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League of Legends Build Guide Author thiswebsitesucks

What does the fox say? GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

thiswebsitesucks Last updated on April 8, 2014
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Okay, ahri is a ***********ing fox with loads of tails, she charms people then blows them up, it's that simple, you press all the buttons, miss your skillshots and still kill enemy squishy carries because that's just how this cat rolls.

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Okay, you just run all AP, because who needs defenses? you're ahri, defensives are for *******, and you're one real killer cat, you ain't no pussycat.

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Standard 21/0/9 for ap casters, go biscuit or buff duration, i honestly don't give a ****, you just need the big damages.

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Go DFG, into dcap, into void, into zhonyas, and then lich bane to top it all off. Throw in some sorc boots somewhere early on, because nobody likes to be barefooted. Why lich bane? Because shiphtur did it, that's why, and he's a ****ing beast ahri, so he knows what he's doing.

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Skill Sequence

You max RQWE, that is the order, take Q lvl 1, E lvl 2 then follow the skill order i just said.

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Your Q is your waveclear, so you max that so you can buy your sweet items. You max W 2nd because damage. With your dfg, R and W you don't need to land ****, you just fly around the enemy carry watching their hp drop.

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That's pretty much it.


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