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Yasuo Build Guide by Damagepls

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Damagepls

Wreck Scrubs, Full Damage Yasuo

Damagepls Last updated on October 25, 2015
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Hello! My name is Immense Damage. In these Yasuo builds, I mainly focus on winning early game and snowballing my lead.
This guide is still in progress

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Runes vs an AP Mid Laner

5 Health Seals- Gives better defense early game and are very helpful seals vs an AP laner
1 Critical Chance Seal- After the trinity force nerf, building for 100% crit chance takes a lot away from Yasuo's damage. However, if you land even 1 crit in trades around level 2 -3, you can almost always kill them immediately after
2 Attack Damage Seals- Adds more damage to each poke with q
1 Attack Speed Seal- Adds attack speed for more frequent q poke
3 Attack Speed Glyphs- are far better than attack damage glyphs and the attack speed is needed for better trades
6 Magic Resist Glyphs- Necessary defense to help win trades early game
9 Attack Damage Marks- These are the core of Yasuo's attack damage. Building critical chance marks take too much of Yasuo's damage away and won't help you win early game as consistently as Attack Damage Marks
2 Attack Speed Quints- These are very important for decreasing the cooldown of Yasuo's q
1 Attack Damage Quint- Important for adding damage to Yasuo's early game trades

Seals- Lets the enemy jungler know you are lacking armor and are potentially an easy gank. Also, if you can't get a lead early game, you'll be lacking defense mid/late game
Only 6 Magic Resist Glyphs- After early game when the defense from your health seals falls off, every ability they land will hurt just a little more than having 9 magic resist glyphs
9 Attack Damage Marks- You can no longer have 100% critical chance unless you can afford trinity force
2 Attack Speed Quints- Takes away from the strength of Short trades

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Snowballing Your Lane vs an AP mid

The key importance is the runes and level 1-3 trades. Generally at lower elos, the jungler won't gank until at least late level 2, or level 4, so if you can kill your lane opponent and back before then, you already have a sizable lead.
Level 1-5 strategy
My standard strategy is to stay back at level 1 and let them start to push the first wave. I kill 1 melee minion after they kill their last melee and leave 1 caster minion up before the next wave. once the next wave hits I should have just used my third q so I have no stacks. I'll immediately q the first melee minion and ranged minion simultaneously and quickly clear the first melee minion so I hit level 2 first. Then quickly dash through minions to get in range to use a q on my opponent. preferably not use e through you opponent so you can follow them and get more poke before retreating through the wave using e. If you were lucky enough to land a crit at any point and haven't taken any tower shots during the level 1 third q poke or the follow up poke level 2, you can get a kill with ignite and a few more autos if it's a squishy mage. If not, just retreat through the wave with e and minimize the amount of recoil damage you opponent may try to give. at this point you should have chunked a noticeable amount of their health and if they push up too far in lane you can get a kill before backing.
Safe Laners and aggressive enemy lanes
If your lane opponent is playing under their turret, I suggest not to waste too much of your time there if possible. When they are hiding under their turret, they're giving you advantage over the lane and opening up your potential for roaming. The minions will be pushing into their tower, so they'll have to spend the extra time to farm or lose the minions by choosing to roam instead of farm. If you see another lane that your opponent is pushing or your jungler is about to gank, it may be very effective to roam to that lane and attempt to pick up an assist or kill if possible. The best time to do this would be if you can fast push a minion wave and a cannon wave isn't coming up next. If you're not certain that you'll gain anything from roaming, I would either wait for a better opportunity or just try to apply pressure on an important lane.
The danger is at this point the jungler may have noticed how aggressive you were in lane, so without vision it's safer to not push up in lane or not go for very aggressive trades.
After First Back
On Yasuo, I think it's a good rule to always buy some type of vision on first back. As a melee champ he isn't as safe as long range wave clear mages, ie: ahri, viktor. AT this point the amount of aggression you should be applying depends on your vision of the enemy jungler (/other lanes) and how far up your lane opponent is playing. Of course, depending on their champion you'll have to play accordingly around each champions play style (whatever method it takes to avoid/dodge/and or windwall abilities)

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Teamfighting using own knock-up
If your teammates lack knock-up or proper engage, it can be difficult to set up your third q before a teamfight happens. Sometimes you won't be able to get stacks from minions or jungle camps. In these situations you wait for the right opportunities to get them. For example, if the enemy team decides to engage with Sion first and he uses his ult on members of your team, charge your qs as you kite him. It may even be necessary to use your windwall early so that you can get q stacks safely and prevent their adc/magee(s) from damaging you/ your team while you're charging your q stacks. Now you can engage on the rest of their team, if they were chasing to get in range of Sion, by getting a multi knock-up, or use your third q to disrupt as many carries as possible while your team attempts to disengage.
Another approach, yet far more risky, is directly engaging on a carry. If you're in range and very fed, you may be able to burst a carry down by using e to get in range and stacking your qs off of them. This approach is highly risky; Unless they have awful positioning, or you have so much burst their team can't react in time you should be peeled off of their carry or bursted down yourself.
The easiest approach is following up on one of your teammates engages. If your teammate is able to catch an opponent out or cc a large crowd, you should have plenty of time to stack your qs.