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Wukong Build Guide by Guardian861

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Guardian861

Wukong: Wuju Guardian

Guardian861 Last updated on July 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to Wukong: AD/Off Tank

Hey there. This is a Wukong build that focuses on making him into an Attack Damage Off Tank (or AD/OT). I will focus on getting him some much needed survivability first, and then expanding into his heavier damage oriented items at later levels.

I don't have any screen shots to display my scores with this particular build, but after experimenting with full tank and full damage builds, this seems to be the most fluid setup available.

I am by no means an expert at this game (this is my first champ guide), so I can't tell you how well/poorly this particular build would do in a ranked match. I can tell you, based on my experience with it, that this build performs very well in normal matches.

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Pros / Cons

- Excellent Initiator
- Scales very well with AD
- Has a viable escape mechanic
- Very good ganking viability

- Has a weaker early game presence due to lack of CC
- Easily harassed in a solo lane
- Fairly item dependent

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Rune Explanations

For runes, I went with straight armor penetration quints and marks because all of Wukong's damage output (save decoy, which is used more to initiate/escape than deal damage) is physical, so the more armor you ignore, the more damage you deal.
I went with armor and magic resist seals and quints in order to take full advantage of Wukong's passive and itemization. All of your abilities either require you to be in melee or put you in melee range of enemy champions. As such, you are going to get hit. A lot. These glyphs and seals help with your early game and when combined with your Aegis, translate well into late game.

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For his masteries, I stuck with the theme of this build. I grabbed the increased armor and magic resist in the defensive trees in order to further augment his early game protection, and I grabbed the dodge and increased movespeed for utility purposes (only ninja tabi provides dodge in game, so it would make sense to spend a couple mastery points on this).
In the offense tree I picked up all the relevant abilities. I skipped Archaic Knowledge because decoy is the only ability that benefits from this talent, and again, its an initiation/escape tool, not a reliable source of damage.

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As far as items are concerned, this build is fairly straightforward:

- Boots + 3 health potions: Provides wukong with mobility and regen, both of which are necessary when facing ranged harass in a lane. This allows you to run in, last hit a creep, and run back to safety while taking the least amount of damage.

- Wriggle's Lantern: Lifesteal, armor, and attack damage. Not to mention a 20% chance to nuke creeps and a free ward every 3 minutes. This allows you to stay in lane longer, jungle effectively, and provide greater map awareness to your team.

- Merc. Treads: Provides you with some additional magic resistance and tenacity. These are especially useful if you are facing a lot of champions with ranged disables (eg. Ryze, Sion, Annie, etc).

- Sheen: This item goes hand in hand with both your nimbus strike AND your crushing blow. It will later be made into a trinity force.

- Aegis of the Legion: At first glance this item may seem lackluster, but it is amazing. Armor, health and magic resist for you, and armor, magic resist and damage for the rest of your team (and you. the aura benefits you as well).

- Trinity Force: This is your single most useful item. Every single stat it provides benefits you greatly (except for the AP... but hey, more decoy damage right?).

- Infinity Edge: You are AD. You gain massive attack speed and damage bonuses after using your abilities. Your ultimate has a 1:1 ration with AD... This item will result in a huge spike in damage dealing potential.

- Banshee's Veil: Some more health and mana, even more magic resist, and spell absorption. Adds to your survivability and makes you THAT much more annoying.

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Skill Sequence / Summoner Spells

I like to max crushing blow first as it has the shortest cooldowns and scales with AD the best. The 30% armor reduction stays the same, but the additional damage on next attack is amazing. It functions like Nasus' Siphoning Strike in that it can be used immediately after auto attacking in order to get a free attack in the span of one auto attack (2 for 1 if you would).
I then max his nimbus strike, as it scales with AD and provides a higher attack speed increase at each level.
Last, I increase his decoy after the others have been maxed.
Throughout all of this I grab his ult at every level possible.

As for his summoner spells, I feel flash and exhaust are the best suited for this build. Ghost, ignite and teleport are other viable summoner spells, however if exhaust is dropped make sure to change your point in cripple (offensive mastery) to something else.

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Wukong is a very fun champion to play. Hard to get ganked successfully, easy to gank with. A little item dependent, but once you get those items he can really pump out the damage. His ultimate has VERY good synergy with other AoE ults as it not only does AoE damage, but also provides an AoE knock up if used correctly.
I apologize for the boring guide format and general lack of pictures. Feel free to vote. If this guide gets enough views/comments/votes I will make sure to come back and spruce it up. Hope this helps. Enjoy your Wuju Guardian.