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Xerath Support-A good choice for the meta

Last updated on May 7, 2015
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Hey there! :)

Hello everyone,and welcome to my first guide on Mobafire and its gonna be on Suppor Xerath!Yeah,it works!Please go through the entire guide and I'm sure you're not gonna annoy your ADC as your long range poke zones them extremely well,meaning lot is CS for your ADC! So without further ado,let's cut to the chase! xD
P.S:I'm am ex Diamond player on the NA server but it started lagging since I'm not from the US and I now play Pantheon jungle and Xerath support on the Garena server!My account has been rotting since. :/

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Summoner spells

Exhaust/Flash : Take it if you are not confident about your skill and prefer carry your adc instead of the game. Plus, give a better 1v1 capability.

Ignite/Flash : Take it if you are confident about your lane and sure to draw kills with ignite and snowball. Learn that, as Xerath support you'll be able to 1v1 the adc pretty fast in the game (WITH A BIT OF SKILLS BTW). Con : Ignite doesnt fit really with Xerath later in the game, cause you'll play more as a sniper, and you dont want to be in range for ignite. (Even if that will happens probably)

Heal/Flash : Almost time I'll take it and ask to my adc to take exhaust or barrier, saying "its better for 1v1" for him. As Xerath support, you'll become a safe AP carry mid/late game. Staying in the backline, using your heal or for you or help your adc running away or any ally.

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Runes and Masteries

With the rework of runes, you'll be able to take more damage by taking now seals +8HP instead of taking runes of armor. (+ you'll rarely take minions damage, so why armor ? :<) (and hp still better than armor against ap-poker-damage)

Magic pen. scales better mid/late game and works well with Xerath since AP ratio on his spells are bad and AP Quint for the early damage.

Magic Resist : Often, the one capable to hit you in laning phase will be the ap poker supp, Karma, Lulu, etc.. That extra MR allows you to deal with more ease.

21 points in offense tree, I said it, you'll become AP carry mid/late game.

7 points defense tree, dont go for Juggernaut, knowing that : with 2 defensive item with +400 hp +Veteran's Scars and the base hp of Xerath lvl 18 you'll hit 2620 hp. Juggernaut will give you 3% of that = ~80hp.

That means, for 2 points I can have : Juggernaut, will start to be... "useful" late game.

Or, for each point I can have :
Phasewalker, allowing me some dangerous recall, maybe on an opponent ward without knowing it, or in the bush of your lane, when an ennemy will gank and you have no time for back to your turret. In LoL 1 second can do the difference between Life and Death.

    2. Scout, helping you to ward bush with the trinket more safely, and way more safely if you master the clicking in           wall. That can prevent from a First Blood early and a kill from the jungler coming in your lane while warding               during laning phase.

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R > Q > W > E

Max Q, that will be your main spell for harass.

You only need E for the stun, the time of stun is not level dependant, more your E hit far away, more longer will be the stun. So you max W second for the increased slow+damage.

If you land E, use Q at the shortest range you need then target opponent with the middle of the W's circle and fire it exactly when your stun takes end, that will maximize the time where the ennemy is cc'd.

(Patch 5.14) Max stun decreased to 1,75 from 2,25. Keep it defensively unless you sure you wont need it for save yourself or ally.

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-epic long range poke
-Decent stun
-Passive can make you an annoying spell spammer.

-Mana hungry early game.
-becomes typically useless when CCed.
-Ult has a very long CD.
-No escape mechanisms.

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The Build

Basic support stuff,but the final build must comprise of:
Sightstone,Sorc. boots,Rab's Death cap,Zhonya's,Void staff and Frostfang.

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Why Xerath support after all?

The main reason to play Xerath supp is the capability to carry with, the almost-time-easy-laning-phase and the fact that in ranked they will more often give you the supp role that the mid role (at low elo).

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Thank y'all! :D

If you read through my guide and found it of any teensy bit of use,thanks a tonne!Please give the guide an up vote and if possible feedback!Again thanks!God bless! :)


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