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League of Legends Build Guide Author Broceratops

Why Are They Melting?

Broceratops Last updated on February 20, 2011
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Hey MobaFire! I wanted to show off the build I've been using for Sivir for a while now. This general build has been working great for me. I find that once you start getting your Warmogs and Bloodthirster(s) fed you become incredibly tanky, and start dishing out extreme amounts of AoE damage.
After looking at the previews of this guide, I realize that this guide is WAAAY longer than I thought it would be. I realize a lot of people will not read it all. Because of this I will list a few things that you ABSOLUTELY SHOULD READ!

1. Farm, farm, farm.
Your early game should be focused around farming and last hitting. DON'T DIE. If you can get a kill, great! But don't do anything too risky, especially when you are first learning how to play Sivir. You're always going to be better off focusing on getting last hits and staying alive, than dying because you were over aggressive.

2. Don't Die!
Early game, mid game or late game. Dying gives the enemy gold and denies you gold you could have earned by farming. When you get your BTs, dying sets the bonus lifesteal and AD back to 0. So DON'T DIE!

3. Farm, farm, farm.
Yes, it's important. Unless your team is fighting, you should be killing something. Sivir is incredibly easy to farm with. If you have a level and gold advantage on your enemy, you have a MASSIVE advantage. Once you are a few items into the build you will carry your team through the late game.

4. How to team fight.
Use Q whenever it's off cooldown. Make sure your w is toggled on and ult as soon as you engage. Stay in the back and attack the nearest enemy to you. If that is the tank, so be it. Your ricochet will quickly make it's rounds and decimate their team.
TIP: If your teams are poking back and forth before a teamfight, Use your w on an enemy minion and watch it bounce back to their team!

5. This guide isn't perfect for every situation.
You may have to change things around to suit the game you're in. I highly recommend stacking BTs and getting a LW. Starting items, boots, defensive items and even my rune/masteries/summoner spells are often changed on a game to game basis. Make decisions about what you buy based on what the enemy is doing.

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Summoner Spells

Both of these spells are interchangeable. Don't take these as gospel. These are just what I use most often.
I've found teleport to be fun with Sivir, as you can port to a minion, take down a turret and blue pill before the enemy has a chance to get near you.
Ghost is pretty redundant with the ult.
You really don't need clarity after your runes start to kick in. Just be smart about not spamming your BB.
Ignite can be nice for a little bit more umph when you're dueling/chasing an enemy champion.
Exhaust is also nice for the slow/blind.

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Skill Sequence

You should note that the sequence is DEFINITELY not set in stone. The skills should be picked depending on what you need currently. The order in which I pick skills varies game to game. This is just generally how I level up my skills.
Sivir starts off relatively weak compared to other champs and can be harassed easily depending on who you're laning against. If you are laning against a strong, early game harasser (Kennen, Karthus, etc.) you might find it worthwhile to get your first point in spell shield rather than BB (Don't do this at your fountain. If a teamfight starts before creeps spawn, you will be next to worthless without BB). I normally only get one point in SS. More points merely reduces the cooldown. I find that more points in BB or ricochet are almost always more effective.
Using your SS effectively should prevent you from getting too low on mana, but don't get too careless with spamming BB. A few missed SS could get you into trouble, and you're mana regen is pretty low early game. The mana regen/level runes start to overpass the flat regen runes at level 5, at this point you should notice your mana becoming more of a non-issue (as long as you stay smart with BB!).

Boomerang Blade is usually maxed out first due to it's effectiveness as both a farming and harassing tool. BB helps to keep melee champs at bay and makes sure ranged champs are on their toes. It also clears creep waves amazingly fast and can help you push your lane to the enemy tower if they are forced to recall/die.

Ricochet is(along with her ult) why Sivir kicks *** in teamfights. Ricochet bounces across up to 5 targets. It doesn't proc oh-hit effects (hence why I usually don't buy IE, Black Cleaver, Mallet, MBR, etc), but it does take into account ArPen(!!!). This is why I take ArPen quints and marks. Last Whisper is also a godly item for Sivir as it reduces the armor of every target by 40%!

You should also be levelling up your ult whenever possible (duh). Sivir's ult can (and should) be used to decimate towers, during every teamfight, or as an escape tool for you and your team. I always see Sivir builds with tons of AS. With your ult on however, you should have more than enough attack speed. I find that an extra 100 AD and 25% lifesteal from a stacked BT or 40% ArPen is always better than a 55% increase in AS.

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I usually start with a Doran's shield as I find Sivir to be fairly squishy early game. If you are comfortable with Sivir, you can try starting with a Doran's Blade or Boots of Speed.

When building Sivir, you want to be focused about what is going to help the most during teamfights. Sivir's best teamfight ability is her ricochet. You should be building her to make this as effective as possible. That means pure damage and armor penetration. Sivir's ricochet blades can't crit, and don't apply on-hit effects, so it is next to useless to buy items such as Infinity Edge or Frozen Mallet. The Bloodthirster adds more AD (when maxed out) than any other item will (with the exception of a Sword of the Occult, which edges it out by a measly 10 AD. The 25% lifesteal granted by TBC more than makes up for this marginal discrepancy). The lifesteal will also help you stay alive in teamfights. A fed Sivir can stay alive through pretty much anything, unless she is focused early or under extremely heavy CC.
Last Whisper is a great item for Sivir if the other team starts to grab armor (they should!). If they don't start getting armor, you may find that an item giving flat ArPen is better.

Math Time!
So if you're following this build exactly, you should have 25 flat ArPen at level 18.
Youmuu's gives you +20 ArPen.
Last Whisper gives you 40% ArPen.
LoL calculates ArPen in the following order:
Armor penetration and armor reduction are applied in the following order:
Percentage Armor Reduction
Flat Armor Reduction
Flat Armor Penetration
Percentage Armor Penetration

25+20=45 Pen


So in order for Youmuu's to give you more armor pen, your opponent would need to have less than 75 armor.

Note that Youmuu's also gives 10 less AD than Last Whisper and is 400g more. I suppose you could make a case for Youmuu's because of the other stats on the item (AS in particular), but late game most champs will likely have over 75 armor. If you feel more comfortable with the increased movespeed, the damage difference will be negligible in the end.

Warmog's is a great item for Sivir because you can easily max it out. Between your BTs and Warmog's you should be trying to farm minions as much as possible to max the stats. If the team is alot of AP, I find that Banshee's Veil is a great item to buy instead. I like to get one of these items just as the teamfights start, don't necessarily follow the order I posted. You may be able to get another offensive item before you need some defence, depending on how you are doing for gold.

One thing that should be noted with the BTs. DON'T DIE! Dying with 3 maxed BTs will result in losing 120 AD and 30% lifesteal.

As for your boots, you only really have two choices. Although it is fun to grab ninja tabi and run around with 40% dodge chance, you're better off choosing Berserker's Greaves or Mercury's Treads. If you have a good team around you and you're confident that you won't get focused, Greaves offer attack speed for a very cheap price. If you're going up against a heavy CC team, you might want to stick to Merc Treads.

If you still feel like you need some AS, Phanto Dancer is usually your best choice. The movement speed will make you nearly uncatchable if you pop your ult with it.

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The ArPen marks and quints are pretty much essential to this build. The only comparable runes would be AD runes, but those are quickly overtaken in terms of damage done by the ArPen runes.
As far as seals go, mana regen/5 are needed. I use these on most of my champs and have been a good investment. I think they were the first runes I bought and are still serving me well.
For glyphs, glyphs of warding are another really good choice. Extra MR is always welcome. If you find that you're doing fine with mana or are having problems surviving, try switching to these runes.
A great resource that I often use for comparing runes can be found here.

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Masteries can be changed around as you see fit. This is my preferred set up as it helps me with mana early game, and gives me enough of a defensive boost to help before I can get a defensive item.