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What's a team fight? Unique Shaco Has Joined the Game.

Last updated on May 27, 2011
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First of all, and most importantly, this is not a LOLCRIT build, this is not a jungling build,
this is not anything remotely close to a team fight, it's strictly, push, push, push, and,
push. If you do not like that, then this isn't for you, but if you want a fun build, doing what Shaco is most viable for, read on.

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Utility, nuf said.
For the cooldown, it's amazingly amazing, because Hallucinate will always be up when you need to push, as well as teleport going off CD much, much quicker. It's just win in every way possible, not much to add on to that. Teleport to your ward when you know NO ONE is coming to that specific lane, and own the tower. GG. <3

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Attack Speed and Movement Speed, for towers, strictly.
Not much description here, there really can't be.
You attack faster, you push faster, you kill creeps faster.

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This is the EASY part, I love this build so, so much, because it counters the fact Shaco is a terrible farmer, but attack speed tied with Wriggles, and you're a ****ing beast farmer. Top record is 430. No screenshot available at the moment... :c Will work on that one soon.
Sticking to the point, farming is EASY on this build. Love it. Love it. Love it.

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EAZ Mode. You can still any buff within miliseconds with all your ASPD and movement speed.
You'll be the most annoying champion on the map. Garentee'd.

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Item Summary

Obviously you getbut you will also need, in this order;

Now if this isn't going how you planned it, well sorry folks, I don't aim to please, I aim to write a guide that has worked so many times I even get bored of playing it.

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1. Can kill a tower from full HP every time Hallucinate is cast.
2. Can do much more for your team by getting them towers rather than dying in a team fight.
3. Keep the enemy paranoid, so you can Baron tons easier.

1. Not in team fights, if overpowered, your team can lose a great deal of towers while you're off pushing.
2. Oracles and a smart player = dead Shaco, even if warding in the right places.
3. Hard as **** to play, because you are always on the hit list.

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The Laning Phase

Shaco being squishy, you have to cower in fear, and farm your darndest for your Wriggles Lantern, although it won't be too hard with all your base attack speed already, so just bear in lane and farm for about 900 gold, and go back for Boots of Speed and Lifesteal Scepter.

After getting Lifesteal Scepter and Boots of Speed, you only need around 850 more gold to get Wriggles Lantern, then it's smooth sailin' from there. Grab Lizard, grab Golem, farm, farm, farm, cause that's what this build will do, and always will do. Just farm, that's the essence of this entire idea, so you can getcha gold, to getcha items, to getcha towers. Nuf said.

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Mid Game - the fun part

This is where the enemy team is starting to group up, and you're so heavily farmed, it never matters what tower is in your presence, if it is there, you have it. Period.

Here's a little rundown on when to push;
1. If 3 or more is pushing one line, while 3 of your other team mates are keeping them busy
2. If they are all scattered in lane to lane.
3. Just push, you have attack speed, you're Shaco, do you have a reason not to? Lmfao.

Place a ward in the bush right before the tower you are pushing, that way whenever they're like LOL GANK THAT SHACO, SUCH A SCRUB.
,but they won't be laughing when you wait for them to leave, then push again with your massive attack speedz, and nuke their tower.

Fact: Why Sword of the Divine? Because it effects towers, yes you heard right, SOTD effects towers on every fourth hit, so say if you had a lot of ASPD, then you're doing a good bit, adding onto Cleaver, giving you ASPD and damage, it's not for the armor factor at all, then towers stand no chance.
You really only need Wriggles, Boots of Swiftness, Sword of the Divine, and Black Cleaver to successfully lolgank a tower. Madreds, Thirster and GA are just little fun toys to play with, because you'll have to gold to blow. Plus you can pick off that one lonely person that tries to come gank you. Yes you will do damage, you have Madreds, Cleaver and Thirster, plus ASPD, you'll be perfectly fine.
All in all, mid game, you'll have SOTD and hopefully BF Sword if you farmed enough. :p

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Late Game - the hard part

Most likely the enemy team has warded every single bush you will ever walk in to push your towers,
and also most likely they are laughing at you in attempts to do so.
Well this build wasn't made to give up, you simply wait for the opportune moment, then you strike, never involve yourself with the enemy team, for he is too squishy, CC and stuns will rape him like the next girl reported on local news. That is no joke.
Shaco is an assassin, in saying that he can really only take on 1 champion, maybe 2 if he plays his cards right, but in a 5v5 man team fight, he might as well be dust on the shelf. Waiting to be sweeped up, that is why, you push, and you push, and you push, make them retreat, then the people left are picked off by your team mates, giving you +thumbsup from everyone. Unless they're just bad. :o and we all know what ELO Hell feels like. ****ty. :C

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Finishing Up - the trollface.jpg part

If successful at ganking their towers, you have 9 in your pocket, and they are raging at you, wanting you to be dead to the earth, and you will be winning, like Charlie Sheen, with 12 towers destroyed. Most people will hate you, others will love you, but you, yourself will be victorious and loving yourself for playing that Shaco build that no one will ever try, because it looks so bad, but yet is so good, because it's strictly for towers, and LoL is a tower game.
To Shaco, anyway.

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So I hope you enjoyed reading, or hating, loving this guide, give me feedback, tell me how it works out for you. Pushing is key to Shaco, and it only works at the opportune moment. So go when there's a greenlight, but if that light is red, you'll for sure, be dead.