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Kayle Build Guide by MisterKite

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MisterKite

Wings on Dat ***: A Kayle Compendium

MisterKite Last updated on November 14, 2013
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Hi guise! This guide is for one of my favorite champs, Kayle. Kayle is one of the most versitile champions in the game as she can build in a wide variety of ways without giving up much dps. Her hybrid build is my personal favorite as it gives her a unique role as an AP carry with massive sustained DPS. She excels in any role but is strongest as a solo laner. In the top lane, she can abuse melee champs with obnoxiously good poking and kiting while farming safely. In the mid lane, she is often build as a burst mage with lich bane and deathcap. Kayle also scales well with AD and can really drill a midlaner who just spent 880 gold on a chalice only to find you coming back into the lane with twin DB's. She has a very safe laning phase and can often harass enemies without giving up farm. However, she is vulnerable to champions who can outsustain her in the lane as she needs a lot of gold to give her enough damage to be a threat.

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You can use attack speed marks instead of the hybrids. I like hybrids because we are getting Greaves instead of Sorcs, but either choice is good.
If you are against an AD champ, take armor seals and AP glyphs.
Versus AP champs, MR and HP are your best bet. The HP isn't that important early, so use scaling. I like these because you have pretty short range for an AP carry and you are going to get focused.

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As always, a matter of preference. If you're going to get one, Aether Wing looks the coolest.
However, I think skinless Kayle looks the most badass and the gold and red coloring with the Y-shaped eyeslits really convey the proper image of Kayle: a badass angel that's here to eff ess up and set your whole team on fire repeatedly.

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Your items depend heavily on how you intend to play Kayle. The hybrid build focuses on dealing a bajillion sustained aoe dps. The AP build is to help you blow the balls of a single target before dealing slightly less aoe dps.

Nashor's is a great first item for any AP-based Kayle build. After that, there are a lot of directions you can go.

I really like the Guinsoo's Rageblade on Kayle because it's basically the only time you ever get to use it. It's kind of a ****py item, but Kayle really makes it shine. Your Nashor's Tooth will help you get your stacks up faster. This item is absolute garbage if you don't keep your stacks up and accrues a lot of hate from the community. However, the stacks last for a while so you can basically just farm normally and maintain 6-8 stacks for whenever you are ready to trade. If you don't like this item, don't get it. Your teammates might give you **** for it but who cares. Everything on it works great with Kayle (see summary) although the lifesteal and spellvamp are pretty negligible.

Deathcap is good on pretty much any AP champion and really boosts your dps and burst potential.

Lich Bane turns you into a burst mage all of a sudden. However, it is really expensive and should only be built early if playing full ap, although it is still fantastic on hybrid Kayle. Note that both sheen and blasting wand are very effective items.

Trinity Force started to be built on absolutely everyone after the Phage buff. Kayle benefits from everything TForce has to offer other than the crit from Zeal. Sheen is self explanatory. Movespeed is hard to come by and in addition to the MS from zeal, you get the Phage passive which is great for kiting and chasing. It also gives you more durability to offset your short range. The only thing I have against triforce is that it is expensive as hell. You're almost never going to build this on AP Kayle (better off with Lich Bane) and it will usually be a 4th or 5th item on hybrid Kayle.

Abyssal Scepter works if you need MR. This is by far the best MR item on kayle as most enemies taking damage from you will have their MR debuffed. Enemies taking splash from Righteous Fury may be outside abyssal range depending on their positioning.

You are always going to get Berserkers' Greaves on hybrid Kayle. On AP Kayle it is a matter of preference, but sorcerer's shoes are usually the best choice.

AP Kayle benefits greatly from the Mpenn on Void Staff, which is pretty much a must have on any caster these days.

Rylai's and Liandry's are valid picks but I try not to build them unless the game is going on for a long time and I need the extra durability. Predictably, Rylai's works better on hybrid builds while the penn from Liandry's is always welcome on an AP mage.

Guardian Angel is always going to be a good last item on carries so buy it if you need to.

I am really partial to Furor on your boots. You are already a kiting nightmare and this is just the icing on the cake. It is great for chasing down targets and staying in range. Most importantly, it allows you to reposition in teamfights without giving up dps. Some people are always going to get homeguard no matter what, so knock yourself out if this is you, but if I have the gold I will take furor 90% of the time.

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Okay, so you did pretty well laning (you better have), a couple turrets fell, some died and others lived, and then everybody went back to buy items and go 5v5 in the mid lane (sidelanes better be even or pushed.) It's time to shine.
As hybrid Kayle, your primary role in the teamfight is to stay out of cc/kill range while dealing sustained damage to the entire team with Righteous Fury. The most important decision to make in the fight is when to use your ultimate. Outside of the lane, you should really never be using it on yourself as you are mobile enough with W and whatever MS buffs you have picked up to stay relatively safe, although you will still be pretty close to the center of the action. In a perfect world, Kha'Zix is on your team with evolved wings. He dives the carry, you ult him, carry dies, and he jumps back out with more or less full HP. Now it's 4v5 and the worst case scenario is that the enemy team retreats and you pick off a straggler using Reckoning, subsequently claiming dragon or turrets while the enemy team tries to protect the mid lane turret. The best champ to use your ult on is the one that's going to go and kill the carries or the one that's going to engage and do a billion damage (Riven.) Aggressive use of your ultimate is always advisable.
Using your ultimate in solo q can be frustrating. It is beneficial to have a plan with an assassin on your team so that they know they can dive with virtual impunity. Avoid using your ultimate to save someone who is just going to flee and back. If you are blowing one of the best ultimates in the game, you should get a good return in the form of damage output from the recipient. If you are playing on a team or in a duo, saving teammates can be much more beneficial. The enemy Kha'Zix dives your adc, who calmly sits and autoattacks him as their HP drops to 10%. Then you ult and kill Kha'Zix, and your ad carry stays in the back line out of harms way for the rest of the teamfight.

TL;DR: Don't ult a straggler that is running away about to die. Ult someone who will kill carries and/or stay in the fight.

With Nashor's Tooth and blue buff, you are basically permacasting Righteous Fury. Unless the team has lots of hard engage, feel free to q a cocky bruiser and use Righteous Fury to make him pay for his hubris. Do not use this when the enemy team is MF, Amumu, Nasus, Kha'Zix, and Leona because you can't afford to risk your main nuke/peel and/or main source of damage to be on cooldown in the event of an engage. You are basically useless if your E is on cooldown, so stack some cdr and plan accordingly.

Once the teamfight is fully underway, use Righteous Fury to deal damage to as many members of the opposing team as you can. Focus carries, but do not risk being caught out of position to do so. Q can be used to catch an enemy out of position or to peel for your own team. IT IS PIVOTAL TO MOVE BETWEEN AUTO-ATTACKS. This is true in all phases of the game, but especially during teamfights. It allows you to keep up with fleeing enemies and reposition without costing you DPS. This is a skill that you absolutely need to learn to not suck at video games. Self-casting W allows you to cover more ground between auto-attacks. This is also why I like items like Enchantment: Furor and Phage/Triforce. They really make a huge difference in terms of your maneuverability.

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Pros / Cons

-Great laning phase
-Massive sustained AOE DPS
-Game-changing ultimate
-Lots of build versatility
-Excellent waveclear with Righteous Fury
-Great mobility, chasing, kiting, ganking, and counter-ganking
-Phenomenal team fighter

-Damage falls off a little late game
-Short range for an APC
-Focused in teamfights
-Vulnerable to jungle ganks when using Righteous Fury
-Needs a lot of gold to be a threat
-Weak against gap-closers