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Wukong Build Guide by skizzo

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author skizzo

Wukong the funny monkey

skizzo Last updated on July 29, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Wukong is one of the funniest champions i ever played. He has so many roles and builds u can try on him wich made my decision hard.But after many tests i tryied this build and fitted like a glove.His spells aren't so different from other heroes so I learned to play him fast.

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My runes aren't perfect u can post me to make them perfect.I just built him on a higly dps rate/dmg. I used this because i saw in him a fast attacker. Another option in the rune build is a little cooldown because many times i found myself dying because of the few seconds remaining until the dash or the invisibility was ready.

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This part is simple to understand if you read the second chapter.I built him on defensive because the items makes him a bit vulnerable when focused bu the enemy team especially against sunts and retains .The defesnive makes him perfectly equilibrated.

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Here it gets a little tricky. The berseker is great for the lifesteal wukong gets.But if u are hardly focused some Mercury's Treads would be perfect.
The trinity force shoould be in every build that you use.It gives you decent stats+ slows and extra damage for the first skill.It also gives move speed that is great for the ultimate allowing you to chase fast champions like master yi/janna/tryndamere.
The Aegisof the legion needs more explanation? It gives armour + magic resitance to all team + a little damage that makes him perfect with trinity force for the next item.
Atma's Impaler...transforms hp into dmg/gives nice armour and criticals what else do you want??
Black Cleaver is a very good item if the enemy tank is stacking armour+ it gives the enemy team - amour that in combo with the first skill meaning extra damage for wukong meaning monkey happy.
The bloothirstier by now you should sell the wringle lantern and get THIS. It gives enough damage so when you will be droping on the enemies they will already have half hp gone from 3rd and 1st spells combo. Of course u can replace this with starks fervor if you are really into auras and armour penetration.Both items fith Wukong but the second is if you really want above 2.000 attack speed but you dont need that much because you get attack speed from the 3rd spell buff wich is enough.
Another items that go with wukong:

Sunfire cape yeah it stacks with ultimate and provides nice surviving stats especially against heavy ad team .
Frozen Mallet Can't catch em? Sure use this.
Guardian Angel too much focus on you ...yeah but use with aegis .This 2 items will make you rambo's son.
Hextec Gunblade Cmon dont need this . For 2-3 spells and a little spell vamp ? nahh .Yeah u could replace Bloodthirstier with this if u dont have any slows.
Phantom Dancer Who the **** do you thonk you are !?! keep this for your master
Infinity Edge Cmon your better than that plus u dont have that many criticals so calm down.
Yomuu .Yes YES!! Its good for monkey king...really good!! Myself i am replacing it with Atma when the enemy has many mages and i dont need armor.

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Pros: Very effective against armour stackers.
Has good combos
Good pusher.
Very strong in team fights.
Cons: In mid games really needs his items.
He is a MONKEY for gods sake what cons can he have??

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6. Jungling

I tryed jungling with this champion and succeded pretty good but his place is on the lanes there he can do much more than in jungle.

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7.Summoner Spells

My summoners spells are focused on escaping from fights with low hp and chasing because in some situations i found myself running from a tryndamere or a master yi and my cd on invisibilty had just started and a flash wasn't enough .Also happend to use ulti and the enemy flashed so a Flash and a Ghost is wellcome .
Another spells wich work with wukong : Exhaust ( if the enemyes are fast and u don't prefer frozen mallet )
Ignite (it goes very nice with your ulti and when your enemy is escaping near tower )
Teleport ...well if u solo lane and fight against 2 range champions
Cleanse god dammit leona!!! if the enemy has that many stuns yeah drop on them!!
Heal ...please take lifesteal.

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Sooo many ...with what can I start?hmm
Sure you saw many at Phreak but wukong has many more .
trick #1: when coming from a bush come with invi dont use dash and when you stick from the enemy champion then use ultimate.
trick #2: When entering a fight dash in ,use invi and wait for a second to be targeted because when they will see you in their middle be sure they will start nuking with some spells.
trick #3:use flash when you stealthed this really confuses the enemy.
trick #4:flash can be used during your ulti dont forget this.
trick #5: E+ Q+ W is a great spamming /aggresing combo .Don't forget if u dont keep your enemy nuked the enemy will start nuking you.
trick #6: your q spell works on towers.
trick #7: move from bush to bush with your invi .This will really confuse your enemyes and give you big chances of escaping.

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9. Conculsion

Wukong is a funny champion to play and easy to accomodate.It is very effective in both ranked and normal games and you can really have fun on noobs tricking them with your invi.