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WTF Cho Gath

Last updated on October 5, 2010
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Cho Gath WTF
This is my new and very weird Cho Gath build idea. What if you didn't get your stacks of leviathan high enough to make the 15% physical damage reduction worthwhile? Waste of an item slot. What if you dont think Cho is really a good mage? He is far more effective as a damage sponge. Health and health regen are great. But without stacking armour or Magic Resist its gona mean absolutely nothing late game.

My idea is to make a Cho capable of standing toe to toe with a high damage fighter, another tank, resist a nuker and keep chasing, or even take on a fed Twitch and laugh at it. Im not good with putting pretty pictures in and links and stuff. And to be honest iv read some good guides with stuff all in them and some with too much you don't really know what their getting at.


Being defensive is good, it takes a load off your mind while laning and the enemy are MIA. You can take an attack and run safely to your turret. BFD. Wouldn't you feel even more secure knowing they're dead and on cooldown?

Hence the Masteries in the offensive tree. The best defense is a strong offense, if they're dead = you're safe. Better damage output means they go down before you. Early game this makes a difference because you get kills or assists and get your items before they get theirs, therefore you gain an advantage.

I know its pretty obvious but some guides just don't explain their tactics enough or give enough explanation for their choices.

A bit of everything. My runes, simply put, give you a Cho thats got MR, better ArP, Evasion is better than armour trust me, dodge 40% of your attackers hits and you don't need armour, and some serious crit chance. This makes you buff in others words. Early kills are a cinch.

Flash is good for a catch up and feast. Feast is your killer move. Take em down to low health, left click to watch their stats properly you noobs, and wen they get low enough they run you flash and your feast does true damage so munch away and they're gone.

Ignite is good to take on regens or tanks or anyone really. Good for early kills or assists, makes a champ running away still die = awesome. Who needs poison or damage over time spells wen u have ignite.

No one reads my guides so watever but items are very important to a tank thats not that tanky, a mage who has no mana or targetable ranged spells, so go for a damage resistant all rounder who can fight and spell other teams into running for their lives.

Admit it, you get more kills from chasing a running opponent than ones that stand their ground and wait for reinforcements. If they don't fight back, all is good. Thats why bullying is so popular :)

Your starting items arent crucial. I go for added health to simply make me last longer in an initial game fight, the one that happens before the minions are even there. Stand your ground and say bugger you, you're going down not me. FYI, make sure your teammate isnt gona bail before you do this, you arent immortal, 2 v 1 early you will die, 2v1 later you will laugh, hopefully.

Then boots, to get around easier, then lifesteal to make laning more efficient and fighting enemy champs easier. You're probably thinking, hmmmm, no damage items..... HELLO! 92.45% crit chance, times your damage by two, thats 256, not to mention when Atma's kicks in. Enough to deal with anyone with your ArP. And your feast is the killer. True damage, ohhhh, nothing is more awesome.

Buy yourself an emblem followed by your ninja tabi. More dodge and some health regen, boo yah. Next get kitted with your warmogs. Warmogs gives you a stack for killing and you dont lose it dying, far better than leviathans if you ask me. And no, you dont need a Guardian Angel, if you get killed by their team, and it will take their team to kill you, why bother with GA? And you dont have a leviathans, the best they will do is take a few feast stacks off you, big deal. Farm or jungle to get them back up, too easy.

The starks makes you and team much more powerful overall, stay alive in teamfights and your team has a much better chance of winning them, providing they or you dont go down in 2 secs. Force of nature makes mages, nukers and other AP dependant spells run off you like water off a ducks back. No harm done. And gives your health regen and nice boost.

Now if the game lasts long enough you get your crit chance cranking. No one wil expect it and they'll die before they know it. While their dead they'll have all the time in the world to look at your items and go, 'oh man, a Cho with a Phantom Dancer? WTF!' hence the title of this guide :)

Your final item aids your armour, your crit chance, and takes advantage of your health stacks and items. Atma's is a must for a Cho player. A good Cho will always have this item. I get mine last, or at least plan on getting mine last, because it rounds out the build, and given the game lasts that long should be a winning move. Plus its quite cheap :)

Your main initial ability is Rupture. This stomp attack slows them down, and damages them. Good for initial ganking and later on effective as you take on team fights and get targeted.

Next you'll use Vorpal Spikes. This damages everything in front of him for a short range. Good for farming. Get it early. Remember to turn it off wen you attack a tower with your minions as hitting their champ will draw the towers fire. Obvious, but again, better said than unsaid.

Feral Scream makes you very strong in close. If you know your enemy, then scream him just before you think he'll use an ability, frustration will make him do other things, like run for instance, and never use this early. Its useless until you gank, always make sure you have enough mana for a feast to kill off an enemy.

Feast. Sounds cool right? It is. You do true damage. No armour calculations. No reductions from MR. Just straight damage. And it gets better with levels. Sound good? It gets better. Your feasting gives you stacks, and increases your health with each stack. Doesnt matter wat you feast on, just make sure you kill it with the feast. Oh, btw, it does 1000 true damage to minions and monsters.

Just save a feast for an enemy champ if you see a fight coming. Save ur mana for this once its available It'll make a whole lot of difference if your 6 stacks are maxed and you level up the skill. Instant health boost.

Play style
Hmmmmm, you're a Cho gath player right? Thats why your looking at this build, considering you are even on the link, il say this. Play like you want to win. Dont risk your neck for dire situations. If you need to get out get out. Dont hang around and risk losing stacks to save a friend if your health is low. You not dying is more important than them not dying. They wont lose health every time they die, you will.

Other than that, be aggressive, it'll make the game fun, and just be a good team member. Nothing pisses me off more than a tank thats never there for the team fight. Or a tank that runs at the start of a team fight. Get in there. You can take it. Just make sure your team is ready.

Communication will win out the fights. The games that my team dominates we type a lot. And ping a lot. And everyone goes everywhere together nearly all game. Its not that hard, but sometimes you forget, its a team sport/game, you cant win it alone. Later.