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Who says fencing is dead?

Last updated on March 2, 2012
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Fiora Build

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Chapter 1

my first build, i dont even have an account here, but if i get decent remarks, ill probably make some more builds

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first of all i want to point out that fiora is a very different champion who has abilities similar to several different champions, shes fiesty in the lane and fast in the jungle, shes a very rounded character if not a bit squishy

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my choice of runes for laning is pretty straigh forward, but for jungle, its good to have a good mix of defense and attack and as such, i see the stacking health runes as useful especially since fiora is pretty squishy late game

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these are pretty basic masteries for any AD carry, the extended buffs are a necessity for jungling, and quite frankly theyre nice laning as well since your jungler should be giving you whichever buff you need if hes half decent

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the items may seem a little whacky... heres the way i see it

attack speed, damage, and lifesteal are nice, and with the bonuses she recieves from her passive on her w and from her e make it so you dont need to max out either, and the passive on Frozen Mallet is excellent for fiora, makes it so that even if your opponent gets away you can lunge at them and slow them so that it wont happen again

heres the wacky build

though fiora has a pretty quick jungle clear time I find personally that she gets low on health a lot

this led me to believe that extra health is nice, which stacks with the Atma's Impaler, warmogs and atmas is just a great combo, and since youre in the jungle your warmogs will be stacking up and maxing out pretty quickly

trinity force is nice because it allows you movement speed and some pretty sweet passives which make clearing the jungle so fast it isn't even fair, leaving her capable of ganking lanes at near normal pace while always having buffs and because of the life steal shes got she will have full health on her path, wriggles lantern early is a must have for any jungler, and in the case of fiora I feel that frozen mallet is always nice for the same reasons I mentioned in the laning portion

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Skill Sequence

personal preference, but i like the bonus damage from her w, as well as the parry ability for ganking and golems, the lunge is necessary early game for initiating and retreating but doesn't need to be maxed out till end game her e is easily her most useful ability especially with lifesteal

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Summoner Spells

flash and ignite are the most offensive spell combo for obvious reasons

ghost can be exchanged for flash, and exhaust is interchangable for exhaust depending on your own gameplay style

some people prefer having cleanse to get rid of stuns but I find it unneccessary for fiora since if she gets stunned for a second shes pretty much screwed anyway

smite is necessary for jungling, but if you dont feel like you need it, go for ignite

also though i dont suggest it, in the jungle you can use a ignite - smite combo like shaco

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fiora is very versatile, and a great ganker

remember to use her parry! this is probably the skill which makes fiora most different
her parry can totally annihilate nautilus and nasus! nautilus' power is in his passive which affects his basic attacks, and nasus becomes pesky with his q, which is a basic attack!

remember her lunge is great to initiate with as well as retreat with, and her ult is best used to clear out enemies when they are low health which can get you a triple or double kill in most cases, it can be used to initiate but thats usually a bad plan since then you dont have it to finish off pesky champs like tryndamere who can pretty much survive anything

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Pros / Cons


very fast
very strong
fast jungler
better duelist than Yu-Gi Moto (yeah i went there)

Bad Start = gg

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Creeping / Jungling

Early Game initiate ganks with your lunge
lunge to a champ who has minions in front of him, hit w immediately to avoid autoattacks, then use your lunge to the minion in the front of the group to get away, as long as your partner sees you coming, he can take advantage, and you can both rush in

Late Game
initate with ult if there are more than one or two enemy champs
activate your w, lunge to a champ, then lunge away to some poor shmuck minion

Jungle Route is just the normal route, get a leash at blue, preferably a teammate who isnt retarted
From blue --> wolves --> wraiths --> double golems --> red --> gank

dont forget to use your e on all of them, and remember to use your parry on the big wolf big wraith, golems, and buffs, because it could be the difference between finishing the jungle in under 4 min and getting an early death

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Team Work

in team fights, use your parry to avoid unnecessary damage, use your lunge at a squishy champ, then use your lunge to get away again, your e is pretty self explanatory, and your ult is great for finishing off one or two champs and then leaving the rest weak and easily kills

theres a reason fiora will be nerfed soon and that is because shes amazingly OP

however, she is squishy, get caught in a gank, or lose track of a stray enemy champ and you could leave your giant boobs mean ego