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Wukong Build Guide by MAVRIKED

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MAVRIKED

Wukong - The Monkey King

MAVRIKED Last updated on July 29, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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For every champ there are plenty of different ways to play them. Some ways work better for a specific champ then others. For Wukong I feel an offtank build works the best. Even building him as offtank, there is going to be different builds and build orders. I've included several different builds and will be expanding on the builds for Wukong as I try them out, so please check all the builds at the top to find one that will fit your play style.

This guide is a work in progress, but I wanted to get it up so everyone could learn how to use Wukong as quick as possible. This is not a finished guide. But from the info I've provided you should be able to play Wukong effectively for now.

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The one rune that I use on every Wukong build is Armor penetration marks. Always have armor pen for your marks. They stack really well with Wukongs Q Crushing Blow. I also always have straight armor seals because they are cheap and they help out with early game fights when your against an AD carry. For glyphs, I go half and half flat magic resist and then magic resist over time. This way I get a little bit of both worlds having some good resist early on and extra resist late game. Quintessences I use flat health for early game laning.
Some other glyphs, and quints that are great for Wukong are cooldown reduction glyphs and armor penetration quints. I will eventually have a build included in this guide that uses these runes.

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Masteries can be chosen by your preferences. Of course try and get the mastery that supports your summoner spell, but for most of you that grab flash and want to go 21 in offense that isn't an option. The reason I chose 9-0-21 is for the cooldowns. Aside from that I just pick the options that will help an AD out the most.

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Core Items

Boots of Speed

Thats it. Everything else is up to you to decide. I put up several builds, but most of the items are situational or "what do you prefer" items.

Preference Items

Frozen Mallet or Trinity Force --One of these items should be close to your first item built. I have tried both and for me their is no clear winner. Frozen Mallet Guaranteed 40% slow is insane and really helps to assassinate those squishies that hide in the back of the group. Now they can't get away. Plus the 700 health from it really helps in the survivability and then works great with Atma's Impaler. Yes you do get a slow from Trinity Force, but it is a 25% chance to slow and it is a slightly less powerful slow by 5%. I just hate it when a champion escapes because Wukong has no CC. That is right one of these two items will be your only CC, which is why I lean towards Frozen Mallet if I feel like i'm going to be chasing a lot. If your not going to be chasing, but your going to be in team fights and escaping more than Trinity Force would be better for the Sheen proc and the extra movement speed.

Situational Items

Yes, that is a lot of items. Which ones should you use? Don't worry I will go in depth on each item for the why and when to use them.

Mercury's Treads These will be your default boots, but if you decided to get some dodge masteries from the defense tree then Ninja Tabi should be your shoe of choice. The reason I choose Mercury's is for the CC reduction it gives. The magic resist is an extra boost. Even if you have or don't have dodge masteries there are times when you might want to consider taking the other type of shoe. Is their a majority of AD champions with barely any CC then go ahead and grab the . Same goes for switching to if there is 3+ AP champions. The magic resist will come in handy more than some armor and a dodge chance(which doesn't proc for spells).

Thats enough on boots now for the real items.

I almost always go Warmog's for the insane amount of health it gives, plus the health regen is decent. Pairing this up with and will give you over 4000 health and around 150-200 health per 5 second regen. The only time I don't go Warmog's is if they have some champs that do damage based off of my health i.e. Kog'Maw. And always keep your eye open for a Madred's Bloodrazor. You can still build health, but then these are the champs you want to focus first because they will EAT you.

This one is simple if you are building health build this item. It gives you a little bit of armor and then an extra 2% of your health is turned into attack damage. If you went for a then uild this after and before , but if you went for a then build it after because that is where all your health is really coming from.

Get this when the time calls for it. The only time i really get it is when i'm not building health because the other team has a champion that does damage based off my health and/or when they have a lot of AP mages with really annoying spells. Remember you only get one shield every 30 seconds.

I only ever get these items when I'm not building health or if after I built Warmog's i'm dominating the team. You will need these if your going to be the main carry.

I almost always get this near the end of the game. If the opposing team's AP is really bothering you it is ok to get this ealier. Along with the magic resist and extra movement speed I like it for the .0035% of health regens a second. If you didn't get Warmog's then it might be better to get a different Magic resist item or completely replace it with one of the AD items above.

I put these items together because they both give armor penetration. I'm still working on how Crushing Blow works, but from what I understand it removes 30% of the targets armor(i read that currently it is bugged and only removes 30% of targets base armor instead of total armor, I will research this more) and then Last Whisper would remove 40%. I don't believe they stack. Lets say that someone had 100 armor. If you had then removes 30% so they are down to 70 armor. Then the item removes it's 40% so now they are down to 42 armor. If you had then from the 70 armor you remove 15 for each stack you get on them. With maxed stacks it would remove 45 armor and leave them with 25 armor. Since you get the targets armor so low with then this is when instead of armor pen marks it might be good to have straight damage marks or crit marks. (I'm still researching this.)

If I missed any items or you think Wukong benefits strongly from an item I didn't mention please put it in comments so I can add it here if I decide that it is helpful

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Crushing Blow-

Decoy-This is what sets Wukong apart from other champions like Xin Zhao. Escaping is definately what your going to be using him for the most. This ability will also give you some breathing time for you cooldowns to reset and charge in again. Stop juking is where you hit the S key to stop your character entirely and this will look the same as if you just used Decoy. For those of you that want to see a good example of this Phreak shows it twice on his Champion Spotlight for Wukong. I will be adding a video of my own with an example of stop juking as soon as i figure out how.

Nimbus Strike


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Skill Combo

Crushing Blow--> Nimbus Strike--> Decoy
Don't use Decoy if the enemy champ isn't going to target you after the initial attack. Save it for when you need it, because early on it has a what seems like a long cooldown when your needing to escape. Try and open all combos with Crushing Blow for the armor penetration it gives, but there will be plenty of time when your going to have Nimbus Strike in to even land a shot on the enemy champion.

Duo Lane

Most of you will take Wukong into a duo lane, since regularly the AP carry takes mid. This doesn't mean that Wukong cannot solo, I will just be covering that later. In a duo lane I find it helpful to grab Nimbus Strike first in order to jump to a enemy champion that has overextended themselves or you are chasing down. Crushing Blow is another option to grab first. The reason to grab it before Nimbus Strike is for the 30% armor reduction that benefits you and your duo partner. If your duo partner is doing magic damage then definately go with Nimbus Strike. My goal whenever I am in any kind of lane is to zone the enemy champion while I last hit minions as much as I can. Zoning is the act of pushing the enemy champion out of experience range of your minions. In games when you successfully zone you can get an extra level or two before the other champions. Zoning will not work if you continuously autoattack the minion wave and push it into the enemy tower. This will just let them get all the exp at the tower. What you want to do is to harass them and let your minions kill their minions, so they remain away from the enemy tower. You should still try and last hit, but for me I would rather zone an enemy then get gold. Getting level 6 while the enemy is level 5 is an amazing advantage that you should exploit.


If it looks like another lane is getting pushed hard don't be afraid to leave your partner alone(if he can handle it) and go gank. Wukong works great as a quick harass on another lane just to scare them. After you've scared them you are free to return to your lane or grab a couple of jungle minions on the way back.

Solo Lane

I love taking a solo lane. Even when I'm going to be doing a 1v2. I like to grab Boots of Speed and 3 pots to keep my health up. You should be able to make it around levels 5-6 without needing a gank and hopefully you'll get a couple of kills yourself. Always save your decoy for when you are going to need it in a solo lane especially if your doing a 1v2. During a 1v1 go ahead and harass like crazy and use your decoy to hopefully take the brunt of some spells or other skills. As long as you play smart Wukong should be able to take any squishy champion 1v1. If you play really smart Wukong should be able to take any champion 1v1. When you are faced with a 1v2 try and have them get under the turret and then harass them. They will eventually try and kill you under the turret and this is the time for Decoy. If you timed it right they will waste all the burst damage and summoner spells on the fake you and you'll be free to help the tower kill a champion or two.

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More to Come

I will be adding to this build as I have time. Why I chose my skill order, summoner spells, and more will be added soon.

Don't forget to comment. Any way I can improve this guide is appreciated.