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Last updated on February 16, 2012
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this guide is my first guide so bear with me.
i figured id make a more different approach more of an early mind game

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ok first you will want to buy a blasting cap of course you wont start with enough gold for it so you will have to go without any items for a short duration
but if your doing well and can farm well you can wait for a needlessly large rod
(mind you you will be playing near your turret due to lack of ability power but you have large range so that shouldn't be much of a problem)

now going from no items to a 80+ability power will throw off your opponents as they will be shocked at the MASSIVE damage increase especially with your ult doing an additional 144 damage and will become quite a threat

from here you will want to you will want to start getting lots of ability power (trying to keep the OMG HE IS OP feeling) so you simply get a blasting rod then a robadons

all going well it should be 17-22 minutes in (average of course differs between lanes)
so they can surrender soon

so from here you want to get magic pen boots. why? because it will negate most of the base magic resist your opponents have

so now you have some wicked damage for the time it is in the game
but you need cool down sure you have blue buff (or should at least)
and have 20% cdr but you need more you need to cap it like any good caster does
so now we need morrelos evil tomb this will cap it while you have blue buff

ok now at this point your enemies are haveing a hard time getting to you since the close they are the easier it is to hit them with your q and they are pushing pretty hard and you cant get blue buff for a while but now you have no mana regain
now if you think you can afford it get the arch angels staff but if you think you wont need that much just go with tear as morrelo evil tomb does give mana regain as well

next ok now that you have some really stupid damage and cdr we can move on to WOTA(will of the ancients)now this little guy gives a good nice 20% cdr (mind you on multy target spells its only 33.3% of that
(which) is fine since as long as you hit more then 3 minions with it it gives more
now remember this is a unique item
but if you didnt feel the need for tear or archangels staff you can also get the perquisite hextech revolver
now this will give you 35% cdr which will heal you for about 175 health per minion you hit with your q (which is about 1k health if you hit the entire wave which is easy)

now at this point those tanks are well tanking so now we get void staff now this will give you alot of magic pen (if you are in locus and have the sorcerers boots you will penetrate 60+% of there magic resist)
also it gives more ap

now with this build you will be doing alot and healing in the proses