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Xin is still so op. by ign: Koca1NE777 (DOMINION)

Last updated on October 18, 2012
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Chapter 1

I've had many people ask me why I chose the items I did, have such a stupid looking build, but rape so hard. Just this last game I was fighting Kha'Zix, Ezreal, and Caitlyn all throwing everything they had just to slow me down. They all died, and after the other two people on their team came in, that's when I finally went down. (They were ranged)

I was able to destroy them because of executioners. If someone else comes at me that has the same idea for making their build, just differently (Like attack speed/damage/lifesteal) and they're coming at you.... Just use executioners and you win. Once the other team loses that guy you just killed... Your whole team wins, because there is really noone else there to stop you.

With this build, it turns every single creep into one big health pickup. Champs too ;D

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I've recently fallen in love with Dominion. My ingame name is Koca1NE777, and I'm here to say why Xin Zhao is the best. This is a way to play Xin Zhao on Dominion. He's fast, he's quick, and best of all: He's invincible. His lifesteal, crit chance, and attack speed are so high it's very hard to kill him. I can easily 3v1 and even 4v1 sometimes. You don't even need to buy health or armor items. Just use audacious charge, and you win. I doubt you'll need Q. I only use it when I need to stop someone from running, or do ridiculous damage. Survivability is so, so high if you can manage to get in range. And that's the tricky part. I know how, but I'm just here to give you the blueprint; you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. This build is so nasty, and so terrifying to the other team, but best of all: It's incredibly cheap ;o

Attack Speed augments Lifesteal. Attack Speed augments Crit Chance (By making the evaluation of the percentage happen more times per second) Which augments damage, which augments lifesteal. Everything about this is about lifesteal. You need it, you thrive on it. This is your armor, this is your health. Lifesteal is your god.

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I selected these runes only to augment the attack speed/crit chance stats. You need these to be way up there, because the higher, the better. That way, you won't need health or armor items and still be the best damn carry anyone's ever seen.

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Your three main things are:

Critical strike chance
Attack speed

With these items, you get something like 1.9 attack speed. Activate your W, and you get the maximum attack speed achieved in this game.

Lifesteal: 79% (That's pretty insane. Especially when you see the next stat)

Crit Chance: 87%

Your base damage will be 174ish, which will double to 348, 87% of the time. (And when you hit off 5 attacks within two seconds... That's awesome.)

Item Replacements:

If someone is too armor-heavy, switch out that sanguine blade for the black cleaver. This will give you just absolutely ******ed fast attack speed, AND coupled with Xin's passive, you'll tear through that armor like it's not even there.

Myself personally, I will only ever really sell 1 executioners sword if I have enough money to buy a bigger sword (Around 2000~ish) And I will always only ever sell it for Infinity Edge. Your survivability are brought because of: Attack speed/Lifesteal/Crit Chance. You don't need lots of damage, but if you are able to swap out an executioners sword for an Infinity Edge, then you're golden. Because even though you are trading out the lifesteal and crit chance %, you still get lots of crit % back, and you even take it up to %250 for every crit strike. Which brings up how much you heal from lifesteal.

First: Buy your berserkers boots.
Then buy vamp. scepter
Rush B.F Sword
Get Zeal
Get Sanguine Blade
Get Phantom Dancer
Get Vamp Scepter
Get Executioners
Get Vamp Scepterx2 (Then upgrade to Executionersx2)
Then, if you have enough, sell one off for Infinity Edge.

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Summoner Spells

Choose Ghost and Exhaust. These are both upgraded with the same point in masteries, and I guarantee EVERYONE will run from you. You need to close these gaps with both ghost and exhaust. If you gotta run? That's fine, they help with that too.

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Anyways: Lifesteal, attack speed, and critical strike chance are the only things you need to build on Xin to stay alive, keep alive, and keep mowing down those enemies.

One more note: I mean it when I say everyone will run from you. You may need to trade your boots to boots of swiftness.

I always place in first place in every dominion game I play, and this is because I know how to exploit xin's strengths. If you do this right, you're invincible. That's no bull.

Hit me up ingame if you wanna know anything more- Koca1NE777