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Why TP Soraka guide

Last updated on June 14, 2015
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Hello whoever may come here. You probably got here because you asked a very common for me question - "Wtf this silver Soraka doing?". This guide was made to explain my way of playing this awesome support, which, truth to be told, is a bit different from common playstyle.

Crystalline Flask? Teleport? No Flash? Heal as second summoner spell?
I try to explain all of it here.

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The thing you wanted to know

The most frequently asked question with my build is "Why do you have teleport?". In this chapter I try to explain all reasons "why"

1) I don't like Flash.
It's that simple. League has tons of champions who has built in Flash and even if I burn one to escape, they will still follow. Or burn their Flash to get a kill. To be honest, using Teleport on far away tower saved me much more often.

2) The ultimate leash.

This can go two ways.

First one is when you leash for your jungler. With Soraka W Astral Infusion and Crystalline Flask (Will be explained in next chapter), your jungler can take his level two without wasting his/her healing potion. Or even smitles if desired. Soraka will take few hits, use her Crystalline Flask and then heal jungler with Astral Infusion. After that she will Recall back to base and use Teleport to get back to her lane asap.

Second way is when you see that your jungler don't really need your help and can easy take the starting camp without your help or even by himself (like Shaco ). In that case it would be very effective to leash for your top/adc (depending on what camp your jungler will start first) and get them fast level 2. For example: You are in red team and your jungler Shaco starts blue/gromp. that means you can leash Krugs for your top lane player to get hims great lavel advantage.This will make him hit level 2, 3 and 6 before enemy top and gives a good opportunity to make kill. Help him to kill jungle camp, heal him full and Recall to then Teleport to your lane. Same works with adc (if jungler starts top lane camp).

Sometimes your top lane has no ability to kill jungle camp or it will take them forever to do it. For example top lane is Ryze. Then just help your jungler or do nothing at all. It's the worst scenario of Teleport use, yet it also have it benefits. Which is:

3) Recalling and Teleporting

Recalling and Teleporting back to your lane a few seconds later after minions arrived to battle, gives you gold to buy ward and additional potion. (For me it gives 2 additional potions because I run Greater Quintessence of Gold and Greater Seal of Gold )

That's about it for using Teleport in first minute. Pretty big already, huh? But wait there is more!

4) Using Teleport when enemy botlane outpoke you. ((Rare case))

Even despite all the sustain Soraka can provide with her Astral Infusion powered by Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation, Crystalline Flask and Starcall self heals, sometimes bot lane can be harsh. But never fear! You have Teleport! By the time you run out of HP/MP and Total Biscuit of Rejuvenations, your early used Teleport will be ready again. Use it to to fill your Crystalline Flask, get more Biscuits, some starting items and return to your lane in less then 10 seconds, healing your ADC and forcing them to farm for 10 minutes more with no Recall xD

5) First back/Help top lane

As you and your ADC recall first time to get some core items, you can use your Teleport to help top lane! Grab some wards and start a long walking (yes walking, you will need your Teleport to get back to your bot lane ) to the top lane. Heal your toplane injuries, letting them farm a bit more, ward top bushes/bush, maybe even assist a kill. Keep an eye on bot lane and be ready to Teleport there if you see your ADC can't handle it alone.

6) Mid/Top/Bot require help.

Map awarness is the key. But sometimes your Wish heal is not enough to save your ally. But it can be enough to make him live additional 4 seconds while you using Teleport to save him! Not much to explain, just help your ally, maybe even turn around and pick a kill, or just heal him full so he can back to farming.

7) Pushing.

You just had a teamfight and all your allies are wounded. You spend all your HP to heal them to full or semi full condition. And would you look at that! Your Teleport has no cooldown! Swiftly use it to heal yourself full and Teleport back to push with your team (Teleporting on minion attacked by tower give you even more Soraka points). This works perfect with Enchantment: Homeguard

8) Splitpushing Soraka! Wait wut?

Hard to imagine, but in rare cases Soraka can split push. With her ability to heal minions with Astral Infusion and with Banner of Command she can take a tower or two. Teleporting, buffing minion with Banner and outhealing tower hits, all this works. Though it's a bit dangerous, spending your HP to minions makes you very vulnerable. This could be done if opposite team is dead or heavily distracted.

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Lesser FAQ

- Why Heal?

This is just my opinion, but watching over health bars of allies is a job of support. Keeping people alive is Soraka's main purpose and Heal is a good tool for it. I really don't understand why ADCs who should make kills and should know better when they need Ignite or Exhaust target to go for a kill, running with heal. Not mentioning that ADC will rather keep heal for themselves then use it to save support.

If ADC feels unsafe, I just ask them to pick Barrier. It makes a good low HP baits and turnarounds with Soraka's Heal and Astral Infusion even if enemy has ignite.

-No support item?/Why Crystalline Flask?

As explained before in Teleport benefits, Crystalline Flask is very good item on Soraka. Gives mana, health, refills, saves a lot of money as used before Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation. Besides with my first back I instantly buy Nomad's Medallion. By my calculations it gives you 200-300 less gold farm and I'm ready to sacrifice that for early game infinitive heals. Soraka with Crystalline Flask can play very aggressive and don't care about poke much. Same applies to her ADC.

- Why you waste your HP to heal minions?

Well that's a bit sily question I keep getting. Proper heal in a good time can deny enmy adc from finishing killing blow on minion. Level 1-2 Astral Infusion heals about as much as enemy auto attack deals to minion. When done right, you will block their attacks, letting minion die it's natural death (to tower or other minions). Once again, with Crystalline Flask you can do it often. My record is by 8 minutes enemy ADC had not a single big minion killed.

-No Sightstone?

Yes I don't build Sightstone. I prefer to buy wards. Why? Well the main reason is that Sightstone gives you hit points. Hit points are baad for Soraka. With my rapid healing losing additional 15/40 hp per heal is not something pleasant. It's gold efficient, but by the time it will become gold effective, I usually have a huge lead in gold to not bother about buying wards.

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They way I play Soraka is my way to play this game. I'm not saying it's best, but it fits me and I think I'm doing it at least averege.

With a good team by the end of the game my Soraka heals more than main damage dealer can inflict.


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