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Well I Didn't Expect That.....

Last updated on March 23, 2011
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This is my first build so please don't hate on me if I make a couple of mistakes. To start, I've used this ashe build all the time when I play with her, and to be honest I never lose when I use this build.

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The way I build ashe is to get her AS at top speed, along with damage and a bit of lifesteal. I chose to go mainly attack speed because it's fun to just run up to someone with more then 2.0 attack speed and just shoot the **** out of them. It takes some time to get used to it, but once you do, you'll just be ganking people like crazy, getting kills, and doing insane amounts of damage.

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For items, start out with Boots and a health pot. Then once you have $500, go get berserker's greaves. After this you should have a little bit of attack speed to do some damage. Your second trip back should get you a zeal, and after that a phantom dancer. By mid game you should be halfway done your infinity edge, and once you finish it, start working for another phantom dancer. After that get a bloodthurster, and lastly a phantom dancer. Now. the reason I stack phantom dancers, is because of the 55% attack speed and the 30% crit hit chance. Now the attack speed is for obvious reasons, the build is based on this, but the 30% crit chance turns into 90% when you have 3 phantom dancers, and with the inifinity edge making your crit hits do 250% damage instead of 200% makes you very VERY VEEEEEEERY deadly! and with the added movement speed from them, you'll be able to have no trouble chasing. Turn on frost shot and then you'll be chasing down enemies like it's no tomorrow. Now the bloodthurster has its damage, and its lifesteal, which is what you really need. With all that attack speed, it would be a waste not to get lifesteal.

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Summoner Spells

Usefull Spells: Heal- Basic spell, and just incase you need it.
Clarity- Just so you're good on mana for your Q.
Flash- Obvious reasons.
Ghost- Again obvious reasons.
Okay Spells: Fortify- Helps when saving turrets.
Teleport- Easy getting places.
Useless Spells: Smite- you ain't jungling
Ignite- you'll be shooting too fast.
Exhaust- Your Q is better.
Everything else really won't help you.

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Pros / Cons

Pros: Ganking is really easy.
Damage output is great.
Enemies don't ever wanna solo you.
Great farming.
Your auto attacking is scary.
Alot more...
Cons: Squishy in the beggining.
Item dependant.
They might focus you in late game.
You might run low on mana if you use your Q alot.

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Skill Sequence

Now, I see this alot when im playing with teammates that use ashe, they waste LOTSSSSSSSS of their mana using Q on minions... Watch your mana. Don't have it depleted on minions, because their might just be a huge team fight where they need you to ult, but your out of mana =O. Now when your ganking, I like to make sure I have a sure shot with my ult, and that the enemy has no where to run. I turn my Q on, Ulti in, and then auto attack... Your W won't really make a difference unless they start running, then use it to slow them some more and do some more damage, and their dead. Also, your E is NOT a stun.... lots of people that play ashe don't realize that... When you have a feeling your about to get ganked, which you will.... Use your E to check out down in the forest if you are. Most of the time you'll catch someone waiting for you to move up a bit so they can stun, ulti, etc.

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Team Work

This is where you shine. 2 things you needa know. 1, stay in the back, because if they stun you and you can't get out, your useless to the team. Lastly 2, have your Q on at all times, and use your W. W to hit multiple enemies and Q just to slow them from running. If you want you could replace a phantom dancer with a starks fervor instaed to help in team fights, but only if your teammates dont plan on getting one.