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Who Better to Jungle, Than the Jungle Itself?

Last updated on December 18, 2012
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Skill Sequence

The only portion of the skill sequence that is vital is the first half. Once you get to lvl10 or lvl11, it doesn't quite matter as to which skill you level. I recommend maxing out your W way before your E, though, as it stacks up to 20% Cooldown Reduction.

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Creeping / Jungling

Zyra is extremely strong in this new jungle because of her ability to kite creeps with her plants. As any caster would, you must start by getting the blue buff. Without it, you are doomed. So, ask your team for a hard leash (don't forget to start with your Q and not E)

Next, hit the wolves, but wait for your w (as you should be level 2 already) to store 2 seeds. Plant 1 seed behind the wolves and 1 seed in in front of the wolves. Position your Q so that it hits the seed behind the wolves but not the 1 in front of them. Then, use Q on the other seed when you can, making sure to hit the seed and the wolves. Considering you plants can only withstand 6 hits from these 3 creeps, they will not last long. That is why you should attack the weakest creatures first (because they die faster) reducing the number of attacks per second they dish out, which increases the life of your plants.

You should try your best to remain outside of the aggro areas of each camp, letting your plants do the tanking. However, early on (especially with wolves at level 2), you won't be able to kill them without them hitting you a few times unless you wait until you have 3 seeds on the wolves to start attacking, wasting precious time to get to level 4 (unlocking your snare [E] and being able to gank). Luckily, that is why we bought 5 health potions. Use 2 or 3 right after the wolf camp is down and it should be smooth sailing from there on out.

Use the same strategy when it comes to the other camps as well, hitting wraiths after the wolves, golems after wraiths, and then red buff for your top or bottom (or mid if they want it) after golems. After you have finished killing the Lizard, wraiths and wolves should both be back. Once you unlock your snare(E), use it to slow the movement of creeps from one plant to another, giving you time to auto attack them, for your plant to attack them, and for your Q to get off cooldown.

Last, but not least, GANK A LOT. Zyra has such amazing CC that her ganks are incredible (if executed properly).


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