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Xin 3V3 pwnage

Last updated on November 30, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Ok i use mobafire alot for trying out new chars and such i have for the last 3 months, and i noticed that every one seems to make builds based on 5v5, so what about the minority group like me that only plays 3v3s. well i plan to start making some guides to help out fellow 3v3 die hards like myself. so here we are......

Early game

Grab a Vampiric scepter and put 1 point three talon strike. and head bottom with ure team for gank. Be smart about it tho if they have a good gank team with alota cc then just head top. because with this build u should be able to carry ure team to victory (i have many times). at level 1 just sit and attack creeps with ure passive and vampiric your laning capabilities are among the best.... Now you have hit lvl 3 and ure ready for first blood if gank didnt get it for you already. use this combo (audacious charge, three talon strike, battle cry, three talon strike again, and finally audacious if they're not dead or they are running from that lubeless rape they just took. so now your lvl 6 and you have ure full wriggles. Wriggles does many amazing things for Xin Zhao it lets him kill dragon at lvl 5-6 and as all Xin users know he is not the fastest farmer of minions considering he is a melee dps. Minions = gold, gold = fed player, fed player = gg. its as simple as that. not to mention dmg, armor and life steal, .....sweet perfection. dont forget to use those free sight wards it gives keep on in the center jungle at lizard every time the cd is over. will keep ure deaths down and kills up for sure.

Mid game

Now ure lvl 6-11 and the real fun begins. you have a melee dps hero that can initiate team fight like no other in his category and kill people 1v1 best out of all the champions in my opinion. so ure top and uve most likely starved the person laning against you so bad that the tower hardly helps him. so take top tower and keep a weary eye on that nifty little sight ward at lizard. Xin pwns towers via his passive/battle cry always remember to keep lonely sheep's ganked (players who stray away from the pack. (example) 2 opposing players are in bottom lane and you see a guy head top into the jungle.... go charge in, sweep him off his feet, stick a talon up his ***, scream in his face. rinse and repeat. that means (audacious charge in, crescent sweep, three talon strike, battle cry, this is key so you can use cd reduction from battle cry to keep spamming ure abilities. Same with team fights but target squishy dps or nukers first.

Late game

By now you have enough attack speed with battle cry plus life steal and ure passive to be a tank as long as ure touching something with ure big pointy stick.... ure spiting massive dmg and keeping people knocked in the air with 3 talon strike you own the 2 jungles grabbing buffs when they are available. and the team is most likely surrendering surrendering. and ure getting pissed off thinking to ure self... wow i only got as far as my bloodthirster and this game is ending.

Now of course alot of items are situational if you got a mundo, vlad, or cho stacking life grab a madreds, if you have guys stacking armor grab a last whisper and black cleaver, basically use ure head. and the game is ures for the taking.

All in all this is my first guide its not very in-dept but if you stick to the basic information that i gave you and play smart its likely that you will get kills into the 10-20 mark. or you can get lucky like me and go 27-0-6 and come out with a quad kill in a 3v3 match.... with this build i have raped and akali, kayle garen, for a triple kill, followed by an akali using revive from the pad for the fourth kill to end me with a quadruple kill. That is all GL have fun and melt faces.