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Wukong Build Guide by drunkbandit

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author drunkbandit

Wukong : The Monkey King

drunkbandit Last updated on August 3, 2011
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Welcome to my first guide and first post in general on this website. This is the build I use on Wukong every time I play and I usually do very well depending on my team. I hope you guys like the build and please don't put it down before you try it. Also this build requires a bit of skill it is not a build for everyone.

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My rune choice is really quite simple. It balances out armor penetration and armor so that you can lane longer and are able to tank your fair share in team fights.

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The way I buy my items is meant to give me the most early game damage before people get the chance to level up and/or counter the massive armor penetration. With the runes and masteries at level 1 you get around 31 armor penetration not including the 30% armor reduction from Crushing Blow. Most users don't take Wukong too seriously but with Sheen and The Brutalizer, this makes Wukong a very strong early game champ depending on how fast you can get gold. As you can see I've only listed 4 items because the last 2 are completely optional depending on the game.

If your up against heavy AP team I would suggest getting aBanshee Veil andQuicksilver Sash. I recommend these items because they are very useful in countering casters with annoying abilities that vary from stuns, snares, slows, etc. While the Banshee Veil helps negate the initial attack you may be caught by more than a few champs at a time, the Quicksilver Sash allows you to get rid of any effects and Decoy your way out of a tight situation.

If your up against a heavy AD team I would suggest aThornmail and aRanduin's Omen. The Thornmail is self explanatory when facing heavy AD. The passive on Raduins helps a lot when your in a tight squeeze and need to Decoy yourself out of a tight situation. Also while building the Raduins I start with Heart of Gold because it allows you to get some extra gold while waiting for it.

If your team is doing well and you don't think that extra defense is necessary there are quite a few choices available but again it's all preference.The Black Cleaver,The Bloodthirster, andInfinity Edge are my top choices for getting that extra damage boost. I normally get The Black Cleaver and The Bloodthirster because usually late in the game everyone usually has at least one piece of armor. The Black Cleaver can be a very power weapon if use correctly, the way to do it is Nimbus Strike in so that you can get the automatic hit after you land it. Then I usually hit the opponent at least one more time so that there are 2 stacks in effect, I then follow up with a Crushing Blow which will give me the 3rd stack along with 30% armor reduction. I regularly do not get Infinity Edge because it is more expensive than the other two and I typically like to end games fast.

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Skill Sequence

There is a really easy explanation to why I picked the skills in this order. I get the 2 skills in Crushing Blow so that the cool down is very close if not the same as Nimbus Strike, this allows you to harass continuously and if needed decoy your way out. If your wondering why just not max Crushing Blow first, well Nimbus Strike does more damage and also the attack speed boost out weight the the damage from Crushing Blow.

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Summoner Spells

I use these two for various reasons. The main reason I use ghost is because I put off getting boots with 2 movement speed until later on. Ghost is also a very useful defensive maneuver when combined with Decoy and/or Exhaust. It is very easy to escape a 1v1 or even a 2v1 with Ghost and Exhaust, if your in a 1v1 and realize you are clearly outmatched you can simply Exhaust or Ghost and decoy and your out of there. The main reason I use exhaust is because it lowers the armor and magic resistance of the enemy by 10 and also slows them down allowing you a clear advantage over most champs early in the game.

Some of the other options for summoner skills areand. Flash is useful for escaping tight situations and also very good and juking people with decoy. Ignite is also very useful early game because it's an additional 150 damage on top of all the early game damage you will have.

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Team Work

Teamwork is very crucial to this build in my opinion although I have gotten lucky at times being a solo-star. It is very beneficial to lane with another AD champ because your 30% armor reduction will help out your team mate as well. My favorite champs to lane with are heavy hitter AD champs such as Gankplank, Tryndamere, Xin, Vayne, etc. I feel that they can benefit most from the 30% armor reduction and they also help with slowing your opponent or by knocking them up.

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Hope you guys like my build please comments are appreciated and don't forget to vote :3

Credit due to "Flatten' em: The Pro's Guide to the Monkey King" by UtimatePr0.
I was using his build at first but then I tweaked it to my preference.