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Wukong Build Guide by devy d

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author devy d

Wukong the ad king!

devy d Last updated on August 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi I'm devy d and in this build i will show you how I play Wukong, The Monkey King. A lot of people like to build Wukong with tanky items and runes, although this may work for them i dont personally do this. The reason I dont do this is because Wukong plays very well when you're going straight for dps. Wukong also plays very well as an assassin and is great for getting ganks on people.

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For runes I like to use a lot of magic resist and armor. The reson i do this is because im not going to be getting any items with those attributes and Wukong needs these hem in order to survive in lane and also in team fights. I take armor penetration Quintessences because a champoin that builds armor can pretty much hard counter this build.

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In masteries i take 24 in offence to get the most out of Wukongs atttack. I take 6 in deffence just for the armor and magic resistance.

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For items I start off with a dorans blade to get good damage early on, I then try to stay in lane untill i can afford mandreds's razors, this will give me good damage and will able me to stay in lane, fend off champoins with ease and get lots of minion kills. My next trip in i get berserker's Greaves.If I am against 2 ap champoins i will get mercury's Treads. The next item i get is wriggles lantern. After that i get b.f. sword and try to stay in fighting until i can afford infinitys edge. After this Wukong will be quite powerfull and you have a lot of freedom to which items you get next. One of the final steps is getting either a Phantom Dancer or a bloodthrister. Both of tese items will work it just depends on the situation or your specific game. personally i prefer to get the phantom dancer first then the bloodthrister then if the game goes into the very late stages i will finish of with a second phantom dancer. If your finding yourself dieing to ad then dont be afraid to get a thronmail for that extra armor.

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Skill Sequence

With skills you basically want to max nimbus strike first and also get it for your first skill so you can pressure slow champions early on. using nimbus strike with slow will get you an early kill quite often. Trust me I've gotten first blood with Wukong more than any other champ I've played. You will want to crushing blow second because it works amazingly with nimbus strike. Crushing blow is the second skill you want to max leaving decoy for last.

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laning with Wukong is the best way in which you can use him. Combing nimbus strike with crushing blow can result in you dealing a lot of damage. Probally the coolest thing you can do with Wukong is nothing, literally nothing. What I mean by this is when using the stop command it looks exactly like you activated decoy. After using stop wait 1.5 secs and then activate decoy and run the opposite way that you chasers went. Practice this because it can also lead to some embarrassing deaths so be careful. For further instructions on this method check out the wukong champion spotlight at

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Wukong can be played many different ways and since hes a new character there's no set way to play him. This is just one way in which i have found to work for me, feel free to change any aspect of this build you want and don't ***** about something not being right. i just hope you have fun playing as the monkey king and find a way which suits your style. Have fun playing:)