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Leona Build Guide by facu2sir

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author facu2sir

Wham bam, TANK you ma'am

facu2sir Last updated on July 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Leona is my first tank character and I'd REALLY like some feedback guys. thanks

Leona is a high armor, high resist tank. Her passive is best paired with a high attack speed DPS (I would recommend Xin Zhao because of his dash attack)
The one caveat to playing Leona is that you want to make sure that you function as more than just a stun bot.

Also: As Leona you can easily shut down the enemy carry if you dedicate yourself to doing so for just like five seconds. I'll explain how in the "Using your skills" section.

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You start off with Doran's Sheild of course for the health and armor, no argument there. Then you stay the stereotypical tank with some Merc Treads. Now you have armor and magic resist.

Now is where you start taking care of a little bit of your damage: I chose Majai's Soulstealer for a couple reasons:
1. You dont want to spend TOO much money on AP right now and you wanna have this before the laning phase
2. As Leona, you should NOT be dying very much
3. With a few stacks on this you should actually be able to get some kills of your own.

Now back to more traditional tank stuff:
You want to get frozen heart but not all of it right now. Go for Glacial Shroud and move on for now

At this point you should be doing well for yourself as far as tanking through tons of damage. Dish out some more by getting Sunfire cape (the 450 health and the 45 armor dont hurt either)

And about now you may notice that you're not doing as much damage as you might like: Sheen works really well with the shield of daybreak because this skill activates and uses Sheen's passive all by itself.
(now is about the time where you sell the Doran's shield for blasting wand)
Build into Lich Bane and you should find yourself to be dangerous for whole new reasons.
1. Way more damage (I will show you exactly how to maximize this in the "Using your skills" section
2. Much greater usefulness against structures.
3. What?! Some magic resist on top of that?!

If no one else on your team is getting it you could then buy an Abyssal Scepter for the AP and magic resist. Did I forget something? What?! The passive aura is about to increase the damage output for my entire team?! Get that ****!

But if an ally already has it you might decide on some other great choices like maybe Thornmail, Force of Nature, Randuin's Omen or Zhonya's hourglass. Then you're having a great sunshiny day. (no pun intended)

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Using your skills

Its the aforementioned chapter you've been waiting for! The one where I tell you how to:
1. Use Leona's basic skill combo
2. Shut down the enemy carry (especially effective for the start of team fights)
3. Maximize the usefulness of Sheen/Lich bane

Basic Skill Combo
1. Use your E
2. Use you W mid flash
3. Q-Stun
4. R-Stun again, but this time, with feeling

Shutting down the enemy carry
1. Set your sights on the target by aiming your Zenith Blade and fire
2. As soon as it has hit the desired target or maybe even a little before, pop that eclipse.
(when you flash to someone, Leona WILL start auto attacking them. YES! Poppy and Akali should take notes)
3. As soon as you see the animation for an auto attack start, pop your Shield of daybreak. This will reset your attack timer so you will hit them two consecutively quick times.
4. Immediately after stunning that carry damage dealer with the shield, use your ult and aim the center right ONTOP of that carry bastard. He/she will not have time to move and what do you know, stunned again!
5. Assuming that your teammates are completely brain dead, they should have been at least poking this high priority target and soaking up your sunlight, the carry should die right about..... NOW! (when your W finally exploded oh and look, it gave you more time of having ridiculous armor and resist)

Using Sheen/Lich Bane like a pro
1. You might want to initiate using your Q (not recommended in a team fight unless you can hit the carry without getting jumped on by everybody)
2. Just auto attack and wait a little bit and dont worry, the target is stunned and you just did a lot of damage to him/her.
3. When come out of stun they will probably start running, chase a little and catch up with Zenith blade and also pop that Eclipse.

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Fun Facts/Little Tips

[*] Leona automatically starts attacking whomever Zenith blade flashes her to

[*] Shield of Daybreak resets you auto attack timer

[*] Shield of Daybreak can activate sheen when you pop it, then use the damage when you hit with it

[*] With the help of Frozen heart, the cooldown on Eclipse is 11 seconds. That leaves ONLY 5 seconds where Leona is just semi-invincible.

[*] The stun from Q is perfect for guaranteeing another stun from R. The dont overlap at all and there is NO time to get out of it.

[*] A melee champion that is not Master Yi is trying to turret dive you? Shield of Daybreak!

[*] Going for the beginning team fight in a 3v3? Shield of Daybreak!

[*] Just flashed to a target with zenith blade? Shield of Daybreak!

[*] Trying to take down an enemy turret? Shield of Daybreak!

[*] Nunu trying to Ult your entire team? Shield of Daybreak!

[*] Mom and Dad nagging you and playing League too much? Shield. Of. DAYBREAK!

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In case there was any doubt!

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