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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Wukong Guide-ooh he's standing still spam skills wtf clone

Last updated on July 27, 2011
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Wukong Build

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 9

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 0

Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 21

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Hello this is my build for Wukong,The Monkey King this is my 1ST build ever so please forgive me if my build doesnt work well.My build focuses on Wukong assisting his teammates and getting kills.

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Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Nice Harrasing Skill Cant think of any yet i'll edit if i find
Nice Escape Mechanism
Deals Great damage
Nimbus Strike can be used to assassinate
Cyclone is great to help teammates escape

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The Runes I use for Wukong are

Armor Penetration Marks
Armor Seals
Magic Resist Glyphs
Health Regen Quints

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My Masteries that I SUGGEST are a 9/0/21 build on my Offense I focus on Critical Strike and Exhaust Improvement then Attack Speed Bonus and Armor Ignoring Attacks for Defense I get Less Death Time Increased Health and Mana Regeneration More Exp and Increased Mana And Mana Regeneration Increased Movement Speed and Increased Flash Reduced Cooldown and Reduced Summoner Spell Cooldowns

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Skill Sequence

Sorry for the boring names im new to making guides like i said in the introduction ok back to the skill sequence


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Summoner Spells

I SUGGEST Again that for Wukong you guys Choose Flash and Exhaust and I'll Explain Why

Flash because of the great chasing skill and get away skill for example you wanna go aggresive on an enemy who is right beside an enemy turret just harass them with Nimbus Strike With Crushin Blow then escape using Flash or when there running away and your Nimbus strike cant reach them to harass flash into range then use the combo

Exhaust for the lack of CC on Wukong plus it can also keep you in range for the combo or possibly use it to help your teammates get a kill if your not greedy (to all people who dont share kills)

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Ok lets talk about Items

Ok the Items I Suggest are purchased in this order

Doran Shield into a Boots of Speed to a Mercury Treads then a Zeal after that is a Phage then a Sheen finished into a Trinity Force after that get Warmogs with Atma's Impaler for increased damage and finally A Phantom dancer for increased attack speed movement speed and crit strike sell doran's shield to get space for an Infinity Edge

and your end results would be

1.Infinity Edge
2.Merc Treads
3.Trinity Force(3rd Item cuz its TRInity force XD worst joke evar)
4.Warmog's Armor
5.Atma's Impaler
6.Phantom Dancer

the reasons for these are

Doran's shield for early health and armor plus the health regen helps so you wont have to go home often

Merc treads for magic resist less CC duration to help often even if you get debuffed and gives Decent Speed to help chase and escape

Warmogs so you can act a bit tanky and aggresive the HP regen like i said helps so you wont have to go often and it also helps so your not squishy

Atma's for increased damage cuz of Warmogs and that's basically it

Phantom dancer cuz the speed helps really good plus crit strike allows you to deal more damage mix this with Infinity Edge to deal stronger damage

Infinity edge to give stronger damage and higher crit strike damage and chance mixed with Phantom dancer you can Crit Strike Every Attack

and finally Trinity Force the one who gives you almost every stat in the game (except tenacity which is made up from the Mercs and regeneration stats) what can i explain about this lets see it can help in everything damage crit strike movement speed attack speed mana hp yadayada blah blah i dont even bother memorizing the stats it gives

And thats it about Items

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Early Game

In Early game i start of with a doran's shield (explained why in the item section) and Nimbus Strike for harassing and assassinating. I usually lane with a long ranged partner like caitlyn my dear friend Lady Katerina plays the role of Caitlyn in my games usually and my other friend LadyJas plays as Annie or Lux which are great assistants in team fights ok back to the guide. (OK if i say caitlyn i mean long range partner and piltover peacemaker is harassing skill and yordle trap is snare or cc while snipe is sniping skill)
So i usually go top lane with Caitlyn we usually wait by the turret so we dont get ambushed we stay far from the bush because if you get amBUSHed (again bad joke) by 2 assassins its not gonna look pretty your gonna end up seeing a statue of wukong sitting down with a worm like staff going in the ground. So the main Point of early game is harass and farm until you get enough money for merc treads and trinity force

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Mid Game

During Mid game you should probably be getting into a bit of team fights and would have pushed all outer turrets and started helping mid and you would probably have merc treads,doran shield,and 1,2 or 3 pieces of tri-force or maybe a full one if you have a full one i suggest getting started on warmogs and atmas since your helping push mid it would be very useful if you try to gank enemies by using the harassing combo get out with decoy which if they fall for the trick get hurt and you can finish them off with cyclone or knock them airborne enough time to get your team to get the kills in mid game after helping out teammates pushing lanes and killing champs you would probably have enough money to get warmog's and atma's by the time you have those 5 items you should sell doran's shield and start building phantom dancer

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Late Game (The Fun begins when Wukong goes Bananas. Get it? I fail at jokes

ok since im a bad comedian i should just focus on playing league ok so here is late game.
Late game is when the fun begins where you can kill anybody unless they have like 5k health where the whole team would have to kill the 5k health dude. I guess by the time you have all the items you could damage approximately 150-300 damage and your attack speed would be at least 1 per second and the movement speed will be above 400 giving you a decent damaging and chasing stats the High health you get from Warmogs will be useful in rough situations having high health and decoy is a nice way to survive if you have high health you can survive longer and by the time your health gets low you can just decoy and flash out of there. this time you whould honestly be killing people assisting teammates ganking people who try to back door and etc.

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Summary (Finally!)

most of you guys say my build sucks i dont explain much and all the other negative quotes you guys can think of but i say my build is pretty good just tweak it a bit if you guys can give me feedback that would be nice and i could use that feedback to upgrade the build and dont worry i'll make sure to give you guys credit ok so here is the summary

the point of this entire build is to help out teammates which is obvious and getting kills the setting of this build can make you into a fighting machine by the time you use this build you can deal like 1k damage with your ult and harassing combo which is equivalent to 2k damage and your harassing combo is fast cooldown so you can just keep harassing and they will die most people say wukong sucks and dont buy him but for me he is the best character i ever tried.

Iam Thirteen13v2 and i Approve this message (=3 reference for people who watch it if you dont then your FAKEnGAY jokez just search it up on youtube you will like it)