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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Wukong Tanky dps Top Ranked

Last updated on November 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Wukong is a great solotop champion, and extremly fun to just spin2win though a entire team dealing massive damage without taking any.
This guide will not feature jungling with Wukong since im a bad jungler.

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Armor pen you need in huge amounts, your ultimate will deal insane dmg base damage nomatter what, getting armorpen will just make you rip though a team.
I take some mana regen to make sure i dont run totally out of mana early game.
base armor and magic resist make lanning easier and Wukong arent strong if not dominating in lane, those sustain champions can really give him a problem if he dont get early firstblood or kill.
Finally some damage quints to make it even easier in lane. You can switch these with moment speed.

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As mentioned before Wukong rely on having a great early game. So here i take 21-9, remember in ranked switch armor with magic resist in defensiv tree if you are up agaist someone like Rumble.

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Boots should always be picked for early game. Getting brut for some dmg output midish where u normally would be close or just finished warmog's ( the counter to warmog/atma's is early- and midgame so taking brut will help you.
Finishing with yomuu because its great more moment speed in spin2win is great and AS is also good when killing other fighters.

You can sell brut/ghostblade for a bloodthirster if they dont build that much armor

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Skill sequence.

All up to you, some max Q some max E try it both and see later.

Maxing E makes your combos stronger but the mana cost is higher. I prefere this because of my manaregen and because i know how to hold my mana

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Summoner spells.

Wukong likes flash. And so do i, maybe after flash nerf i will use ghost.

2nd spells should be: Ignite, Exhaust or Teleport.

Teleport i fell is strong if you know you will have a hard laning, and i use this often. However its more like a counterpick so its not main use.

Ignite, i like the idea of ult/ignite, and its great for getting firstblood. You should consitter getting this if getting a easy kill on lane almost never happens. Also there are many bruisers so exhaust is just great to have and can still help you with firstblood

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Wukongs abilitys explained.

Passive: Wukong gets armor and magic resist for each enermy champion close to him. This passive fits Wukong perfectly as his main goal is to be "inside" an entire team.

Q ability: Wukong hit the target enermy and deal some dmg + 1.1 AD scaling, and then redurece the enermys armor by 30. Use the ability on high armor targets to make sure you crush him hard while spinning. This ability also refreshes attacks so if you have time to it do autoattack then Q.

W ability: Wukong becomes invisable and places a clone where he stands. The clone will later disactive dealing a bit of dmg to enermys nearby. Use this abiltiy wisely.
Uses for this ability: Ganking, try to use it while you are inside a brush and then walk in stealth closer to the enermy, this makes ganking way easier.

Dodge stuns, this is a hard trick to do because u have to use this before the enermy clicks on the spell, but when this is done correctly it is so much worth it!

Get cooldowns back, when fighting a enermy to use this while waiting for cooldowns so you dont lose any health.

Unable youself to take "select target" dmg while stunned, by using this just before fx sion misilie hits you, and be stunned invisable.

Dodge Caitlyn ult, ashe ult, or nidalee spear shot. The clone is a "Champion" so it can be hitted by champion abilitys like caitlyn ult or ashe ult, use the clone as a shield.

E ability: Makes Wukong jump to a enermy and deal dmg, u will also hit up to 2 other targets nearby with this spell. It deals great dmg, also gives a attackspeed buff over 4 secs. Main combo = E auto attack Q and then ult.

Ultimate, Wukong spin2win dealing massive AOE phsyical dmg, and knocks enermys hit by it up in the air ( each enermy can only be knocked up 1 time by Wukongs ult )

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I fell like Wukong is great if he gets the laning face over. Also very fun to play :P

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Pros / Cons


If winning lane, he is almost impossible to play agaist

Real fun to play!!!

The only real AOE physical bruiser in the game.


Cons: Laning fase is a nightmare espically as it is META to have a very sustained toplaner.
His W is very very hard to use.
He is not superiorly fitting to the META
He doesnt like vayne...

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How to Teamfight!

In teamfights your main goal is to get as many hitted by your ultimate.

Try E and then hit Q to a guy u need to kill who btw have alot of armor, or if one is fed use the Q on him. If you start to really take dmg use W and wait for them to be disgrated and use ult. Ship W and use it for later if the enermy is attacking someone else.