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Who would have thought AD Eve so mean? (Mid/Jung)

Last updated on June 3, 2014
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Eve can be a very mean champion. Really mean. Most people seem to build her like a caster. I did when I started playing her. Then I built her with hybrid damage; rageblade and gunblade were neat items. Then there was the "burn build"...mostly for jungle. I really liked this build and with it I really started getting into Eve as more than just passive stealth. Read some people talking about Eve AD one seemed too keen on it...but I was interested...

I haven't played a lot of ranked in S4 but Eve took me to Gold 3 in S3. That being said I am a rather casual player.

A lot of people seem to think building mana on Eve is dumb. Maybe so, but I have had such success with this build that I really could care less.

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I like running Hybrid pen marks. Despite building AD items at the end of most games you your damage will be about 60% AD, 40% AP. Straight AD, AP, Armor pen, or Magic Pen are fine too.

Armor seals for, well, armor. Straight armor for jungle, could us scaling armor for mid

Magic resist glyphs. Straight for mid, scaling for jungle.

Quints are really a toss up. Again I like hybrid pen, but AP, AD, Magic/armor pen, etc could work.

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Nothing special here. Typical AD offense masteries.

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The controversial part. I have gotten all kinds of harassment for this item build. Had a couple players up and leave ranked games because they thought I was trolling.

Whatever, I do the best with this build and have the most fun with it.

People think because Eve has a built in mana regen when in stealth that building mana on her is a waste. This isn't wrong per se...nor is it entirely right. Mind you I build jungle with or without Muramana, depending on how I'm feeling.

Offensive Starters

At mid I like starting with Sapphire Crystal and Health Potion. There are many match ups at mid lane that can give Eve a hard time at first. Casters especially. Sapphire Crystal helps keep your farm up cause you can spam Hate Spike for more CS. Go back as soon as you have enough for Tear of the Goddess maybe grab some more pot(s).

With Tear of the Goddess the real fun begins. Eve can stack it really fast with all her Hate Spike spamming. I rush Bilgewater Cutlass; giving AD, lifesteal, and a nice active to help secure kills. When jungling I build Bilgewater Cutlass pretty much as my first item after machete. I save the building of Blade of the Ruined King until later; when health levels are higher and the passive is worth more.

Then build for Manamune. It gives you AD, mana, begins to turn you mana into damage, and allows you to stack with both spells and AA. When it becomes Muramana you get real mean.

Sheen if you're doing real good. Otherwise right after Manamune because they sync up. AP, Mana, and a damage proc. The mana gets turned into more AD and the proc is excellent with Eve. You spam so many spells and get off many AAs from Ravage you can reliably proc it at every 2 second interval with no time wasted in fights. Once you have Trinity Force this damage gets pretty wild.

Phage comes in handy if you aren't doing so hot. Health, AD, and a neat MS proc. Then just finish Trinity Force.
Main Offensive Items

Trinity Force is so good on Eve. Health, mana (+AD with MM), AD, AP, MS, AS, and two great passives. Eve has damn great mobility. Dark Frenzy allows her to get in, out, and around real quick. With Boots of Speed (usually a must for jung Evelynn and Trinity Force this becomes a huge threat. Trinity Force gives both 8% ms bonus and a proc for 20 or 60 ms. Chasing people down is too easy. Sometimes even catching Ezreal or Nidalee in full flight.

At this point hopefully you have gotten some kills, good cs, are roaming and mindful of stacking Muramana.

Build Glacial Shroud into Frozen Heart. Lots of mana being turned