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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Wukong - BananaStyle

Last updated on May 30, 2012
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vs. AD


vs. AP / Raped by AP

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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About Wu

Great burst damage
Good survivability
Good escape skills
Perfect for solo top
Good initiator
Can turn a game around if played well

Quick anticipations
Need to be able to fool your opponent
Need to know when to Go and when to Don't
Need to be on constant harass without getting to much beatings
Need to be clever to max out Wukongs potential

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Handling Wu

To keep constant harass on your opponent withot getting beatings, you need to keep dashing into him with NIMBUS STRIKE.
Directly after activte your CRUSHING BLOW and try landing it after your dash.
Immediately run back to safety.
This should make your oppenent fear the punches you deal, and makes him back off of the minions.
This gives you free farm, but keep the pressure on your opponent.

If your enemy doesn't fear you and gives you a hard time, then you just need to activate DECOY right after you land your combo with NIMBUS STRIKE and CRUSHING BLOW.

After a while, your opponent is getting crazy that he can't touch you, and then he will start to fear you!
Remember Your DECOY has a long cooldown, so pay attention for ganks or beatings if you use your DECOY to much, you need to fool him by not using this all the time and make sure you can always get away.

If your able to keep dodging his abilities, keeping the heat up without getting any/much beating, then your able to play wukong as it should --> a pain in the ***

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Explains about items vs. AD

Most players would go for an early TRINITY FORCE with wukong, but it's a very expensive item and you need to be able to keep out of danger all time
My prefers are much more simple, with a much greater chance on succes. Because all your oppent's will try to get to you, and with my items you will be able to take some punshes, and still do more then enough damage.

Vs. AD a THORNMAIL is always a good choise. But to compensate the loss of attack speed of the TRINITY FORCE just get the BERSERKER'S GREAVES boots instead of defensive onces. once you get your WARMOG'S ARMOR after, your better off with these items then when you rush TRINITY FORCE, because these will almost cost the same as a TRINITY FORCE and giving you attack speed, armor (+damage vs ad's (but that won't be the problem, otherwise check item builds below)) and a lot of healt. At this point you can only be dominating your lane.
Afterwards grab of course and ATMA'S IMPALER and a TRINITY FORCE (easy to grab later in game due to big minion stacks, quick destroying of these minions and team fight)
Dominating your lane = a lot of money (= a lot of new items) = win

When you rush TRINITY FORCE, you do some extra damage and will be quicker in movement, but you can't take a beating because you have no armor or a lot of extra healt.
This givees you many beatings and recalls = lost control of your lane forever = defeat

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Explains about items vs. AP

Vs. AP you might wanne go for an early FROZEN MALLET and afterwards a WARMOG'S ARMOR. This will give you the same lane advantages as the Vs. AD-build, but you have more healt and damage, so you are more likely to survive vs AP. Same reasons as the Vs. AD-build, except that you don't need armor versus AP. Then you can already start with your TRINITY FORCE because AP's are mostly squichy and if you can get close they get in panic. This Gives you control of your lane and control against the AP's. Complete your build with ATMA'S IMPALER, FORCE OF NATURE and WARMOG'S ARMOR and victory is yours.

If the AP's of the opposite site are getting fed and raping everyone of your team including you, you might consider watching the build-explain below.

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Explains about items when you get RAPED by AP

So when you getting raped in your lane or just your team at the other lanes by AP's. You need to rush FORCE OF NATURE. But you of course don't want to lose control of your lane. So grab some healt first (GAINT'S BELT) combined with a NEGATRON CLOAK. grab NEGATRON CLOAK fast if the AP's are in your lane or when mid AP comes ganking a lot (because mid AP will have free time when she dominates). Grab your FROZEN MALLET first so you still have some benifits to keep your lane (this is of course the most difficult to do of these 3 builds because your enemies will be a little fed, and that's never a good sign to start with). But no worries. Afterwards you grab a FORCE OF NATURE, this will make it a little more difficult to control your lane, because it only gives a significant boost versus AP.
Then you have to decide what to do, go tankish and build WARMOG'S ARMOR and afterwards ATMA'S IMPALER, which will give you a lot of durability (recommend).
If you can manage your lane and the AP's aren't abble to do much against you with your FORCE OF NATURE, you can considering buying TRINITY FORCE instead of going really tankish. these will give you back the control and harass, but you need to be pretty sure that you can handle them, if not you and your team will get slaughtered and you will lose.

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Masteries AND runes

For masteries and runes i take standard AD masteries and runes.

Addition Masteries:
Some will chose to go 21/9/0 instead of my 21/0/9. I don't think the 9 in DEFENCE if needed because i use a secure defensive item build that deals enough damage. You better spend the last 9 points in UTILITY and take the mana and mana regen. This gives you the oppertunity to use your dash more often which gives you control.
Also don't forget to grab the cooldown in the OFFENSIVE tree. This is great for your decoy what gives you more control of wu and your healt. The cooldown is also great for keeping the pressure with your dash (but it will require the mana and mana regen masteries too).

Addition Runes:
Standard AD runes, you can also switch the quins and marks, it will give you more armor penetration but less attack damage, it's how you prefer it. I think more attack damage is easier to last hit minions and is the same on enemy champs, so why bother making it yourself difficult.
For magic resist you can chose for magic resist per level Glyphs since you mostly play versus ad in your lane. I chose flat because it's always easy to start with, and will give you enough help at any start. I also build defensively so at end you will get enough resist of your items.
For armor Seals you need to take flat (due to the AD you normally will get against in lane).

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So what are the basic's with wu, keep harassing and be quick. To do this, build defensive. This will give you the control of the lane which will lead to control of the game.

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Closing words

Thank You for reading, hope it's helpful!
M. Lauwers