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Azir Build Guide by mrsuits

Middle Work in progress MrSuits Azir The OP build after durability update Guide 12.12

Middle Work in progress MrSuits Azir The OP build after durability update Guide 12.12

Updated on June 15, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author mrsuits Build Guide By mrsuits 102 9 256,195 Views 6 Comments
102 9 256,195 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author mrsuits Azir Build Guide By mrsuits Updated on June 15, 2022
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Runes: Conqueror

1 2 3 4 5 6
Presence of Mind
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace


+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
Vs champions you Feel Comfortable Against
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Work in progress MrSuits Azir The OP build after durability update Guide 12.12

By mrsuits
Mandate doesnt seem a bad purchase after all. its just a bit more balanced and more situational

Hello everyone.

Im MrSuits, an Azir OTP and today im gonna share my experiences with all of you so i hope i can help you become a better Azir player. But remember. No matter how much you read here, the final result will be based on how you perform on the rift. So make sure you grind the hell out of Azir cause thats the only way you'll ever learn how to play him

IMPORTANT NOTICE. This is not a begginers guide so i will use some examples and after that you will have to figure out what i mean by that so keep that in mind.
Pros And Cons of Azir


  1. Huge damage potential
  2. Easy to get a hang of
  3. Can literally carry 1v9 if played correctly
  4. Even if behind can set up a winning teamfight with a good shuffle


  • Can be really useless if you have no idea what to do
  • Extremely hard to master
  • Hard to know waht the best call in each situation is
  • In lower elos you might get flamed if you pick him for the first time
Durability patch made precision and conqueror the best all around runes for azir. You get a preety nice early damage scale that in the later stages becomes scary. The runes might be a bit tricky to work with but after a few games when you get the hang of them, you will most likely find them stronger than the rest.

The best combination of items with runes for azir is the one in the top page of the guide. Really nice damage output that once fully built you are way tankier than anyone expects. Also this build isnt necessarily only good versus tanks. Squishies will die with a two-three autos and a e-q combo.

Now as far as the tanks are concerned, you can perma slow them with rylais, keep them away from you with your Ultimate and kite away with your E-Q.

Just takes practice.
Azir Combos and Tricks.

So there are a very few simple tricks you can do with Azir but its hard to understand when and how to use them.

During laning phase W>Q is your best friend for poking an enemy you can poke to get him to lethal.

Once you get him to lethal(about 300-370 hp, your next combo is W>E>Q>ignite if necessare, for first blood as shown in the video.

For teamfights you have to master W>E>Q. This can be used for either Escaping, Chasing a fleeing opponent, or doing the ultimate W>E>Q>R combo the the flashy Highlight play.

The ledendary W>E>Q>FLASH>R combo is for advanced users. Theres a video for it. Ill upload more in future.

Use your passive to either defend a raging herald, or if you know you will get dove, or when you know that a fight is about to happen nearby and try to lure the enemies there.

For all of these combos ill upload videos of highlights and not from practice tool as it is a better show vs living targets instead of static ones.
Team Composition
Overall Azir will be a great contribution to a team that can combo really well Yasuo Malphite Leona , you get the idea.

Of course he can be usefull in all shorts of other situations if you know how to utilize him well enough but overall you dont really want to pick Azir into an enemy composition that can all in you such as Kha'Zix Diana Rengar Malphite Hecarim and other stuff like that as if you fail your escape you will be dead.
How to use Azir in Laning phase to get FB
Most of the times i reccomend running Hail of Blades and Ignite and try to poke yourself to first blood.

You can achieve that with the following sequence:

Level 1, when the wave stacks place one of your Arise! soldiers as close as to the enemy casters as possible and begin pushing. If the enemy tries to push back, place one Arise! as close to him as you can so it guarantees you get at least 2 hits out of Hail of Blades proc.

Level 2, get prio by pushing the Melles with two Arise! soldiers. Once you get Level 2, put a point into Conquering Sands , walk up and Q the enemy and immediately start auto hitting him so you can proc at least two hits out of Hail of Blades . Continue to push the wave fast

Next wave, should be in mid. Try to poke the enemy with Arise! and proc Hail of Blades with out using Conquering Sands. If you get two procs he has to be lethal by now. Get level 3 by killing the 3 Melles and put a point into Shifting Sands. Now you can kill him. Place one Arise! soldier on the wave and position yourself so you are in a straight line against the opponent. When the enemy is in a straight line press, E Shifting Sands > Q Conquering Sands > Ignite and start auto attacking, If he Flash away Flash too if necessary and put a soldier on top of him to secure first blood

Heres a quick example. Lets just pretend that the Tryndamere isnt here and that this was the First blood ok guys?

i know TF trolled this one but i just wanted to show you how to all in em.
How to use Azir to last hit.
If you find yourself in a borefest of a lane where trying to poke or trying to kill wont get you anywhere its best to save your Mana and farm those creeps until you have an item so you can start poking.

Place 2 Arise! soldiers between the casters and the melles. Take the casters out, and then use simple auto attacks, or 1 Arise! soldier if you need to keep your distance.

You will rarely want to use Conquering Sands to farm as it uses a lot of Mana.

If you can, try to roam inthese lanes as much as possible. Help jungle secure Crabs and help bot or top take a kill
When to use wards as Azir
Basically, you have one of the best early shoves in the game. So my reccomendation is that after you push the second wave,go and place a deep Stealth Ward into enemy territory to set up the first blood kill we talked about earlier. Now i cant tell you where to ward exactly. Every single game is diffrent. You have to be aware of what the enemy jungler is, where he started jungling and what the jungler is.

Appart from that always buy a Stealth Ward or two whenever you base. Place one of them near drake or herald, depending which objective is the next to be contested, and keep one on you just in case. There is a trick that if you see an enemy trying to take your Stealth Ward , if you place your other Stealth Ward at the lane bush so you deny him some Gold . Its not much but it might give him a small kick of tilt lol
How to Teamfight with Azir
You have two options when it comes down to Teamfighting as Azir

First option is to stay back and use your Arise! solders to do the dirty work and the other is to Emperor's Divide shuffle the enemy carries so they are either one shotted or low enough to be killed by your teamates.

The first option is the option you will have to learn well in order to be viable with Azir. It is so much better for you to be alive for the teamfight, instead of trying a shuffle that might fail or get you killed.

There is literally no explanation on how to fight. Every situation is diffrent. Diffrent comps diffrent skill lever diffrent lots of stuff. Your number one priority is to stay alive. This means using your teamates as Baits. This means flashing the engage of Amumu or Malphite. This means using your Emperor's Divide early so you save yourself from the 0/20 Yasuo that hit his powerspike and then start attacking everyone.

The other option is as we said to use your Emperor's Divide as an initiation tool if your team is lacking an engage Champion. In order to do that it is recomended that you have Flash up and Zhonya's Hourglass in case something goes wrong and you have to save your self. If you do that correctly and have one of the builds i mentioned, except the riftmaker one, the enemy carries should be dead by the time your Zhonya's Hourglass st***is goes off. If not good luck.

Remember. The priority is to stay alive so if there is a 20% chacne you will die if you do that then dont do it. Instead use your teamates as baits if the circumstances allow it.
How to Counter Azir
Pick any assassin and all in him all the time. Like literally all the time. Early game? Wait 6, bait his ult and kill him. Mid game? Hide somewhere and kill him before the fight starts. Late game? Same thing..
If there is anyone still reading this id like to tell you a big THANK YOU and i hope you learnt something from all this reading. Now get back to League and grind that Bird out because he needs a lot of work.

Thank you. You can always come and say hi on my stream and see me how i play azir.

If you want to discuss something with me about azir you can always do it in the comments and i will most likely reply within 24hrs unless something happened!

Take care everyone!

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