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Wukong Jungle - pls help!

Last updated on June 23, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi guys,
I´m not a pro and I need your help!

I´m Lukas and at this moment I am lvl 28 in LoL and have my main positions as JUNGLE and SUPPORT. 80% Of my games I´m playing with my friends (Silver 1-5) in up to 5man premade matches.

After a time playing Pantheon jungle I decided to buy a new champ for the jungle. I chose Wukong. He´s a really good champ and I enjoy playing him but I think I could be much better than now.
The jungle works very well but the ganks suck. I really have to work on that...

So I want to improve my play with Wukong in the Jungle.
This is how I play him. Maybe someone can comment and tell me how to improve? It would be very nice if there´s somebody out there who would help me. :-)

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I use following runes to survive in the jungle:

9x Greater seal of armor
For some armor and sustain in the early game. That units can be hard sometimes ;-)

9x Greater mark of attack damage
Just for some extra damage. Should be clear why I use them...

9x Greater glyph of scaling magic resist
I use them for more sustain against AP scaling champs in mid-/lategame.

3x Quintessence of attack damage
For the extra damage, should be clear...

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The masteries are just copied from another Wukong guide.
I don´t really know what all of them do but the work for me, so I use them...

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I buy the Items like I listed them above.

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My way through the jungle normally looks like that (blue and red side)

First I go to grump. Dashing with E and instant smite. (I know that I get a poison buff here) Then normal attacks with help from adc/toplaner and at the end I finish him with the E. Normally first potion here.
Then I set a point on the W and move on to the blue buff. E to charge into him and W to dodge some attacks. Then auto-attacks and same procedure till the blue buff falls.
After the next potion I move on to kill the wolfs. Dashing the mid wold with E, dodging with W, hitting the mid wolf with Q and shut them down with the second smite. (to grant vision for the lane)
Now I have enough gold to go back and buy my Stalkers Blade and at least one potion.

After that I go on to the red buff. Another dash with E, dodge with W, hit with Q and auto-attacks. Another E to the red buff itself and smite to kill him and heal myself.
Next stop are the raptors. I dash to the little raptor in the mid and dodge with Q. Then I hit the big one with my Q and finish the little ones. After that I kill the big one with E (and Q if necessary).
At last I go up to the golems by placing a ward over the wall and dashing with E to the big one instantly. Dodge with W, Q to the little one (red buff will finish that one) and then auto-attacks, Q´s and E´s to kill the big one.

Now I go back a second time, buy a Long Sword and another potion and ask my mates for ganks.

After my first blue at the start I offer all of them to the midlaner.

When no gank is wished I move on with the same rotation. (sometimes I kill what is near, cause it´s just more comfortable)

Normally my farm after a game is between 80 and 100. I think this is okay for jungle.

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For ganking I normally wait to a lane to be pushed unto the turret.

Sitting in the bush, the first thing I do is pressing my W to rush in invisibly. That should be enough to be in range for a surprisingly E. I push to them and smite them to slow them. Some auto-attacks and then the Q. Now it´s time for the ultimate. I try to know every enemy in range up and do tons of damage.
When they try to flash away I normally flash too. (I know, stupid...)
At this point my E should be ready again and I try to dash them down.
When I inadvertently dash under a turret I use me W to escape.

Normally my ganks don´t really succeed.
Sometimes I get a kill or doublekill, but thats not the majority.

When I gank botlane I usually first attack the adc except my teammates say something different.

(I really have to work on that)

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In teamfights I first dash (E) to the champ who is next to me. then I Q the biggest danger (mostly adc or midlaner) and then I do my ultimate to spin through the enemies. I try to knock up every one in close range to prevent my allies from damage.
After my ultimate I try to escape with W and after a short overview I eventually go back in action by dashing in again with a E and doing damage with Q.

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Well, now you know how I play Wukong in the Jungle.
I hope you guys and girls can help me improving it by writing some comments.

Thanks for reading this "guide" and eventually helping me!
Greetings from Germany