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Xin a way to shine lategame

Last updated on March 9, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Why this build? - And how to max burst on Xin


Xin Zao is a jungle who focusses on short yet deadly clashes not long fights - means he goes in gets in under 3 secs a kill and goes out. All his skills focus on that - in the perfect case you want to fetch a kill within the 3 hits of his q and maybe 1 extrahit while the enemy is in air. How to get that?

Well there are several options:
First is to build him like a dps carrie (focus on critchance dmg and as) - yet this would render him weak and he will have a hard time entering and leaving teamfight.

Second option is to got like an offtank - get warmogs atmas and ur basicly an offtank - but going this way you ll have a bit burst dmg but most times not enough - plus you dont want to stay in long fights so you dont need this hp

And here comes my option:

To get the maximum dmg from his skillcombo - you want to kill ur enemy with ur q + 1 hit alone - and get away and come 2 secs later back for the next enemy.

First you get trinity which gives ou huge plus on ur burst - but having mercs you ll lack as at the begin and you cant fight offtanks that well. Thats why you ll get Blade of the ruined king - it gives us all we need to fight the tanky ones and to have sustain in even longer fights. 5% current life per hit will shred enemy hp over time, you get nice plus on as and lifesteal to survive in ur fight for some time + ur active deals a whopping 15% of max hp to finish every poor tank whichs hp falls under 10%.
After you got decent dps you want go back maxing ur burst - and sword of the divine is an epic item which does that while giving you alot as for ur dps. Looking at the build you ll have only 10% crit chance from trinity. But to max ur dmg you need the crits and Sword of the Divine will make you 100% crit and giving u +100% as for exactly 3 hits which enables you to kill an enemy carrie in 2 secs by pressng the sword q and e. Ur as will jump to 2,3 which means exactly 4 hits in 2 seconds 3 with ur q and 1 while the enemy is flying. A carry will most likely not survive that.

Now you do have 2 slots left I get Cleaver which adds dmg and synergises with ur passive alot and Maw of Malmortius which rly supports ur in-and-out tactic especially in longer teamfights while preventing a quick death by getting nuked at lower health.


Well as said the early and midgame is mostly the same for every Xin - gank alot and keep jungle farmed.

On late game however you are able to shine in diffrent ways: You are fast and you wanna look for that ward playing enemy support, that dps which seperated from his group and getting it with ur combo and reatreating fast after. If the enemy tank is only left you can get him too.

But you dont wanna just jump in the teamfight as you will most likely get eaten by aoe or that enemy dps. Rather activate ghost run in the back of the enemy team snatch the dps and retreat fast.
As you got no real escap skill you have to be carful when assasinating enemy offtanks as you most likely wont kill them in 4 hits and you will be rendered weakend as 45% as will be missing when Divine is on cd.
So if fighting tanky ones divine is an option but you might wanna spare it and jump in the middle of combat on the squishie which wanna help the offtank with ur combo.
Always remeber you have sustain and dps but not that much hp means if you dont hit the right moment you wont be able to kill a decent tryndamere (who has more dps) or fighting alone vs 2+ opponents (as u might get nuked down or cced).