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Wukong Build Guide by ThePCGamer

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ThePCGamer

Wukong: The Face Mashing Monkey

ThePCGamer Last updated on March 10, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Chapter 1: Introduction

Hello! This is my Wukong build and guide. I have played Wukong a fair bit and i am quite good at him. So if you follow this build (roughly) you should sweep through the enemy team like a monster. :)

PS This is my first build.

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Chapter 2: Runes

Marks (red): Pretty much anything to do with physical attack.

Seals (yellow): Armour is a good option.

Glyphs (blue): Magic resist is a good option.

Quints (the big ones): Once again anything to do with physical attack.

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Chapter 3: Masteries

You are going to want to keep the offensive ones but could switch the utility to defense, its just personal preference.

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Chapter 4: Farming

This is a very expensive build and so farming is very very important. If you want a little tip use your Nimbus Strike to the caster minions, kill them and then move onto the normal minions. The Avarice Blade should help but not enough that you won't need to farm. If you can farm well you will get items and be good, Wukong isn't the most item dependent champion but good items help.

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Chapter 5: Items

I will start of with your first buy which doesn't have to be boots and 3 health potions it could be a Doran's blade it depends what works for you. Now onto boots, it really depends on who your in a lane against (or who's getting fed) if its an AD champion get Ninja Tabi but if not get mercury Treds because the tenacity really helps Wukong out. The main items you are going to want to get are Trinity Force and Bloddthirster, and Ghostblade is a very good item on Wukong, and the Infinity Edge can be changed to another AD item (or AS, or Crit chance.) If you get past the Infinity Edge get a Warmogs or a Frozen Mallet.

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Chapter 6: Pros / Cons

Pros Cons
Can get quite tanky (late game). Quite spuishy early game.
Not too item dependent. Very easily CC'd (hence the Mercury Treds)
Can deal a lot of (burst) damage. Can't carry a team*
Great escape tool.

*While he can do a lot of damage he isn't a carry and shouldn't be expected to carry.

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Chapter 7: Summoner Spells

I will only cover the summoner spells which could be used on Wukong.

Flash: isn't needed on Wukong because of his Decoy.

Heal: Could work and can be quite handy in team fights or 1 on 1.

Clarity: Could work but there are better summoner spells.

Exhaust: Would be good on Wukong but his i dont take it because his Nimbus Strike can be used on people running away.

Ghost: Could work but not much use because of Decoy.

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Chapter 8: Skills

Crushing Blow (Q): Wukongs main ability, dose a large amount of damage and scales very well with AD and it can also be used on towers. It also reduces armor for a short time. It also costs very little mana.

Decoy (W): Wukongs escape tool, it stealth's you for a short time and places a decoy at the location you used the spell which lasts for a long as your stealthed after a while it dose a little bit of magic damage.

Nimbus Strike (E): Wukongs farm and catch up, its also very helpful in a fight, It dose medium to high damage and sends up to 2 copys to nearby enemies. It also gives you a nice attack speed bonus for a couple of seconds.

Cyclone (Ultimate): Wukong spins to win for about 5- 10 seconds (depending on its level). It deals very little damage early on but when fully leveled and with a bit of items it can take out health very quickly. It also knocks people up (lol) and gives you a speed boost for the duration of the spinning. Its very good in a team fight or chasing someone down, I would only use it to escape if on a killing spree.

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Chapter 9: Tactics

Harassing: Once you get to level 3 you can start harassing, use your E to the enemy champion Q him and you can ethier run away and risk taking damage or W and run away.

Fighting 1 on 1: Start of with Q and E auto attack until you can use them again, after the first Q,E,auto attack you can choose to take a risk, which is your W, if you use it the chances are the will attack the decoy, and you can auto attack them while they do so but if you need to run you have lost your main escape so only do this if you are sure you can kill them. If they decide to run either E to them or Ulti. (depending on who low their HP is)

Team fights: Let your tank open the fight and once he dose E to the spuishy carry (Vayne, Ashe ect) Kill or scare them of, and Ulti the rest of their team, cause mass damage and if you all goes to plan you wont of died and they would have.

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Chapter 10: Notes

If you feel i have left anything out or want me to add more detail to a chapter please tell me and i will add it in asap. If the build gets popular I will show you proof that the build works and i don't suck.

Hope this build was helpful and worked for you.

The End