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Xin on Dominion(Survive and kill)

Last updated on November 17, 2011
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This is my first guide and please do not down vote until you try it. Xin Zhao has been my champion of choice for a long time. Ever since dominion has been around, I have changed my core build drastically from normal play. Every item can be debated and people always see things differently which I completely understand. If you want a glass cannon, this is not your build but you will run into champions that destroy you. You will be very inconsistent at this game. Dominion is a very fun and fast paced game and I am here to show you why I think Xin Zhao is the best champion for this map and a whole lot of fun to play.

Let me add if your team is squishy and you are the tank you will still have trouble. It is ideal to have at least one tank(rammus or amumu preferably). The more silence your team has, obviously the more you will be able to devastate the opponent.

Now this level is not only about killing, it is about taking capture points. This is where I am very good as well. Xin is such a complete champion on this map(nocturne as well). You want to start with mid(make sure your team allows for this). Then go top as soon as you finish first Capture point. Then if you take top, head directly to bottom and allow for bottom to push easily. This game with xin is about map awareness and always helping destroy champs with your spear and taking capture points.

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With this build, I strongly suggest the runes that I stated. I know there are counter arguments, but please don't down vote this build because you tried it differently and failed. These runes allow for the extra attack speed which helps so much early game.

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I do not think masteries are to important but as long as you use them some what close to how I did, you will be fine. Some people like to have the movement speed in Utility which is perfectly fine as well. I like the armor and Magic resist with tons of offense.

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This is where you have to understand the game to get this right. On dominion I go exactly like this to start the game. I look at what the other team has, but let us assume the have mostly AD champs.

Start with boots of speed and items for phage -- finish phage and Berserker greaves-- zeal- sheen - trinity force - Vampiric Scepter - warden's mail - heart of gold - randuin's Omen - Bf sword - sanguine blade - zeal - phantom dancer - Most games do not get past this if so, finish with what item is needed Infinity edge to wreck but this can be anything you want. You are super durable and strong and will destroy Xin's that try to fight you glass cannon mode. (Always remember the active on Omen, you can wreck 3-4 champs with it if on a capture point). You should almost always finish top 3 with Xin and this build or you did something wrong.

What if they have lots of Ability power?

Let's say the omen would not do very well against many Casters or Ap champs. Well, you can still get it if you want or get a magic resist item. Odyn's Veil or FON works well.

Remember actives!

Omen recharges every 60 seconds, such a short CD that causes havoc.
If they have lots of Ad, ask a tank to get frozen heart which helps you even more.

If you are playing against a lot of tanks, think about getting a bloodrazor instead of phantom dancer and get it before the sanguine if needed. As any build, many item are situational but I think for 90% of games my build will own for you. Just remember you will have to clean your spear often!

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Skill Sequence

I lvl up E first as I love the slow and the automatic damage. I also lvl up w and q and depending on the game one faster than the other. This again is not super important as long as it fits your play style. I almost always lvl e first, then some games q and others w but bring them along almost equally.

In may games by level 6, I will have 2q 1w 2e 1r

then I lvl up e, w and go from there.

Always remember R > all but that e is amazing for slowing them and getting damage at the same time. You wreck people early with the charge.

Also, in attacking, E(charge into them), q(TTS) and (for cooldown and attckspd)

When you have ult, e, r, q, w and so one as they become available. Try to time your r(ult) to hit the most people possible and remember you get a buff when you use it. Also, since you have trinity force(sheen), try to maximize it by not mashing buttons as fast as possible but rather get a swing between each one(bonus damage). This destroys opponents.

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Xin Zhao is fun. Have fun with him. Own champs with this build and enjoy being crazy fast to get capture points. Try and get middle of map boost(green rune) as much as possible as well. Remember many people think differently how to play Xin, but I promise you that you will enjoy so much more success than any other build. Akali is not even a problem any more with this build and if you do have a problem with her(buy an oracle). Just play smart and enjoy XIN ZHAO, the best champion on the game.

Any comments please let me know, but please try build exactly before you down vote or tell me another build is better. I have tried basically every build with Xin and only use him these days.