my shield up even very early then get Mace of Spades at lv 2 i then max Siphon of Destruction by lv 9 and Mace of Spades at lv 13 i get a point in creeping death at lv 4 and leave it there untill lv 14 this is because there isnt much use for it really early and as you get sunfire cape the two will stack and do quite sugnificent damage to everyone around you. I get Children of the Grave at 6,11,16 as it is very important to get. Lots of Mordekaiser players use Children of the Grave at the beggining of the team fight and it often ends before anyone acctually dies while doing damage it doesnt maximise the usefulness of Children of the Grave . Children of the Grave shuld be used on the person you feel will die the quickes and if ur ult is on someone make sure to focus them. If it is possible in a team fight place Children of the Grave on their carry as if you get their ghoast not only will you get a powerful ally to help in the teamfight but you will also gain lots of bonus attack damage. also remember that whoever you get a ghost of you also recieve their passive abbility so people that are good for damage are, Twitch , Corki , caitlin , Master Yi , Tryndamere. ap carries are also a viable option for ghosts as they may not hurt much in auto attacks but give you significent ap to use. also ghosts are very usefull to tank towers and useing tanks and their passives can give you a good long time attacking it. some good tanks to help tank towers are Volibear and Malphite. noting these are just for passives where anyone will do to take a few turrent hits.

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Evidence that the build works

Sorry i dont know how to get it up on the screen but go to the link and it will be just a pic of my match history.

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Summoner Spells

For summener spells i like to take Flash and Ignite as Flash is very useful for getting away and Ignite used in sinc with mords ultimate will do alot of damage and is great for finishing off those harder to kill players

Other things that are viable are:
Teleport : As morde is a tank he needs to be in teamfights and this helps him get around the map easier
Exhaust : alot of teams focus someone who is exusted it would be good to exust the player you are ulting to sucure the players ghoast

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When i play Mordekaiser i often get the most minion kills in a game as i focus alot on it while also harasing enemys. By around lv 8 you will be able to clear the caster minions just by Siphon of Destruction Mace of Spades whitch is great as you proc Creeping Death and by the time Siphon of Destruction again it will clear the other minions. this allowes morde even if he doesnt get many kills to be very tanky and very useful to his team.

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Mordekaiser is a very devistateing champ to play against and played well is nearly impossible to solo lane against i have soloed against many formitable opponants such as a solo lane against Nasus and Garen which is probably the hardest yet but with paitence as keeping the shield up i managed to not give them a single kill while getting a few to myself. One of mordes main points is to keep his sheild up without that he is viable to harras but with his sheild he will be able to shug off any hurras with takeing very little to no damage. thank you very much for looking at my build and am hopeing to have more up if i get a few people lookmin at them :D