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Wukong The Renegade Rascal

Last updated on December 2, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I have been playing Wukong since he was released, in my opinion he is one of the best solo top champs.
I go for sustain in lane, so i can focus on farming.
I stay in lane till either my tower or my opponents tower is down, the reason is: my build is very expensive and will need alot of kills and alot of cs.

I take flash and exhaust on wukong, this will give me a chance to counter a gank by exhausting the jungler and focus on killing one of them, with my W i can run away without getting caught.
I take flash for a better initiate and a chance to get away if my W is on cd

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I go for sustain in lane, with hp regen quints and mana regen glyphs and seals, i cant get pushed out of lane.
this will give u enough regen to last hit and succesfully harass your opponent out of lane

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Laning phase

I play Wukong solo top, at start i go boots and 3 hp pots to sustain in lane.
The build im using is very expensive, that means u gotta stay and farm as long as u can.
Depending on who im up against i choose to either upgrade boots the first time i recall or buy brutalizer, if u are up against champs who get a movement speed buff from a ability, get boots lvl 2 directly.
when u get brutalizer your harass will start to hurt the opponent, jump in with E use a Q and if the opponent retaliates u use your clone and run away.
always take your clone at lvl 1, this will allow u to get out of trouble from early ganks.
if u are having a hard time farming, then get avarice blade directly, as it gives u gold the longer the game goes on.
U will need to buy phage and brutalizer fast because this will let u destroy your opponent, your harass will give u a chance of slow and u can beat on them when they are trying to run away.

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Harassing your opponent

When u have brutalizer u should be careful how u harass, E-Q-W and run back behind your minions.
If u have a hard time to afford phage, then buy ruby crystal and take red from your jungle.
This will let u E-Q and then hit them 2 or 3 times, if they stay and fight u.
Use your W and run back, repeat.
and when u are lvl 6 u go E-Q and ult.
if your target is below half hp, and stand in your ult for the whole duration u will easliy kill them, when your ult is over u use E-Q again
this will let u finish them off.

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At this point in the match u should have yomuus ghostblade, berserkers greaves, and phage.
When u have these three items, u can cause massive damage, i usually use my E-Q and then activate ghostblade, the ghostblade will allow u to run at their side and keep attacking them.
u have 15% chance to crit, those crits u get will do up to 300 dmg depending on who u attack.
If you get in a teamfight be sure to jump their squishy targets, on Q on their ad carry and then u spin around.
Try to hit all enemy champions and then stay close to their ad carry, when your ult ends u activate your ghostblade and just hit their carry.
You should rush trinity force before u buy last whisper.
Yomuus, trinity force and last whisper are your damage items, after this u buy tanky.

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At this state in the game u should have started building force of nature, i go FoN instead och banshe veil because of one thing, Your W.
if used correctly your W will keep u alive all the time, i like FoN because it gives u sustain and it gives u movement speed, when u have finished the build u have a total movement speedof 460, this will allow u to easily catch up to the enemy team and E in, ult and W out. Then u start cleaning up after your team have used their abilitys.

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Split pushing

To split push with wukong is great, first of all: Your Q does extra dmg to the tower, and if u activate your ghostblade u will take down a tower in a matter of seconds.
And u shouldnt get caught because u have 460 movement speed and a clone to your disposal.

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This abilty is the best escaping tool of all champs i have played with, if u use this right then u rly cant get killed.
with wukong u can kite the opponent for minutes, and still get away.
and the options u have with this skill, its amazing.
Learn to use this, and u will easily master Wukong.

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Thank u for taking time to read my guide, i hope it will serve u well.
this is my first guide so please comment if there is something i could do better.