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Wukong Build Guide by Monsoon

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Monsoon

Wukong The Renegade Rascal

Monsoon Last updated on December 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I play Wukong as a solo top champ.
I have played Wukong for quite a while and he is one of my favorite champions.
In this guide u will learn how i play him and i will give u tips to be better with him.

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I go with armor pen runes, mana reg glyphs and seals and hp regen quints.
I use these runes to sustain in lane, my build is very expensive.
The full price for my build is ca 15500 gold, This means that u will need to last hit very good, and thats why i go with hp and mana reg runes, so i wont get pushed out of lane and loose creeps.

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I go 9-21-0 just because of the extra tankiness u get lategame, since my build doesnt focus on hp u will be very easy to kill lategame, thats why u need the extra hp from juggernaut and believe me, it has saved me before.
I go the extra armor pen because i play Wukong as a dps champ, u dont get up in the dmg from a ad carry but lategame u will deal crits up to 600 dmg on basic attacks.

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Pros / Cons

One of the best things with Wukong is his harass, first u got a jump to your enemy, then u can crit on your Q and with your clone, u can easily get away without any damage done to u.
He is great in teamfights, with a aoe ult with amazing damage and a knockup wich will allow u to engage and get away when they chase u.
his passive isnt very good when u fight 1 v 1, i say his passive is more of a hit and run passive, u jump in the middle of teamfight get 40 armor and MR, ult and run away.

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I start off with boots and 3 hp pots, i go this because u need that speed to survive ganks and hp pots because u dont need any mana with mana reg runes.
the first time u go back u will need to buy brutalizer and if u afford buy phage, if u dont afford just buy ruby crystal.
Its when u get brutalizer u can start to harass your opponent till u can kill him with your ulti.
agter u bought phage u buy youmuus and then rush trinity force, last whisper is the last dmg item u buy, for lategame u buy GA and FoN just for the tankiness and nice revive.

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Skill Sequence

U wanna max your Q first becasue this is your main harass/damage skill.
The next skill u wanna max is your Nimbus strike.
upgrade your ult at lvl 6,11 and 16.
U only really need a point in W from the start, it will keep u out of scary situations, like ganks and when u get out after u have harassed

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Summoner Spell

I take Exhaust and Flash, i take these skills for early game kills,
flash is a good initiation skill and will help u to get away too,
exhaust is one of the best summoner spell if u ask me, the damage reduction and the slow will stop anyone for a couple of seeconds.
I dont use ignite, i dont really like using it myself.
There is spells that work well with Wukong but i have grown accustomed to exhaust flash.

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Team Fights

This is where Wukong really shines, the ability to easily jump to their ad carry and wreck their whole team with your ulti, my build is a dps Wukong,u should jump to their ad or ap carry ( the on who does the most dmg) then u Q and ult. if u get targeted u can easily use your decoy and let your team clean up.

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Remember to farm well, the build is very expensive and to get it u need to farm well.
The farming shouldnt be a problem with my runes, u can allow yourself to take a few hits with the hp regen, and u can harass with your mana reg.
The point is to stay in lane, get overlvled and u will crush in teamfights.

Thank u for reading, feel free to leave a comment.