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Build Guide by Kino Reldon

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kino Reldon

Xan Zhoa, quickly striking.

Kino Reldon Last updated on July 14, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Xan Zhoa is best played as a dps disabler champion. What you should be doing as Xin is locating the weakest opponent (or squishiest) and taking them out first. Your Audacious charge is a very good chaser, and your three talon strike is good at stopping enemies from running away.

Before I go deeper into playing Xin, let me explain a few things.

The reason the item build has attack speed and life steal is because even though his passive gives 30+2(every two lvls) health every three hits, it is not enough health to keep you alive after lvl 6. In all honesty, his passive is rather weak compared to other champions, and having lifesteal will guarantee you are going to stay alive that much longer then the rest.

So, I've been hearing talk of Xan Zhoa being a tank. Slap the next person who says that and tell them they are wrong! Xan Zhoa may seem like he could be a tank, but he is much better as a dps/disable champion. You should be going down the offensive masteries, grabbing the attack speed and the extra crit chance and damage, plus the extra initial damage and some armor pen.

Skill order:
The reason I get the charge first is so that if we are in a sticky situation and need to escape, I can pop the AoE slow and help get away. I'd rather have a slow instead of a knock up that requires 3 hits to make happen. A guarenteed slow is much better, plus if you use it to initiate you will get in a few hits before they are at normal speed again.
I do grab at least one rank in three talon strike at lvl 5 just so I can have that extra disable, but the slow is more important.

Early game:
Xan Zhoa is rather squishy for most of the game, so playing defensively and attacking only when you need to is a good idea. Don't be to over agressive, but don't let a weak champion stay in your lane. Xan Zhoa is able to punish anyone who stays in the lane for too long, and if you get weakened by attacking, try to get some extra health by attacking minions, you did get lifesteal as yoru first item, and your passive shines in the early phase of the game.

Mid game:
Come lvl 6 you are ready to go around and deal some really mean damage. An extra 150+25% of their current health is pretty huge early game, so if you can, go gank mid. If you can't, try to grab dragon or the red and blue buff. Believe it or not, the blue buff helps you alot, because your cool downs are pretty low, and you can run out of mana very quickly. Xan becomes a great nuker at lvl six, popping his E, then his W, then his Q, and popping R when they are knocked in the air makes for a devastating combo on just abut anyone. Take note that your W helps reduce the cool down by 1 second every time you auto attack, so popping that can help you get off your slow and knock up once more.

Late game:
By now you should be working on the frozen mallet. Having this not only gives you some needed health, but it also makes it almost impossible for anyone to get away from you. Stay with your team, or go back door a turret, with your attack speed you can reduce the turret by half its health if left alone before you are in danger of dieing. Stick with your team when they need you and try to hit as many people with yoru ult as possible, unlike most, it does not have a damage reduction for hitting multiple people at once.

Tips to remember:
-Your charge is an AoE slow. It will damage and slow everyone around the targeted unit
-You are squishy, don't get to aggressive or you will die.
-Hit as many people with your ult. It is good for team fights.
-Your W reduces the cool down of all your other moves when you attack with auto attacks.
-You get a buff after popping your ult that increases your armor and magic resistance.

Please comment on what you think is good or not, I know I don't have runes, but a standard melee dps rune book will do nicely for him. Armor pen and extra health would be good.
And your summoner spells are subjective to the player, most are decent with him.